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Wooster Park, New Haven, Connecticut


I was blessed to be Sara and Gerry's wedding photographer in 2020.  They were so great to work with and I was able to capture beautiful photos of their wedding day at Amarantee's Sea Cliff.  Well a lot has happened since then.  Sara and Gerry bought a house and they have a little girl on the way.  I was delighted when Sara reached out to me this winter asking if I would do a maternity photo session with her.  I said yes and we started working together to plan out here session.  I really like to choose special spots for each client and I brought up the idea of a spring cherry blossom session.  Sara loved the idea and we picked a date when the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom. We chose Wooster Square in New Haven as it's the most well know place in Connecticut to capture this beautiful event.  The weather and cherry blossoms cooperated as we were only 3 days past "peak bloom".  The timing was perfect because there were more petals on the ground which added to the magic of the event.   Because of the nature of them being in the shade beneath the canopy of the trees, I decided to enhance the lighting with some off camera fill light to balance their skin with the exterior light of the trees and background.  It made for a more natural and balanced look. My skill in various lighting and photo techniques allows me to bring out the best in your photos from every situation.

We had a wonderful relaxed time in the park enjoying the stillness and warmth of spring and all the colors and life blossoming all around us.  Great job Sara and Gerry on your session and congratulations on your new baby girl soon to be.

Having your photos taken doesn't have to stop after your wedding.  It is just the beginning of your lives together and the life that you both will bring into the world.  Feel free to contact me for maternity session, family photo sessions and more.  As always great rates, beautiful images and a good time are always yours.




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Chris and Ashley's Engagement Session-Southford Falls Park, Southbury, Connecticut CHRIS AND ASHLEY'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION

Southford Falls State Park, Southbury, Connecticut


April is here and spring is the air.  The flowers are blooming, leaves are starting to bud and engagement photography season begins.  It is a great time to get out, shake off the winter doldrums and enjoy the warming weather, songbirds and fresh air.  Life and Love is in the air all around.  Such was the case with Chris and Ashley's engagement session at Southford Falls State Park, in Southbury, Connecticut.  The weather was good, the air was calm and having an engagement during the week after work allowed us to have the whole park to ourselves.  Chris and Ashley were so much fun to work with.  We laughed and had a great time. They did a fantastic job. Way to go Chris and Ashley.

Having an engagement session before your wedding day is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and working with your photographer.  I can't recommend it enough.  The pace is relaxed and enjoyable.  It is a great way to spend time together and leave your cares behind.  Follow it up with a dinner out together and make it and Engagement Day!!  What a way to celebrate.  


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Artistic Nature Portrait Session in the Woods-White Memorial Park, Lithfield, Connecticut ARTISTIC NATURE PORTRAIT SESSION IN THE WOODS

White Memorial Park, Litchfield, Connecticut


Many of you know me from my wedding and engagement shoot photography. You may not know I do other forms of photography such as corporate events, business photography, individual portraits, family portraits, senior portraits etc. The same skill, attention to detail, and imagery is applied to the different genres of photography I do. Feel free to contact me for your special photography needs. This is a individual nature portrait session I did last week with Sarah at White Memorial Park in Litchfield, Connecticut. Sarah did a great job bringing that natural feel to the shoot. 


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Finding the right photographer for you

When shopping for a wedding photographer one question that comes up with couples is "What is your photography style?". In doing your research and articles you will come across many articles talking about the different styles of photographers.  Terms like candid, or photojournalistic, documentary, modern etc. are thrown all over the place as terms used to describe styles of photography. Things can get a bit confusing and what do all these terms mean? I thought I would try to make some sense of these terms in this article on Photography Styles In Wedding Photography. 

In wedding photography there is no standardization among photographers and studios.  Some photographers went to photography school and spent many years studying, training and taking courses.  Some photographers picked up a camera, put out a shingle and start shooting representing themselves as a wedding photographer.  Photographers may have been influenced by a type of photography they did before they started shooting weddings or influenced by a photography teacher/mentor etc.   All photographers are not alike!! Every photographer is different in the way not only they shoot but even more so, the editing methods and processing of their images they use to create a style that can be very unique to that photographer. There are no right styles or wrong styles.  The right style is the one that is right for you and that you prefer and want for your wedding day.  A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Focus more on the photos of the photographer rather than  the words used to describe their style.


Rustic tent backyard wedding, Oxford, Connecticut.  Pick up truck and reception detail shots.Rustic tent backyard wedding, Oxford, Connecticut. Pick up truck and reception detail shots.


Shooting and Editing Styles


There are many photography shooting/editing styles and sub styles out there.  I thought I would simplify them by grouping them into 4 major styles. 



The first style I wanted to explore I call the “Light and Airy”, “Dreamy and Creamy” style.  This style is probably the most common in wedding photography today and it is often copied and mimicked by wedding photographers. This style tends to exposure images on the bright side, almost and sometimes to the point of over exposing them.  Colors are very desaturated and lose their original color taking on a more pastel look.  There is very low contrast to the images between shadows and highlights.  Skies are often blown out and rendered not blue but white.  Grass and foliage tend not to be green but very washed out and colors in general are rendered not as they are in their natural state but to a lighter desaturated pastel palette hence the name “Light and Airy, Dreamy, Creamy”.  Visually, the differentiation regarding the scenery and locale from one wedding to another become quite diminished as the natural colors and characteristics of the scene are lost It can become difficult to differentiate one location from another as they all “look the same” be it an image of a wedding at the Eifel tower in France, or the Arizona desert.  Some people like the style, others don’t.  You will see this style dominating the wedding photography market currently however there are a lot of other styles out there used by some of the greatest wedding photographers alive today.




The next style out there is what I call the "Dark and Moody, High Contract, Dramatic style."  It is the polar opposite of the previous style.  Images are more on the underexposed side. Images are exposed for the highlights and the other parts of the image can be rendered in shadow or darker and sometimes even black.  The image tends to have a high amount of contract between highlights and shadows and colors offering a more dramatic look.  There can be a strong interplay between the shadows and highlights of the image as well.  Colors tend to me richer and more saturated than the first type.  The dominant tone of the image is on the darker side hence the name “Dark and Moody, High Contrast and dramatic style.”  


Halloween Theme bride getting ready wedding shots at Goodwind Hotel, In Hartford, ConnecticutHalloween Theme bride getting ready wedding shots at Goodwind Hotel, In Hartford, Connecticut


Style 3)  BOHO

The next style I call the “Boho Soho, Hippie Chickie style.”  Regarding exposure it tends to fit between the first two styles often leaning a little on the darker side.  This style uses the addition of what are called “filters” or presets in the editing process that shifts the colors to a more earthen, brown color.   White parts of the image are overlaid with this brownish tone so colors are not rendered as they truly are in their natural state.  There is also an increase in contrast in the midtones which can render the image a bit more on the darker side.  Often this style is used to give the image more earthy scenes hence the name “Boho Soho, Hippie Chickie style.




The last style doesn’t really have a formal name. It can be called a “natural style”. I refer it to the middle path or the path of the buddha.  I call it such as it doesn’t go to either extreme of the styles above.  It falls in the middle of the first two styles in that exposure is balanced and rendered more in the middle between light and dark.  It is the style that most closely fits my style of photography shooting and editing.   Colors of the scenery and locations are rendered in their true and natural state without altering the colors or applying filters.   Blue skies are rendered blue, grass is rendered green and whites are rendered white. This style makes each wedding be unique from the next allowing each venue to represent its true characteristics and beauty.  Colors tend to be rich and the images have an overall clean look to them with details being preserved.  The colors of receptions are rich and brought out to represent their true characteristics and beauty, hence the name “Natural Style”


Military Wedding at Mill On the River in South Windsor ConnecticutMilitary Wedding at Mill On the River in South Windsor Connecticut


Photography moment capturing method or style


The next question that should come up in wedding photography regarding is what style of shooter is the wedding photographer?  What method of capturing the moments on your wedding day and interacting with you and your guests will your photographer use.  This can often get mixed up with the shooting and editing styles and there can be some overlap and the terms can be used interchangeably so it can get rather confusing.  You will hear terms like “candid photographer” or “documentary photographer”, “photojournalistic photographer”, “posed”, “modern”, etc.  Many of these terms are used and thrown around without people really taking the time to find out what they mean. 

It is rare that a photographer will use only one type of method or style of capturing the moments of your wedding day!  This is very important to understand and is never address in any articles I have come across.  Different parts of your wedding will call for different methods of capturing the moments of your wedding day so in some senses these terms to differentiate one another can become meaningless.  Let me explain.  A wedding day is made up of numerous distinct parts.  It often starts off with getting ready photos, will have a ceremony followed by a time for portraits often but not limited to the cocktail hour followed by a lengthy reception.  Taking the ceremony part of the wedding for example. The ceremony is a fast moving part of your wedding that is happening in the moment!!  I don’t care what kind of photographer you call yourself, the photographer is capturing and documenting what is happening.  They are using a documentary, candid or photo journalistic style.  A photographer is not going to stop the procession in the middle of the ceremony and say “let me pose you”.  Another example that is very clear would be reception photos.  A photographer is not going to get in the middle of the dance floor and say “let me pose you” and stop your first dance etc.  Another example would be the taking of bride/groom or family portraits.  Most photographers regardless of their styles are not going to just photograph you where the family is or where the couple is.  They will guide you and say, lets go here where the lighting is good, or let’s go here for a great photo with the lake in the background etc. After all that is what you are paying them for and looking for their advice and suggestions.   Getting ready photos may combine some aspects of documentary, editorial, candid style and some may be more guided, directed and or posed.


