Wedding Photo Wall Art


In the era of digital photography it is very easy to have one's wedding photos hidden in a phone or computer seldom to be seen.  Bring them to the light by transforming them into a beautiful wall art arrangement to beautify your home and have a reminder of the love you share with each other.  Customized wall art layout and design is one of the many services offered through my studio.  Countless arrangements can be made in varying sized and patterns to accent your home's interior.  Each arrangement is build from scratch from photos and measurements of your room.  

Wedding photo wall art comes in a wide range of beautiful materials including framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints and acrylic prints.  All arrangements are professionally printed by the best labs in the United States.    Each material has its own beauty and special characteristics.  Arrangements can be into various cluster arrangements and splits as well. 

You will love such a timeless, one of kind, piece of art created just for you. 

Below are a few samples.  Contact me for more information on prices, sizes and materials.


Wedding Wall Art Video



3 panel portrait orientation canvas 16 x 20 



3 panel square cluster metal 20" x 20"  



5 piece square canvas cluster 1 (40" x 40") and 4 (20" x 20") 


Wedding Wall Art Video