Tips and pitfalls when hiring a wedding photographer

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Status of the Wedding Industry, October 2022


Status of the wedding industry report

October, 2022


2021 and 2022 were some of the busiest wedding seasons on record primarily due to the Covid back log of weddings that were delayed, postponed or canceled due to Covid in 2020. I have been shooting weddings straight for 17 months now with no break over the winter.  October is one of the busiest wedding seasons of the month and I am seeing almost daily posts from brides on other wedding related Facebook groups in a panic looking for photographer for their wedding hasn't delivered their photos 4 months after their wedding; their photographer is unresponsive, won’t respond to their emails or phone calls; etc.  Not only is this happening with photographers but also with DJs. And Officiants etc.  I have never seen anything like this all my years in this industry.  And the stories I hear are crazy, tragic and terrible for the industry.  A DJ friend of mine show has been doing this for 25 years goes to weddings and doesn’t recognize any of the photographers at weddings.  They are new.  There have been weddings where the photographer didn’t show up on the wedding day etc.


So why is all this happening and how did we get to this point and how does this affect you as you search for a wedding photographer?


Pre-Covid there were a lot less photographers shooting weddings. It was a smaller group of established professionals shooting weddings.  Then Covid hit and the wedding industry was shut down for close to 2 years.    At the same time post Covid the flood gates opened up with couples wanting to have their wedding, however many of the established professionals had their  schedules filled from the 2020 Covid weddings they had to reschedule.  

So there was a huge demand for wedding photographers but not as many established professionals to serve them,  so upon the scene, out of the woodwork to many of these Facebook wedding groups came a proliferation of "so called" wedding photographers that took advantage of the situation.


Many of these "so called" wedding photographers had little experience shooting weddings, some of them didn’t have legitimate businesses or moved over from other photography niches like family portraits of baby photos etc.  Many of them offered “too good to be true” deals and offers to entice clients to book with them.   However many of them didn’t have training or experience in shooting weddings, didn’t have studios or legitimate business. No google business listings, no blogs, no websites etc.  , they didn’t sign contracts with their clients..  They didn’t have a strong internet presence, they didn’t have reviews,  and some of them didn’t have ethics, or morals.  Some of them didn’t have moral or ethics and scammed couples out of their money, went MIA on couples shortly before their wedding day, canceled on them shortly before their wedding day.  They didn’t deliver their photos to their clients till many months after their wedding putting couples through massive stress.  Some never delivered photos their clients at all.  But they were cheap and put up a few photos and couples fell for it!!!


Couples Beware!!


Not all photographers are alike!

Do you homework when hiring your wedding photographer.  Don't rush into it.

It can cost you more in the long run.



Things to look for when separating the less experienced "fly by night", "so called" wedding photographers from the experienced professional photographers:


1) 5 years experience is helpful to see 

2) Multiple reviews across multiple platforms, Instagram, Pinterest, Tick Tock, Facebook etc.  website, blog.  Check for recent posts and how far these posts go back for activity.

3) Diverse portfolio of wedding couples, locations, and parts of the wedding including getting ready, church, outdoor portraits and reception as well as night photos all with various lighting conditions. 

4) Strong internet presence on numerous platforms as above-instagram, pinterest, facebook, website, blog. etc.  Other wedding platforms such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola etc.  

5) Strong google presence when searching for their names or studio

6) Google business listing

7) BBB Listing

8) Physical studio

9) Full service studio

10) Wedding awards

11) Wedding insurance for venues

12) Sign a contract with you. 

13) Responds to you by 24 hours after emails or phone calls

14) View website photos on a computer vs. Instagram with a phone to check photos for sharpness and detail etc. 



Tips for couples looking for a photographer.


Photographer is one of the most expensive of your vendors. 

Average cost of a wedding photographer in Connecticut  $1500 to $3000.  Sounds expensive but there are reasons why. Couples often come with unrealistic budgets without researching first the average costs. 

Don’t go with a less reputable photographer to save $200.  Over a year $200 is nothing.  Cut corners somewhere else. 

Too good to be true deals are often that. You save money up front but will pay a year later when your photographer has other things to do that day, cancels on you 3 weeks before your wedding,, goes MIA with your money or 6 months later you are still waiting for your photos.  You want a wedding album but he or she doesn’t make them.


Hire a professional

It makes a difference

Build an A team of vendors with experience makes all the difference in the world.


I would be happy to assist with your wedding photography needs and will do an awesome job for you.  Contact me for more information, rates and availability.


Best to you on your wedding planning,


John Munno




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