Connecticut rustic farm and barn  wedding ceremony confetti, Thorncrest Farm, Goshen WeddingConnecticut rustic farm and barn wedding ceremony confetti, Thorncrest Farm, Goshen Wedding


So, as you can see there is no “one style fits all” when it comes to the methods a photographer will use when capturing your wedding day moments.  There can be more variances by photographers to capture certain segments like capturing portraits of the bride and groom and bridal party during the portrait session.  That variance for example would be capturing a moment of the bride and groom walking and holding hands vs. directing them (posing) to be in a certain area and directing them to get close together hold hands, look in a certain direction etc.  In some senses these terms become a bit meaningless as there are no “one style fits all” photographer and a photographer will use these many methods throughout your wedding day.

Looking at a photographer’s website portfolio, Instagram feed, and other social media channels will give you a sense of their shooting methods and photography and editing styles.  Make sure to enlarge the images on a computer monitor vs. viewing on your phone so you can better see the details, sharpness, clarity etc.  Make sure the photographs you see were taken by your photographer vs. another team member/associate.  This can be problematic with the larger studios as you don’t know whose photos are whose.  To get even more clarity ask to see a full wedding or more from the photographer so you can see how they capture the moments of each part of your wedding day vs. posting a few hero images. 


Sand Ceremony with bride and groom at Anthony's Ocean View Wedding New Haven, ConnecticutSand Ceremony with bride and groom at Anthony's Ocean View Wedding New Haven, ConnecticutCurtis and Kat's sand ceremony on the beach at Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven, Connecticut


Helping to understand my client’s vision of their wedding day photos is very important.  I take the time before their wedding day through numerous consultations to understand it and find out how they want their wedding moments captured through the various parts of their wedding day.  I invite them to create pin boards and send them to me so I can get a sense of what they are drawn to from other photographers’ photos.  This way I can best recreate their vision and bring it to manifestation in their wedding day photos.  I also create a shoot list with every couple that I take with me on their wedding day so I have a list of what they wanted captured for each moment of their wedding day.  I can tailor my methods to meet each couples preferences and needs.


Bride and groom kiss while walking down the aisle, catholic wedding ceremonyBride and groom kiss while walking down the aisle, catholic wedding ceremony



In general, I try to provide different styles and methods of capturing the moments on a wedding day as I feel they all have their strong points.  By providing a variety of methods of styles I can better tell the story of your wedding day and capture the many magic moments and providing a variety of angles, perspectives, and styles. 

I hope this helps you understand these terms and concepts and I am always happy to set up a consultation to learn more about your wedding photography needs and explain about my services, products and methods of wedding photography. 


Wedding reception dance photos, Glastonbury, Hills Country Club, Glastonbury, ConnecticutWedding reception dance photos, Glastonbury, Hills Country Club, Glastonbury, Connecticut


Bride and her mom on the dance floor for the wedding reception at Wood Acres Farm in Terryville Connecticut



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The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame Award Winner for Connecticut Wedding Photographers THE KNOT BEST OF WEDDING Hall OF FAME AWARD 

Connecticut Wedding Photography Award




Wow!! Something good to come out of 2020. This year marks a great achievement for my wedding photography business!! I was inducted into the Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame for having received the prestigious Best of Knot Weddings 4 years in a row! It is a really great honor and achievement which has been a labor of love, dedication and service to the couples I have worked with and to the art of wedding photography. I wanted to thank all the couples over the last 4 years for taking the time to leave their reviews and to make this happen. It has been an honor to work with you and serve you and be part of your lives.


John Munno Weddings has been inducted into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame from The Knot, a leading wedding planning and registry brand and app. Exceptional wedding professionals who have earned four or more of The Knot Best of Weddings awards are inducted into the prestigious The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame.

Despite COVID-19 interrupting many 2020 weddings and social events, wedding professionals around the nation continued to support to-be-weds throughout their wedding planning journeys. From adjusting future schedules to make way for postponed weddings, to helping couples host socially distanced weddings following state and local guidelines and restrictions with an increased focus on health and safety, wedding pros—and the industry as a whole—rallied together in 2020, ultimately helping couples continue to celebrate life and love. The Knot 2021 Best of Weddings recognition honors the vendors who went above and beyond to help to-be-weds navigate the global pandemic.

In its fifteenth annual year, The Knot continues its long-standing tradition of supporting local wedding vendors with The Knot Best of Weddings 2021, an annual by-couples, for-couples guide to the top wedding professionals across the country. To determine the winners, The Knot analyzed its millions of user reviews across various vendor categories—including venues, musicians, florists, photographers, caterers and more—to find the highest rated vendors of the year. These winners represent the best of the best wedding professionals that engaged couples should consider booking for their own unique weddings.

This year, The Knot Best of Weddings winners represent the top five percent of local wedding vendors listed on The Knot. There were 1,422 new inductees into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame for 2021, out of hundreds of thousands of local vendors featured on The Knot.



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Michelle and Erik's Snow Engagement Session-Southford Falls Park, Southbury, Connecticut WINTER SNOW ENGAGEMENT SESSION

Southford Falls State Park, Southbury, Connecticut


There is a saying, "When life give you lemons, make lemonade." I have a similar saying when it comes to engagement shoots.  When life give you snow, have a snow engagement shoot. I do a lot of shooting through the popular seasons of spring, summer and fall and we all know their beauty.  But when it comes to photos, winter is such an under looked time of the year for photography-both weddings and engagement sessions.  The browns of November and December allow couples to stand out against the background making for such stunning portraits.  Likewise the snows of winter also allow the subjects to stand out against a neutral background of white as well as bringing the magical aspect of winter's snow upon the landscape. 

This winter quite a few couples requested snow engagements session.  I wait for a forecast of snow and then on short notice we head out when the weather conditions are the best for snow photos.  Such was the case for Michelle and Erik's engagement session at Southford Falls State Park.  The forecast was for a small amount of snow, with mild temperatures so we would be comfortable and low layer of clouds to keep the sun from melting the snow off the trees.  

When being outdoors in the snow and winter it is best to wear warm clothing including waterproof boots, jacket, gloves and a hat.  You want to be comfortable and warm during your engagement session.  

Michelle and Erik did a great job on their session and were so much fun to work with.  We had a great time and they received so many studding photos of their engagement session.  Below are some of their highlights.




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2020 Connecticut Weddings and Engagement Highlights in the Covid-19 era 2020 CONNECTICUT WEDDING AND ENGAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS

2020 a year of trials challenges and triumphs in the covid-19 era


I like to put together a wedding highlight video each year to reflect on the year past and all the amazing couples I had the chance to work with and photograph. Due to Covid-19, this year was particularly challenging for all couples and vendors in the wedding industry. This video is a special one, being a tribute to all the couples that were able to have their wedding through the fear, unknown, changes, obstacles, challenges and restrictions. They had to go through many sacrifices in the process, changing venue dates and locations, scaling down guest counts and going ahead without the company of family and friends at times. This video is a historical story of 2020 in the wedding industry and a tribute to all the couples, vendors and venues that were a part of it.



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2021 Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award Winner  

2021 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards


John Munno Weddings Named Winner in 2021

WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards

Southbury, January 15, 2021. -- John Munno Weddings was announced as a winner of the 2021 WeddingWire.  Couples’ Choice Awards®, an accolade representing the top wedding professionals across the board in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism reviewed by couples on WeddingWire, a leader in the $200 billion global wedding planning industry.

In 2020, the rise and spread of COVID-19 unfortunately impacted the wedding industry and the hundreds of thousands of small businesses who bring weddings to life every day. However, wedding vendors worldwide continued to guide their couples through wedding planning and the challenges of the global pandemic. In celebration of local wedding vendors nationwide and overseas, the 2021 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recognizes the wedding professionals who excelled in supporting to-be-weds despite unprecedented challenges resulting from COVID-19. 

To determine these distinguished wedding professionals, WeddingWire analyzed reviews across more than 20 service categories—from venues and caterers to florists and photographers—to find the most- and highest-rated vendors of the year. The winners exhibit superior professionalism, responsiveness, service and quality when interacting with the millions of couples who turn to WeddingWire to help with their wedding planning process each month.

Wedding professionals who win WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards® are members of WeddingPro, the leading B2B wedding brand. As the largest marketplace and community for wedding professionals, WeddingPro connects businesses with more than 13 million unique monthly visitors who are planning weddings on WeddingWire and The Knot, as well as with hundreds of thousands of pros in the industry. Through its online marketplaces, educational programs and community-building events, WeddingPro is dedicated to helping wedding professionals build relationships with couples and pros that grow their businesses.

John Munno Weddings is honored to be one of the top vendors in Southbury on WeddingWire.




