Wedding Planning Educational Videos


Planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming undertaking.  My heart goes out to all the brides and couples undertaking this.  I do this every week and have been shooting weddings for many years.  I see the struggles that couples go through.  Hence I put up this educational part of my wedding photography website to give you helpful insights and behind the scene looks and valuable information to help make your wedding planning process go smoothly. 


Introductory Video about John Munno Weddings


Choosing a Wedding Photographer


When choosing a photographer for your wedding this questions can come up. Do I go with a reputable company and pay more or go with a friend or photographer starting out?  Not all photographers are alike.  Photographer 1 can be totally different then photographer 2.  Because it is a service rather then buying a product, you can have very different experiences depending on who you go with. There is not much standardization in wedding photography which also creates a huge divergence in work and services. This eye opening video will give you a behind the scene look of what is like to work with a beginning or less experienced photographer vs. a photographer with more experience.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

 Inexperienced vs. Experienced 

Part 1

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Inexperienced vs. Experienced 

Part 2


When to book your wedding venue and photographer


When is the best time to book your wedding venue and photographer?  Time is of the essence.  In Connecticut peak wedding season is only 5 months from June through October.  With this limited number of available dates venues and photographers can fill up fast.  This video will give tips and suggestions on when to book your wedding venue and photographer.

When to book your wedding venue and photographer


Choosing a Wedding Venue 



Choosing a wedding venue is your first step in your wedding planning process.  It can be overwhelming with so many choices which one to choose. This helpful video will take you through a 10 step process to filter and sort out one venue from another to help find the perfect venue for you.


Choosing a Wedding Venue Part 1

Choosing a Wedding Venue Part 2


Why does hiring a wedding photographer cost so much?

As you go about planning for your wedding, one of the biggest educations will be getting a ‘realistic’ as opposed to an ‘idealistic’ view of the costs of your wedding.  This is important so you can make  wise choices regarding the venues and vendors to hire to make for the wedding of your style, personality, and dreams. Next to your wedding venue and wedding/engagement rings, your photographer is the most expensive part of your wedding. 

Often couples will come to me with an ‘idealistic’ budget they have to work with.  Sometimes this budget gets split up equally between the other vendors as if the photographer is an equal piece in this pie.  Clients don't often see or understand why the cost of hiring a photographer may be higher than some of the other vendors.

Unfortunately, their ‘idealistic’ budget for photography is so far off from the ‘realistic costs,’ and a question I often hear from clients is “why does wedding photography cost so much?”

The reasons are many as you will see.  To answer this question and shed some light on this perplexing subject, I put this article together giving you a ‘behind the scenes’ education from a


Cost of hiring your photographer



Wedding Photography Styles Part 1


When shopping for a wedding photographer one question that comes up with couples is "What is your photography style?". In doing your research and articles you will come across many articles talking about the different styles of photographers.  Terms like candid, or photojournalistic, documentary, modern etc. are thrown all over the place as terms used to describe styles of photography. Things can get a bit confusing and what do all these terms mean? I thought I would try to make some sense of these terms in this article on Photography Styles In Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography Styles Part 1



Wedding Photography Styles Part 2





Preferred Vendors

 What are they? How does one become one? Should you hire one? A behind the scenes look. 




Wedding Timeline Creation and Allocation

 How many hours of coverage do you need on your wedding day?  Do you need 6 hours of coverage, 8 hours of coverage etc.?  This video will help you determine how many hours of coverage you need for your wedding day.   




Wedding Planning Tip of the day #1

How to prevent wedding planning overwhelm.  Choose your wedding venue first. Take one step at a time.