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Melissa and Matt's Wedding-Sandy Hook and Waterbury, Connecticut MICHELLE AND MATT'S WEDDING

Sandy Hook and Waterbury, Connecticut


Winter weddings though not as common as summer weddings have a special charm of their own especially when snow is on the ground.  It provides for unique photos that present the magical winter wonderland feeling that we know well.  Such was the case for Michelle and Matt's wedding.  A snowstorm right before their wedding left a few inches of snow on the ground that made for beautiful wedding portraits and a magical wedding day.  

Their wedding started off in Sandy Hook, home of the groom, where I took the groom getting ready photos and portraits in downtown Sandy Hook with Matt and his brother the best man.

Melissa had her getting ready photos at her sisters house in Wolcott Connecticut.  Melissa's bridesmaids were by her side to support her and cheer her on.  They were great. We also included a first look with her dad and bridesmaids into the getting ready photos that made for some great candid moments.

We took a brief stop in the party van to take a photos of Melissa and her bridesmaids in the park before heading to the venue for her wedding ceremony.  Spoiler Alert!!  Where did it say to bring your boots!!  Some of the girls didn't get the memo. Next, we went to their venue in Waterbury for their indoor wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony and during the cocktail hour, Melissa and Matt and I slipped away to a local park to take portraits of the bride and groom in the snow.  Their photos came out so great!!  They had a timeless Norman Rockwell feel to them.  Melissa looked so great in here white stole.  I called here the snow queen.  Matt looked so dapper in double breasted suit and wool cap.

We headed back to the their reception for a warm and fun filled evening of dances, dinner, toasts, celebration and crazy dance moves.  What a wonderful celebration of an awesome couple. 



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Stephanie and Matt's Wedding-Heritage Hotel, Southbury, Connecticut STEPHANIE AND MATT'S WEDDING

Heritage Hotel, Southbury, Connecticut


Weddings are special any time of the year.  With many couples having to postpone their spring or early summer weddings, late fall and winter became another option.  Winter weddings are gaining popularity.  Beside the obvious advantage of discounted rates and availability winter weddings bring a sense of the Christmas Sprit and holiday cheer that goes along with weddings.  Ceremonies are typically held indoors and portraits may be done indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.  Matt and Stephanie had to cancel their original wedding date due to Covid and like many couples had to struggle to we postpone again to next year or move ahead with another wedding date in 2020.  After going back and forth they opted to get married in 2020 and were able to put together an incredible wedding day celebration with friends and family through it all.

Their wedding started off with getting ready photos of Matt at one of his groomsmen's house!  All the guys were there and made for great time.  Matt opened up a gift from Stephanie and read a card to start the day as well as some pre-wedding drinks! 

Our wedding day continued at the Heritage Hotel, in Southbury for getting ready photos of Stephanie and her bridesmaids.  The girls started things off with some Mimosas!  Stephanie opened a card and gift from Matt.  We also did a first look with Stephanie and her bridesmaids which was a lot of fun. 

After their getting ready shots, Stephanie and Matt wanted to do a "first look" out in the courtyard garden.  With the change in their wedding date to colder weather,  Stephanie had to make a change in her wedding dress to longs sleeves which worked out great as well as hand warming pockets!!  Their first look was filled with much emotion, anticipation and warm feelings.  Way to go Matt and Stephanie!

Things were a bit on the nippy side so I had to move pretty quick.  We went out onto the golf course for some portraits of Matt and Stephanie as Matt is an avid golfer. Than we returned to the vineyard behind the Heritage Hotel for portraits of the bridal party. 

I did the family portraits inside and then next came their indoor ceremony in the Timber Room.  Guests were all seated and socially distant but could watch the whole ceremony.

With guests still seated and socially distanced they moved right into their first dance with falling snow thanks to DJ Dave, The Spin Doctor.  Next parent dances and toasts took place followed by a sit down dinner.

To comply with state Covid-19 guidelines, the final part of the reception with dancing was scaled down to a very small guest count and different location.  Mainly present were the wedding party, family and select friends. 


(John Munno Weddings) Best Connecticut Wedding Photographers Connecticut Wedding Photographers Heritage Hotel Wedding John Munno Weddings Top Connecticut Wedding Photographers Winter Wedding Wed, 30 Dec 2020 05:23:00 GMT
2021 The Knot Best of Weddings Award Winner for Connecticut Wedding Photographers 2021 THE KNOT BEST OF WEDDING AWARD 

Connecticut Wedding Photographers




Feeling very grateful to have been awarded the prestigious Best of Knot Weddings Award for the 4th year in a row.

2020 has been a difficult year for the the wedding industry and to receive this award trough this difficult year has been a great honor. I wanted to thank every couple that took the time to leave their review which helped make this award possible. I am so grateful for choosing me to capture the memories of this most important time in your life.

It has been an honor to get to know you, your families and friends and spend the time together. I also commend all the couples that chose love in this time of fear and uncertainty. You have been a beacon of hope for the world.


(John Munno Weddings) Best Connecticut Wedding Photographers The Knot Best of Weddings 2021 The Knot Best of Weddings 2021 Award Winner Top Connecticut Wedding Photographers Thu, 17 Dec 2020 21:43:00 GMT
Justine and Tim's Wedding-Crystal Peak, Winstead, Connecticut JUSTINE AND TIM'S WEDDING MINIMONY

Crystal Peak,  Winstead, Connecticut


With Covid-19 throwing a wrench in many couples wedding plans, some couples are opting for a smaller wedding or minimony to stay within state regulations on gatherings.  Justine and Tim did this, opting for a 3 hour wedding minimony to include a first look, portraits with each other family photos and ceremony all to be done outdoors.  With the shorter daylight in November, I  arranged their wedding timeline to include the first look and portraits before the ceremony to take advantage of the available daylight.  We really lucked out with a very mild mid November day that allowed for us to be quite comfortable outside for their wedding day.  Justine sent me lots of pins from here pinterest board to give me  sense of the photos she wanted to capture for her wedding day.  The up front planning and work we did together helped make for a seamless and smooth wedding day with so many great photos of their special day.  The grounds at Crystal Peaks  with their browns and post Autumn hues made for beautiful photos that complimented their Autumn theme wedding.


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Rebecca and Paul's Engaegment Session-Historic Newtown, Connecticut REBECCA AND PAUL'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION

Historic Newtown, Connecticut


Couples choose engagement locations for many reasons.  For some it was the place where the proposal happened. For others it is a place they often spend time or visit.  For other's it could be a sentimental place.  Such was the case for Rebecca who grew up in the historic town of Newtown Connecticut. Rebecca and Paul's engagement session started off in Ram Pasture on a bridge that she sang songs about as a child in school. We had a warm late October day to enjoy the last of autumn colors.  After spending some time at Ram pasture we traveled to historic downtown Newtown with a stop at the local general store and town hall where Rebecca watched movies as a child.  We strolled through the many historic homes some of which were owned by family and friends when she was a child.  We finished their shoot in near bye Sandy Hook which has had a renovation and revival including the Foundry restaurant and vintage dress shop.  Rebecca and Paul were such a joy to work with. And made for a the engagement shoot so much fun.  I can't wait for their wedding day!


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Christina and Mike's Bojo Yurt Engagement Shoot-Finnegan's Farm, New Milford, Connecticut CHRISTINA AND MIKE'S


Finnegan's Farm, West Yurt, New Milford, Connecticut


Having your wedding and engagement session out-of-the-box is a popular trend now and Christina and Mike chose this route for the engagement session by having it an and airbnb yurt farm in New Milford at Finnegan's Farm.  They picked the perfect peak foliage week in October when the colors were in full display.  They brought along their dog to take part in the festivities and turned their engagement session into a nice weekend get away!  How cool is that?  Finnegan's Farm is surrounded by a large garden, farm stand, pasture, bridges fences wall and historic barns.  All great backgrounds that blended in nicely with their Boho theme engagement session.  Christina went all out with her Boho dress, jewelry, shoes and her awesome hat.  Mike played the part well and they were a blast to work with.  We had so many laughs and fun during their session traveling the farm's property and ending back at their yurt for some relaxation and smores by the fire.  What a great idea and great job Christina in planning and pulling everything together.  It was a real special engagement session for sure. 

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Lauren & Richard's Engagement Shoot Session Southford Falls State Park, Oxford, Connecticut LAUREN AND RICHARDS ENGAGEMENT SHOOT SESSION

Southford, Falls State Park, Oxford, Connecticut


October is one of the most popular months for engagement sessions due to the fall foliage colors Connecticut and New England are famous for. Having your session in October give you time to make your save the date cards and get them in the mail for next year's wedding as well.   Connecticut abounds with state parks, forests, lakes, orchards and fields perfect for fall foliage engagement sessions.  A place favored by many is Southford Falls State Park in Oxford, Connecticut.  This was the spot Lauren and Richard chose for their engagement session. 

Many people feel uncomfortable having their engagement photos taken by a "professional photographer". I keep this in mind with every session and put my clients at ease so they can have a relaxed and fun engagement session.  Lauren and Richard took their engagement session very seriously and watched numerous "how to " videos on having an engagement sessions in advance to prepare themselves.  So by the time they showed up for their session they were pros and did a great job of feeling comfortable in front of the camera.  We had a great day with warm weather and beautiful colors on many of the trees.  We took advantage of the numerous backgrounds to make for a stunning fall foliage engagement session.  

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Haleigh and Shane's Wedding-Saint Matthew's Catholic Church, Tolland, Connecticut HALEIGH AND SHANE'S WEDDING MINIMONY

Saint Matthews Catholic Church, Tolland Connecticut

Belding Wildlife Management Area, Vernon Connecticut

Airbnb, Coventry, Connecticut


Haleigh and Shane, like many couples in 2020 had not only to downsize their wedding in their guest count from an original 90 down to only their immediate family of 15, they also were not able to have their reception at their planned venue the Hill-Stead Museum and instead rented a luxurious Airbnb in Coventry, Connecticut where they stayed at and had their reception.

Their wedding started off at Saint Matthews Catholic Church in Tolland Connecticut with portraits of the groom Shane and his family on the church grounds.  The fall colors were starting to turn in very nice and added to beauty of the photos.  

After the ceremony, Haleigh and Shane went to a favorite place of theirs, Belding, Wildlife Management area to a place called the wildflower meadow.  The autumn colors were in peak colors and made for amazing photos.  We spent a nice amount of time taking photos of them in the beautiful fields with autumn foliage.  

Next I went to the Airbnb in Coventry, Connecticut for more family portraits and their reception.  The colors were in peak display at the Airbnb making for such amazing portraits

After their portraits we moved inside as the sun was setting for their intimate reception consisting of a catered dinner, toasts by Haleigh's sister and father, a first dance on the outdoor deck, parent dances and a cake cutting.

Although they had to make major changes in their original wedding plans to adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions, they were still able to have their wedding on their original wedding day surrounded by close friends and family.  It made for a beautiful wedding day celebration.

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Melissa and Jeff's Wedding-Birchwoods At Oak Lane, Woodbridge, Connecticut MELISSA AND JEFF'S WEDDING 

Birchwoods at Oak Lane, Woodbridge, Connecticut


Melissa and Jeff were on edge as many couples have been in 2020 not knowing if their wedding was going to take place.  Limits were increased come October for outdoor events and the Birchwoods put up a tent in the back of their facility to accommodate their larger groups size so that their wedding could take place without cutting down their guest count substantially which was fantastic news for Melissa and Jeff.

So with all things in place we begin the story of their wedding day with photos of Jeff getting ready in the really cool groom's room at Birchwoods!!  Way to go Jeff.  After the getting ready photos in the groom's room we went outside for portraits of Jeff.  

With Jeff's portraits complete I went to the bridal suite for getting ready photos of Melissa and her bridesmaids.  Melissa read a letter from Jeff as part of her getting ready photos.  This is always a very touching moment and adds so much to the getting ready photos.   

With her getting ready photos complete we went outside for portraits of Melissa and her bridesmaids,  The sunflowers and blue dresses worn by her bridesmaids were such a great combination.
Melissa also did a first look" with her dad that was a very emotional event.  Following that, I took photos of Melissa and her family. 

With the majority of their portraits complete before the ceremony it was time for their lovely outdoor wedding ceremony.  Part of their ceremony included a hand fasting as well as the reading of personal vows. 

With their ceremony completed we continued with portrait combinations we didn't get earlier as well as taking the time for intimate portraits of Melissa and Jeff.   

The sun started to get low in the sky as we moved into the reception part of their wedding.  Their reception included introductions, toasts by the best man and maid of honor as well as Melissa's uncle.  There was lots of great fun and dancing and joyous evening outside under the tent.

Some clients ask if they should include video coverage of their wedding event in addition to photography.  Video can be a great compliment to photos especially by providing sound, aerial views and moving perspectives which helps tell the story.  I included a video of their wedding so can see what the inclusion of video is like. I work with a great team of videographers to fit your budget and needs.  Justin Sevilla is one of them. 

This video was done by Justin  Sevilla of Villa Films




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Devan and William's Engagement Session-Gouveia Vineyards, Wallingford, Connecticut DEVAN AND WILLIAM'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION

Gouveia Vineyards, Wallingford, Connecticut


As the summer starts to switch so fall, this is a great time for engagement sessions.  September and October are some of the most popular months for engagement sessions with the cooler weather and of course fall foliage. Finding the perfect place for your engagement session is very important so I meet with clients prior to their shoot to determine the best time and location to fit their personality and style.  Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera as well as for us to get to know each other.  My engagements sessions average an hour and their is plenty of time to relax, enjoy, laugh and have a great time away from the pressures of the day and everyday life.  

Devan and William chose Gouveia Vineyards as the perfect engagement session location.  We picked a day with great lighting and weather in early September.  Gouveia Vineyards is an awesome location with many acres of mature grape vines, a pond, neighboring farm and fields with stunning views in all directions and great sunsets to the West.  I used a combination of natural light for the beginning of the shoot and some off camera flash for shots later in the day as the sun was setting. Devan wanted her shoot to incorporate a field and we were able to take some shots toward the end of their session at an adjacent farm.  After the shoot, is a great time to visit the bar and outdoor patio for some great wine and watch the setting sun.   It was a great time Devan and William!!


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Katelyn and Harry's Wedding-Aria, Prospect, Connecticut KATELYN AND HARRY'S WEDDING

Aria,  Prospect, Connecticut


Katelyn and Harry went through the scenario, question and dilemma and of what to do with their wedding in the face of Covid-19 and state regulations.  With state regulations restricting indoor weddings to 25 and outdoor weddings to 100, they were thinking about moving their wedding to 2021 but as their wedding approached, they decided to keep their original wedding day.  To accommodate their larger guest count there wedding was moved outdoors to in the outdoor grounds of Aria.  The weather was perfect for their late September Wedding.  Their wedding started with Katelyn getting ready in the bridal suite at Aria, followed by their ceremony, reception and portraits. Although their wedding was a little different than planned due to Covid-19 they rolled with the changes, and everything worked out and was a great success.  




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Rachel and Luke's Wedding-Bluebird Farm, Willington, Connecticut RACHEL AND LUKE'S WEDDING

Bluebird Farm,  Willington, Connecticut


Outdoor weddings have been the trend for summer 2020 due to the Covid-19 regulations restricting large gatherings to outdoor events.  A large portion of larger weddings have moved to farms, backyards and tents or outdoors at venues.  Rachel and Luke's wedding was planned to be at a farm wedding way before Covid-19 came to be so it worked out that they could continue with their wedding plans. 

Our wedding day photography begins at Bluebird Farm owned by the warm and friendly hosts Joseph and Carmen Hall.  The property has numerous outbuildings, barn, tree house, pasture and numerous farm animals including pigs, sheep, goats, cows, ducks, chickens dogs.  They can all be seen hanging out and enjoying the days on the farm making for a perfect farm friends wedding. 

Rachel and Luke's wedding started off on a warm early September summer day with getting ready photos of Luke and the guys. 

Next were the getting ready photos of Rachel and her bridesmaids at the barn loft.  The girls were so beautiful in their navy blue dresses and sunflower bouquets.  Great job Rachel and the girls!

With the getting ready photos of Luke and his groomsmen and Rachel and her bridesmaids complete it was time for their "First Look" outside the barn followed by portraits together of Rachel and Luke.   The farm property provided many backgrounds for their portraits including gardens of sunflowers, rustic outbuildings, fences and fields.

The wedding party joined in on the fun with  portraits before the ceremony so Rachel and Luke could enjoy their cocktail hour as much as possible.   

Next was their outdoor ceremony in the late afternoon. The guests started showing up and it was time for a wonderful ceremony.

Family was very important to Rachel and Luke.  We spent the first half of the cocktail taking family photos at the farm.   

As the day moved into the late afternoon the excitement ramped up as the reception began under the big tent and neighboring barn.   

We danced, laughed and celebrated into the night way past the time that the cows came home.  Rachel and Luke did an amazing job of planning and putting together such a joyous and fun wedding celebration. 


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Sara and Gerry's Wedding-The Inn at Amarante's Sea Cliff, New Haven, Connecticut SARA AND GERRY'S WEDDING

The Inn at Amarante's Sea Cliff, New Haven, Connecticut


Small and intimate is the theme for weddings in 2020 due to Covid 19.  Sara and Gerry had to downsize their wedding substantially to meet Covid Guidelines but were able to keep their wedding venue and change their wedding date.  Their original wedding date was May but due the the "lockdown" they moved it to late August. And thus the scene is set for their beautiful summer wedding by the sea at Amarante's Sea Cliff.  We start off the wedding with getting ready photos at Sara and Gerry's new home in Meriden,  Connecticut
We then went to the Inn at Amarante's s Sea Cliff for their outdoor ceremony, portraits and reception. We were blessed with a nice gentle breeze and pleasant temperatures and sunshine for their outdoor wedding ceremony.
Sara and Gerry blocked off a nice amount of time for their portraits so we could spend time enjoying the grounds at Amarante's Sea Cliff both down by the water and in the flower gardens at the entrance to the Inn.  Sar and Gerry did a great job with their wedding portraits. 

With their portraits finished we went upstairs for their intimate reception with close family and friends.  Included in their reception was their first dance, parent dances, a shoe game, cake cutting and dancing.  It was a wonderful reception surrounded by the company of loved ones.


Venue:  In at Amarante's Sea Cliff, New Haven Connecticut
Justice of the Peace:  Betty Allard
DJ: It's All About You DJ





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Charlene and Clifton's Micro Wedding/Minimony-The Vyne Restaurant, Middlebury, Connecticut CHARLYNE AND CLIFTON'S MICRO WEDDING/MINIMONY

Vyne Restaurant, Middlebury, Connecticut


Smaller outdoor weddings are the trend for 2020 due to Covid-19.  Small doesn't have to mean sacrifice and Charlyne and Clifton showed that you can still do it up and make for a classy, stylish and beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration even with the restrictions of Covid-19.  Their wedding started off with a first Look and portraits of the bride and groom before their ceremony.  Portraits were taken of the bridal party and groomsmen and family  before the ceremony.  The Vyne restaurant has a great backyard/patio area with elaborate stone landscaping, walls and fountains making for nice backgrounds for photos.  Their is a back grassy area and landscaped gardens and hill as well for portraits and a beautiful ceremony area. Their wedding started off in the morning so it was nice to do these shots while the temperature was a bit cooler.  By the time the ceremony started it was quite warm but everyone did their best to stay cool.  A string quartet, piano player and vocalist made up of family and friends added a beautiful touch to the wedding ceremony.  Being a blended family they did a beautiful sand ceremony incorporating their children from each side of the family to add their various colors of sand.   It was a beautiful ceremony and great way to celebrate their marriage together.  

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Alexandra and Spencer's Beach Micro Wedding Minimony-Old Saybrook, Connecticut ALEXANDRA AND SPENCER'S BEACH MICRO-WEDDING


Old Saybrook, Connecticut


So many couples have been devastated by having to change their wedding plans after spending 1 to 2 years of planning and working to bring everything together. I try to comfort them and let them know that love never dies and all will work out if not now then in the future. Weddings like this where clients had to down size, change locations, and pivot are great testimonies for couples going through this rough time, letting them know that things can work out for your wedding in 2020 and that love is alive and well in 2020. Couples are coming up with great locations and creative ways to still have their wedding in 2020 in a safe, and Covid friendly way.  I am seeing so many things work out and be positive with couples at their new event that I wanted to share a little behind the scene history regarding Alexandra and Spencer's wedding.  

Originally when Alexandra and Spencer started to think of a wedding location, Spencer's family's beach bungalow in Old Saybrook came to mind as it was a place so dear to them. Unfortunately the space is very limited and they could not handle a large gathering of people.  They decided instead to have their wedding on their family farm in East Haddam.  In comes 2020 and Covid-19 and they are not able to have their large gathering on July 4th for their wedding.  They postponed their large wedding to July 4, 2021 next year but wanted to get married this year.  So with their wedding dropped in size they decided to keep their 2020 wedding date and have a micro-wedding/minimony wedding at their beach bungalow in Old Saybrook with their immediate family.  

The weather couldn’t have been more amazing for their micro-wedding.  It was beautiful July 4th summer day.  Spencer and his dad set up a ceremony area made of driftwood and starfish and waited for low tide to have their ceremony on the sandbar.  Before their ceremony, they had a first look on the beach.  Following the first look I spent time taking their portraits then we had their wedding ceremony.  After the ceremony I took more portraits of them on the beach near their home as well as driving down the road to a nearby lighthouse that made for some great shots.    Their photos on the beach with the blue sky, white sands, driftwood and at the local lighthouse came out so awesome.  It was such a magical wedding celebration and I am so glad to be able to capture the moments of this magical day!  Their micro wedding was about 3 hours total shooting.  After their portraits were done, they had food catered and had a backyard barbeque with family and enjoyed the rest of their day and evening.  

They were so happy the way everything turned out as this was where they originally wanted to have their wedding celebration.  Their is a saying "Every cloud has a silver lining".  Alexandra and Spencer's micro-wedding shows us that this is so. And even though their original wedding plans changed they adapted to the circumstances, pivoted and ended up having the wedding that they had always wanted. I hope this story inspires you to continue your wedding plans this year with a micro-wedding or minimony.  I am happy to help you come up with locations and plan for a wonderful intimate celebration to hold you over till your big wedding party in 2021.


Priebe 13.jpgPriebe 13.jpg Priebe 33.jpgPriebe 33.jpg Priebe 44.jpgPriebe 44.jpg Priebe 49.jpgPriebe 49.jpg Priebe 58.jpgPriebe 58.jpg Priebe 60.jpgPriebe 60.jpg Priebe 71.jpgPriebe 71.jpg Priebe 77.jpgPriebe 77.jpg Priebe 78.jpgPriebe 78.jpg Priebe 80.jpgPriebe 80.jpg Priebe 85.jpgPriebe 85.jpg Priebe 88.jpgPriebe 88.jpg Priebe 95.jpgPriebe 95.jpg Priebe 113.jpgPriebe 113.jpg Priebe 116.jpgPriebe 116.jpg Priebe 120.jpgPriebe 120.jpg Priebe 127.jpgPriebe 127.jpg Priebe 136.jpgPriebe 136.jpg Priebe 144.jpgPriebe 144.jpg Priebe 153.jpgPriebe 153.jpg Priebe 165.jpgPriebe 165.jpg Priebe 177.jpgPriebe 177.jpg Priebe 187.jpgPriebe 187.jpg
Priebe 216.jpgPriebe 216.jpg Priebe 37.jpgPriebe 37.jpg
Priebe 265.jpgPriebe 265.jpg Priebe 270.jpgPriebe 270.jpg Priebe 282.jpgPriebe 282.jpg Priebe 288.jpgPriebe 288.jpg Priebe 293.jpgPriebe 293.jpg Priebe 297.jpgPriebe 297.jpg Priebe 298.jpgPriebe 298.jpg Priebe 302.jpgPriebe 302.jpg Priebe 304.jpgPriebe 304.jpg Priebe 312.jpgPriebe 312.jpg Priebe 318.jpgPriebe 318.jpg Priebe 321.jpgPriebe 321.jpg Priebe 327.jpgPriebe 327.jpg Priebe 333.jpgPriebe 333.jpg Priebe 335.jpgPriebe 335.jpg Priebe 343.jpgPriebe 343.jpg Priebe 346.jpgPriebe 346.jpg Priebe 347.jpgPriebe 347.jpg Priebe 352.jpgPriebe 352.jpg Priebe 364.jpgPriebe 364.jpg Priebe 368.jpgPriebe 368.jpg Priebe 371.jpgPriebe 371.jpg Priebe 375.jpgPriebe 375.jpg Priebe 385.jpgPriebe 385.jpg Priebe 389.jpgPriebe 389.jpg Priebe 392.jpgPriebe 392.jpg Priebe 398.jpgPriebe 398.jpg Priebe 404.jpgPriebe 404.jpg Priebe 407.jpgPriebe 407.jpg Priebe 409.jpgPriebe 409.jpg Priebe 415.jpgPriebe 415.jpg Priebe 418.jpgPriebe 418.jpg Priebe 427.jpgPriebe 427.jpg Priebe 434.jpgPriebe 434.jpg Priebe 436.jpgPriebe 436.jpg Priebe 437.jpgPriebe 437.jpg Priebe 463.jpgPriebe 463.jpg Priebe 471.jpgPriebe 471.jpg Priebe 478.jpgPriebe 478.jpg Priebe 484.jpgPriebe 484.jpg Priebe 495.jpgPriebe 495.jpg Priebe 498.jpgPriebe 498.jpg Priebe 505.jpgPriebe 505.jpg Priebe 506.jpgPriebe 506.jpg Priebe 520.jpgPriebe 520.jpg Priebe 527.jpgPriebe 527.jpg Priebe 532.jpgPriebe 532.jpg Priebe 537.jpgPriebe 537.jpg Priebe 543.jpgPriebe 543.jpg Priebe 547.jpgPriebe 547.jpg Priebe 548.jpgPriebe 548.jpg Priebe 558.jpgPriebe 558.jpg Priebe 566.jpgPriebe 566.jpg Priebe 568.jpgPriebe 568.jpg Priebe 569.jpgPriebe 569.jpg

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Meghan and Anthony's Engagement Shoot-Harkness State Park, Waterford, Connecticut MEGHAN AND ANTHONY'S ENGAGEMENT SHOOT 

Harkness State Park

Waterford, Connecticut


Meghan and Anthony had their first date at Harkness State Park and so when it came time to choose their engagement shoot location, Harkness State Park was the perfect spot.  Meghan and I spoke before the shoot to get a sense of the lighting she wanted and when I saw a break in the weather we set the date for the most awesome lighting.  Meghan and Anthony did a great job on their shoot and felt very comfortable in front of the camera.  We strolled around the beautiful grounds of Harkness State Park, starting at the mansion to take advantage of brighter light and then working our way down to the beach as the sun set.  I took advantage of the many spots along the way looking for great light and backgrounds.  Meghan was into photography so I'm glad I could put together this large collection of photos capturing the many facets, characteristics moods and styles of light. Light can be a very delicate and subtle thing in its expression of color, tones, highlights, shadows etc. Unfortunately many wedding photographers blow out or overexpose their images washing out the natural colors and extinguishing these beautiful elements of light and photography.  This shoot speaks volumes of the beauty that is found in the intricacies of light and well exposed images. It is a symphony of light's many expressions. 

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Alana and Cameron's Micro Wedding-Saint Clements Castle, Portland, Connecticut ALANA AND CAMERON'S MICROWEDDING / MINIMONY

Saint Clement's Castle, Portland, Connecticut


As you know Covid-19 has shaped the look of weddings for 2020 in Connecticut.  Many couples are downsizing their weddings to make them Covid-19 friendly as well as having them outdoors following state guidelines.  Such was the case of Alana that originally had a wedding date set for May 2020 but had to cancel her large reception and opt for a new wedding plan.  Her new plan started out with Sarah getting ready at the Bevin House Bed and Breakfast in East Hampton Connecticut.  The Bevin House is an amazing totally restored historic bed and breakfast that takes you back in time.  After the getting ready shots, her bridal party showed up for some portraits on the Bevin House Grounds. 

Mullin 11.jpgMullin 11.jpg Mullin 13.jpgMullin 13.jpg Mullin 18.jpgMullin 18.jpg Mullin 23.jpgMullin 23.jpg Mullin 25.jpgMullin 25.jpg Mullin 39.jpgMullin 39.jpg Mullin 44.jpgMullin 44.jpg Mullin 47.jpgMullin 47.jpg Mullin 50.jpgMullin 50.jpg Mullin 56.jpgMullin 56.jpg Mullin 58.jpgMullin 58.jpg Mullin 63.jpgMullin 63.jpg Mullin 67.jpgMullin 67.jpg Mullin 68.jpgMullin 68.jpg Mullin 77.jpgMullin 77.jpg Mullin 88.jpgMullin 88.jpg Mullin 91.jpgMullin 91.jpg

We headed next to Saint Clements Castle, one of my favorite venues for a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Connecticut River.  Their wedding included live music by a guitarist and friend who sang such a beautiful song during their ceremony.  Touching vows were exchanged as well during their beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Mullin 95.jpgMullin 95.jpg Mullin 102.jpgMullin 102.jpg Mullin 116.jpgMullin 116.jpg Mullin 128.jpgMullin 128.jpg Mullin 146.jpgMullin 146.jpg Mullin 148.jpgMullin 148.jpg Mullin 201.jpgMullin 201.jpg Mullin 204.jpgMullin 204.jpg Mullin 211.jpgMullin 211.jpg Mullin 228.jpgMullin 228.jpg Mullin 231.jpgMullin 231.jpg Mullin 246.jpgMullin 246.jpg Mullin 249.jpgMullin 249.jpg Mullin 250.jpgMullin 250.jpg Mullin 257.jpgMullin 257.jpg Mullin 265.jpgMullin 265.jpg Mullin 271.jpgMullin 271.jpg Mullin 277.jpgMullin 277.jpg Mullin 280.jpgMullin 280.jpg Mullin 284.jpgMullin 284.jpg Mullin 286.jpgMullin 286.jpg Mullin 287.jpgMullin 287.jpg Mullin 298.jpgMullin 298.jpg Mullin 305.jpgMullin 305.jpg Mullin 306.jpgMullin 306.jpg Mullin 309.jpgMullin 309.jpg Mullin 315.jpgMullin 315.jpg Mullin 318.jpgMullin 318.jpg Mullin 324.jpgMullin 324.jpg Mullin 327.jpgMullin 327.jpg Mullin 329.jpgMullin 329.jpg Mullin 332.jpgMullin 332.jpg Mullin 333.jpgMullin 333.jpg Mullin 354.jpgMullin 354.jpg Mullin 359.jpgMullin 359.jpg Mullin 364.jpgMullin 364.jpg Mullin 366.jpgMullin 366.jpg Mullin 368.jpgMullin 368.jpg Mullin 371.jpgMullin 371.jpg Mullin 384.jpgMullin 384.jpg Mullin 403.jpgMullin 403.jpg Mullin 408.jpgMullin 408.jpg Mullin 410.jpgMullin 410.jpg Mullin 419.jpgMullin 419.jpg Mullin 422.jpgMullin 422.jpg Mullin 426.jpgMullin 426.jpg Mullin 436.jpgMullin 436.jpg Mullin 444.jpgMullin 444.jpg After their ceremony portraits were taken with all guests, their family, and wedding party, followed by portaits of the bride and groom.  It was wonderful to have the relaxed time with Alana and Cameron with no reception to run off to we could take the time to relax and enjoy and get creative with their photos.

Mullin 480.jpgMullin 480.jpg Mullin 500.jpgMullin 500.jpg Mullin 518.jpgMullin 518.jpg Mullin 520.jpgMullin 520.jpg Mullin 525.jpgMullin 525.jpg Mullin 529.jpgMullin 529.jpg Mullin 532.jpgMullin 532.jpg Mullin 535.jpgMullin 535.jpg Mullin 540.jpgMullin 540.jpg Mullin 546.jpgMullin 546.jpg Mullin 551.jpgMullin 551.jpg Mullin 556.jpgMullin 556.jpg Mullin 560.jpgMullin 560.jpg Mullin 565.jpgMullin 565.jpg Mullin 568.jpgMullin 568.jpg Mullin 570.jpgMullin 570.jpg Mullin 574.jpgMullin 574.jpg Mullin 580.jpgMullin 580.jpg Mullin 583.jpgMullin 583.jpg Mullin 586.jpgMullin 586.jpg Mullin 593.jpgMullin 593.jpg Mullin 597.jpgMullin 597.jpg Mullin 598.jpgMullin 598.jpg Mullin 612.jpgMullin 612.jpg

Mullin 619.jpgMullin 619.jpg
Mullin 641.jpgMullin 641.jpg Mullin 660.jpgMullin 660.jpg Mullin 666.jpgMullin 666.jpg It turned out to be a wonderful wedding celebration.  On the day her wedding was scheduled it had rained so it was great to have a new date with the most glorious weather to enjoy their wedding day.  It is strange how things work out some times for the better.  All the best to you Alana and Cameron and such a pleasure working with you.  

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Sarah and Matthew's Engagement Shoot-Southford Falls State Park, Oxford, Connecticut SARAH AND MATTHEW'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION 

Southford Falls State Park

Oxford, Connecticut


I always work with my couples to help pick the perfect location for their engagement session.  Every couple is unique and have different preferences to their shoot.  Some want their session to take place on the beach, some in the forest at a state park, some in an urban center etc.  When I spoke with Sarah and Matthew about their engagement session location Sarah mentioned Matthew wanted to do their session at a waterfall.  Fortunately Connecticut has many waterfall locations. I suggested Southford Falls State Park in Oxford, Connecticut. I directed them to my engagement portfolio which has the location names of engagement session locations   Sarah loved the photos of Southford Falls so we chose that as their location. On the day of their engagement session we were blessed with a nice warm summer day during the week at golden hour when the lighting would be just right.  Sarah and Matt were very comfortable during their shoot in front of the camera.  I took them to some interesting parts of the park including the lower gorge.  Sarah and Matthew laughed a lot and had a lot of fun as well as having time for more intimate moments. The falls were running and that made for lots of great shots with the falls as their backdrop.  Great job Sarah and Matthew.  You crushed it!!


Lauretti Engagement 4.jpgLauretti Engagement 4.jpg Lauretti Engagement 18.jpgLauretti Engagement 18.jpg Lauretti Engagement 27.jpgLauretti Engagement 27.jpg Lauretti Engagement 30.jpgLauretti Engagement 30.jpg Lauretti Engagement 34.jpgLauretti Engagement 34.jpg Lauretti Engagement 38.jpgLauretti Engagement 38.jpg Lauretti Engagement 45.jpgLauretti Engagement 45.jpg Lauretti Engagement 58.jpgLauretti Engagement 58.jpg Lauretti Engagement 59.jpgLauretti Engagement 59.jpg Lauretti Engagement 62.jpgLauretti Engagement 62.jpg Lauretti Engagement 68.jpgLauretti Engagement 68.jpg Lauretti Engagement 72.jpgLauretti Engagement 72.jpg Lauretti Engagement 73.jpgLauretti Engagement 73.jpg Lauretti Engagement 76.jpgLauretti Engagement 76.jpg Lauretti Engagement 78.jpgLauretti Engagement 78.jpg Lauretti Engagement 80.jpgLauretti Engagement 80.jpg Lauretti Engagement 93.jpgLauretti Engagement 93.jpg Lauretti Engagement 96.jpgLauretti Engagement 96.jpg Lauretti Engagement 98.jpgLauretti Engagement 98.jpg Lauretti Engagement 108.jpgLauretti Engagement 108.jpg Lauretti Engagement 130.jpgLauretti Engagement 130.jpg Lauretti Engagement 133.jpgLauretti Engagement 133.jpg Lauretti Engagement 148.jpgLauretti Engagement 148.jpg Lauretti Engagement 152.jpgLauretti Engagement 152.jpg Lauretti Engagement 156.jpgLauretti Engagement 156.jpg Lauretti Engagement 165.jpgLauretti Engagement 165.jpg Lauretti Engagement 166.jpgLauretti Engagement 166.jpg Lauretti Engagement 171.jpgLauretti Engagement 171.jpg Lauretti Engagement 177.jpgLauretti Engagement 177.jpg Lauretti Engagement 185.jpgLauretti Engagement 185.jpg Lauretti Engagement 187.jpgLauretti Engagement 187.jpg Lauretti Engagement 190.jpgLauretti Engagement 190.jpg Lauretti Engagement 205.jpgLauretti Engagement 205.jpg Lauretti Engagement 206-Edit.jpgLauretti Engagement 206-Edit.jpg Lauretti Engagement 210.jpgLauretti Engagement 210.jpg


Best choice!!!

"We chose John Munno for our wedding in April 2021, and we just had the pleasure of doing our engagement photos with him at Southford falls. It couldn’t have gone better. We did our shoot on a Thursday and he had over 200 beautiful photos back to us by Saturday afternoon. All our friends and family were extremely impressed by the quality and it’s been tough narrowing it down to just a few pictures for the save the dates.

John did a great job finding good lighting and gorgeous scenery for our pictures and we’re excited to see what he can do for us on our wedding day. Besides for the excellent pictures, one of the best things about him is that he’s been like a mini wedding planner. He has multiple recommendations for DJs, florists, and more. He’s also been very helpful planning out the timeline for getting ready and taking photos on our wedding day. Overall, he’s been fun and fantastic to work with. He seems like an awesome, genuine guy and you can tell he puts a lot of thought and care into his work. I would recommend him to anyone."  Sarah L







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Nick and Gina's Engagement Shoot-Sherwood Island State Park  


Sherwood Island State Park

Westport, Connecticut


With Covid-19 affecting so many weddings this year, it opens up the door for wonderful engagement sessions to take place this summer.  The small size and outdoor setting is perfect for having your engagement session in a beautiful location.  I customize every engagement shoot to fit the couples personality, style and location.  Gina and Nick wanted a beach theme for their engagement shoot so we choose Sherwood Island State Park in Westport which has long stretches of beautiful beaches, sand, grasses, beach roses, rocks and a nice angle of the sun that makes for beautiful front and back lighting.   Gina brought a red rose for the shoot which helped reflect her gentleness and beauty and added so much to the engagement session.  The late afternoon summer weather made for an awesome engagement session. Way to go Nick and Gina for a great time.

DeVoto Engagement 3.jpgDeVoto Engagement 3.jpg DeVoto Engagement 6.jpgDeVoto Engagement 6.jpg DeVoto Engagement 19.jpgDeVoto Engagement 19.jpg DeVoto Engagement 21.jpgDeVoto Engagement 21.jpg DeVoto Engagement 36.jpgDeVoto Engagement 36.jpg DeVoto Engagement 40.jpgDeVoto Engagement 40.jpg DeVoto Engagement 43.jpgDeVoto Engagement 43.jpg DeVoto Engagement 54.jpgDeVoto Engagement 54.jpg DeVoto Engagement 58.jpgDeVoto Engagement 58.jpg DeVoto Engagement 60.jpgDeVoto Engagement 60.jpg DeVoto Engagement 70.jpgDeVoto Engagement 70.jpg DeVoto Engagement 91.jpgDeVoto Engagement 91.jpg DeVoto Engagement 99.jpgDeVoto Engagement 99.jpg DeVoto Engagement 106.jpgDeVoto Engagement 106.jpg DeVoto Engagement 109.jpgDeVoto Engagement 109.jpg DeVoto Engagement 113.jpgDeVoto Engagement 113.jpg DeVoto Engagement 121.jpgDeVoto Engagement 121.jpg DeVoto Engagement 136.jpgDeVoto Engagement 136.jpg DeVoto Engagement 141.jpgDeVoto Engagement 141.jpg DeVoto Engagement 152.jpgDeVoto Engagement 152.jpg DeVoto Engagement 156.jpgDeVoto Engagement 156.jpg DeVoto Engagement 166.jpgDeVoto Engagement 166.jpg DeVoto Engagement 175.jpgDeVoto Engagement 175.jpg DeVoto Engagement 179.jpgDeVoto Engagement 179.jpg DeVoto Engagement 194.jpgDeVoto Engagement 194.jpg DeVoto Engagement 209.jpgDeVoto Engagement 209.jpg DeVoto Engagement 213.jpgDeVoto Engagement 213.jpg



Great photographer!!

"We hired John as our wedding photographer for our wedding next summer. A couple of weeks ago we did our engagement shoot with him. He did an excellent job and got our pictures (over 200 for a one hour session) to us in a week, which is incredibly fast. Looking forward to continue working with him!" Gina D






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Jennifer and Rob's Engagement Session-Topsmead State Forest, Litchfield, Connecticut  


Topsmead State Forest

Litchfield, Connecticut


With Covid-19 affecting so many weddings this year, it opens up the door for wonderful engagement sessions to take place this summer.  The small size and outdoor setting is perfect for having your engagement session in a beautiful location.  I am happy to work with you to pick the perfect engagement session location.  Jennifer and Rob chose Topsmead State Forest as the spot for their engagement session.  The long days of summer are great to bring out the colors of green grass and flowers in the gardens that are a part of the Topsmead homestead.  Jennifer and Rob had a great time with lots of laughs and fun while enjoying a nice intimate time together. 


Farrell Engagement 10.jpgFarrell Engagement 10.jpg Farrell Engagement 25.jpgFarrell Engagement 25.jpg Farrell Engagement 27.jpgFarrell Engagement 27.jpg Farrell Engagement 40.jpgFarrell Engagement 40.jpg Farrell Engagement 45.jpgFarrell Engagement 45.jpg Farrell Engagement 57.jpgFarrell Engagement 57.jpg Farrell Engagement 60.jpgFarrell Engagement 60.jpg Farrell Engagement 66.jpgFarrell Engagement 66.jpg Farrell Engagement 77.jpgFarrell Engagement 77.jpg Farrell Engagement 86.jpgFarrell Engagement 86.jpg Farrell Engagement 91.jpgFarrell Engagement 91.jpg Farrell Engagement 96.jpgFarrell Engagement 96.jpg Farrell Engagement 110.jpgFarrell Engagement 110.jpg Farrell Engagement 115.jpgFarrell Engagement 115.jpg Farrell Engagement 119.jpgFarrell Engagement 119.jpg Farrell Engagement 126.jpgFarrell Engagement 126.jpg Farrell Engagement 129.jpgFarrell Engagement 129.jpg Farrell Engagement 133.jpgFarrell Engagement 133.jpg Farrell Engagement 137.jpgFarrell Engagement 137.jpgConnecticut Engagement Session of Jennifer and Rob at Topsmead State Park in Litchfield, Connecticut



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Nyab and Conor's intimate micro wedding ceremony elopement, New Milford, Connecticut NYAB AND CONOR'S  WEDDING

Private residence, New Milford, Connecticut


"Good things come in small packages"

"Micro Weddings" downsizing your weddings in 2020 due to the Coronavirus


I wanted to continue the wedding theme of "good things come in small packages", micro weddings downsizing in 2020. Many couples have had to or are in the process of downsizing their wedding reception or changing the wedding plans to honor their wedding date to follow state guidelines to remain covid compliant by having a smaller sized intimate wedding/elopement ceremony to be attended by immediate family. 

Couples going through this uncertain time aren't sure what their wedding would look like in this new form or how to go about planning it.  I thought I would share some smaller sized intimate weddings to give couples some ideas.  Don't get me wrong, I really love photographing large gala weddings and shoot many of them in a year.  They have their place, and their merits, however intimate weddings can be overlooked and have their merits as well. The intimacy that smaller size weddings allow is really very special.  The only people in attendance are usually the immediate family members.  The small group size allows for more intimacy and people to share and be themselves.  The pace is often slower at these types of weddings, without all the distractions that can accompany larger weddings.  Their is less anxiety about everything being perfect with fewer people, places and things to throw into the mix.  Instead, everyone can focus more on just "being" and "sharing" and let their guards down to be more of themselves.  This creates a more relaxed and laid back feel to your wedding which honestly can be a really nice thing.  

Nyab and Conor's  wedding elopement/ceremony took place at their private residence.  Their parents and siblings were in attendance.  The total guest count was 6 with the bride and groom 8 and with the addition of me as the photographer and their officiant we were 10 in total.  2.5 hours of coverage consisted of getting ready photos, photos of the bride and groom and inside family photos, ceremony photos and detail shots followed by a cake and champagne celebration followed by outdoor portraits of the family and bride and groom.   I provided over 500 color photos and another 500 in black and white.  All curated and beautifully edited to capture the candid moments of laughs, tears and joy celebrating their love for each other on their wedding day in the company of their parents and siblings. 

Khan 14.jpgKhan 14.jpg Khan 28.jpgKhan 28.jpg Khan 36.jpgKhan 36.jpg Khan 59.jpgKhan 59.jpg Khan 81.jpgKhan 81.jpg Khan 84.jpgKhan 84.jpg Khan 101.jpgKhan 101.jpg Khan 146.jpgKhan 146.jpg Khan 147.jpgKhan 147.jpg Khan 153.jpgKhan 153.jpg Khan 158.jpgKhan 158.jpg Khan 170.jpgKhan 170.jpg Khan 173.jpgKhan 173.jpg Khan 179.jpgKhan 179.jpg Khan 191.jpgKhan 191.jpg Khan 206.jpgKhan 206.jpg Khan 213.jpgKhan 213.jpg Khan 217.jpgKhan 217.jpg Khan 224.jpgKhan 224.jpg Khan 225.jpgKhan 225.jpg Khan 240.jpgKhan 240.jpg Khan 258.jpgKhan 258.jpg Khan 274.jpgKhan 274.jpg Khan 277.jpgKhan 277.jpg Khan 281.jpgKhan 281.jpg Khan 294.jpgKhan 294.jpg Khan 301.jpgKhan 301.jpg Khan 305.jpgKhan 305.jpg Khan 310.jpgKhan 310.jpg Khan 312.jpgKhan 312.jpg Khan 313.jpgKhan 313.jpg Khan 325.jpgKhan 325.jpg Khan 346.jpgKhan 346.jpg Khan 352.jpgKhan 352.jpg Khan 356.jpgKhan 356.jpg Khan 385.jpgKhan 385.jpg Khan 395.jpgKhan 395.jpg Khan 409.jpgKhan 409.jpg Khan 425.jpgKhan 425.jpg
Khan 410.jpgKhan 410.jpg Khan 411.jpgKhan 411.jpg Khan 430.jpgKhan 430.jpg Khan 432.jpgKhan 432.jpg Khan 442.jpgKhan 442.jpg Khan 445.jpgKhan 445.jpg Khan 452.jpgKhan 452.jpg Khan 453.jpgKhan 453.jpg Khan 457.jpgKhan 457.jpg Khan 474.jpgKhan 474.jpg Khan 484.jpgKhan 484.jpg Khan 510.jpgKhan 510.jpg Khan 516.jpgKhan 516.jpg Khan 524.jpgKhan 524.jpg Khan 533.jpgKhan 533.jpg Khan 542.jpgKhan 542.jpg Khan 563.jpgKhan 563.jpg Khan 578.jpgKhan 578.jpg Khan 601.jpgKhan 601.jpg Khan 602.jpgKhan 602.jpg Khan 603.jpgKhan 603.jpg Khan 606.jpgKhan 606.jpg Khan 610.jpgKhan 610.jpg Khan 616.jpgKhan 616.jpg Khan 624.jpgKhan 624.jpg Khan 627.jpgKhan 627.jpg Khan 634.jpgKhan 634.jpg Khan 629.jpgKhan 629.jpg







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Marilyn and Benjamin's Wedding-Vyne Restaurant, Middlebury, Connecticut  


Vyne Restaurant, Middlebury Connecticut


"Good things come in small packages"

"Micro Weddings" downsizing your weddings in 2020 due to the Coronavirus


It is May, 2020 and with the Covid-19 situation affecting the wedding industry greatly many clients with wedding scheduled in the spring or early summer of 2020 are searching for ways to keep their wedding date and at the same time comply with state reopening guidelines for group size limitations. Some couples are taking the route of having a smaller wedding ceremony elopement with a limited number of family and friends on their original wedding date and moving their larger wedding to a time later in 2020 or 2021. 

Marilyn and Benjamin's wedding is a perfect example for the current situation so I thought I'd post it to give couples a feel for what a "micro" or downsized smaller wedding, wedding ceremony, elopement would look like. Their wedding was small by many wedding standards.  It was made up of a first look, portraits of the bride and groom, wedding ceremony attended by a small group of family followed by family portraits.  Their wedding was 2.5 hours in length. They received over  500 photos in color and a dual collection in black and white with 1000 photos in total.  Although their wedding was only 2.5 hours long,  from their photos you can see  a lot happened in that time and I was able to document their wedding day and its many joyful and beautiful moments which can be looked back on for years and remembered through their photos, prints and album.   From their expressions and photos you can see their was no shorting of Love and Magic shared by all. 

To help couples navigate through this difficult time, I put together a Coronavirus elopement/downsized wedding package below.  If you have had to change/cancel or postpone your wedding feel free to contact me to see if this package is a good fit for you.  This special is for a limited time only. 


2020 Coronavirus Wedding Ceremony Elopement Package Special

With the uncertainties of larger weddings in the early spring months of 2020, many couples have had to postpone or downsize their 2020 weddings.  Some couples are choosing to have an elopement ceremony in 2020 and moving their larger wedding to 2021.

To accommodate those couples looking for a smaller wedding/elopement format for 2020,  I put together a wedding ceremony/ elopement package including the following:  *Photography coverage of your elopement ceremony  *Family portraits of those in attendance  *Portraits of the bride and groom

Includes up to 2.5 hours coverage of your event, high resolution edited photos with printing rights delivered via digital download.   A dual collection of color and black and white photos. Online gallery of your photos with no cut off date.

$400 plus tax


Wey 3.jpgWey 3.jpg Wey 8.jpgWey 8.jpg Wey 13.jpgWey 13.jpg Wey 43.jpgWey 43.jpg Wey 46.jpgWey 46.jpgFirst look photo shoot during the wedding of Marilyn and Benjamin at Vyne restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 56.jpgWey 56.jpg Wey 70.jpgWey 70.jpg Wey 78.jpgWey 78.jpg Wey 86.jpgWey 86.jpg Wey 94.jpgWey 94.jpg Wey 149.jpgWey 149.jpg Wey 159.jpgWey 159.jpg Wey 35.jpgWey 35.jpg Wey 172.jpgWey 172.jpg Wey 176.jpgWey 176.jpg Wey 192.jpgWey 192.jpg Wey 297.jpgWey 297.jpg Wey 319.jpgWey 319.jpg Wey 330.jpgWey 330.jpg Wey 343.jpgWey 343.jpg Wey 344.jpgWey 344.jpg Wey 359.jpgWey 359.jpg Wey 366.jpgWey 366.jpg Wey 370.jpgWey 370.jpg Wey 371.jpgWey 371.jpg Wey 374.jpgWey 374.jpgConnecticut summer wedding ceremony on the beautiful grounds and gardens of the Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 376.jpgWey 376.jpg Wey 382.jpgWey 382.jpg Wey 387.jpgWey 387.jpg Wey 394.jpgWey 394.jpg Wey 397.jpgWey 397.jpg Wey 403.jpgWey 403.jpg Wey 412.jpgWey 412.jpg Wey 430.jpgWey 430.jpg Wey 438.jpgWey 438.jpgReading of vows of Marilyn and Benjamin at their Vyne Wedding Ceremony in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 450.jpgWey 450.jpg Wey 456.jpgWey 456.jpg Wey 460.jpgWey 460.jpg Wey 464.jpgWey 464.jpg Wey 469.jpgWey 469.jpg Wey 481.jpgWey 481.jpg Wey 483.jpgWey 483.jpg Wey 485.jpgWey 485.jpg Wey 491.jpgWey 491.jpg Wey 494.jpgWey 494.jpg Wey 503.jpgWey 503.jpg Wey 519.jpgWey 519.jpg Wey 527.jpgWey 527.jpg Wey 214.jpgWey 214.jpg Wey 226.jpgWey 226.jpg Wey 233.jpgWey 233.jpg Wey 237.jpgWey 237.jpg Wey 249.jpgWey 249.jpg Wey 250.jpgWey 250.jpg Wey 255.jpgWey 255.jpg Wey 269.jpgWey 269.jpg Wey 283.jpgWey 283.jpg Wey 287.jpgWey 287.jpg Wey 548.jpgWey 548.jpg Wey 560.jpgWey 560.jpg Wey 572.jpgWey 572.jpg Wey 580.jpgWey 580.jpgWedding Portraits of Marilyn and Benjamin at the Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 597.jpgWey 597.jpg

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Erin and Mike's Engagement Session-Kettletown State Park, Southbury, Connecticut ERIN AND MIKE'S 


Kettletown State Park

Southbury, Connecticut


Engagement sessions are such a beautiful thing. They are a great way for me as the photographer to get to know the couples I work with before their wedding day.  In a relaxed and intimate environment we have the chance to get comfortable with each other and being in front of the camera which for some people can be intimidating. 

Starting my career as a landscape and nature photographer and travelling extensively throughout Connecticut provided me with a knowledge and familiarity
with Connecticut's many beautiful state parks and scenic areas.  Plus, free engagement session planning is included in all my sessions.  I discuss with my couples the style and type of engagement session they want and offer suggestions and guidance on suitable locations.  Erin and Mike wanted a more wooded feel for their engagement session so shared photos from a few locations and they decided on this one, Kettletown State Park. I chose a time in the late afternoon during the "golden hour" when the lighting was perfect.  I really love spending this relaxed time with my couples where they can be in the moment and enjoy their time together.  Because this together time is so important, I allocate an hour for all my engagement shoots and include varied terrain, backgrounds and areas within a local to provide a diverse collection of photos.  I provide over 50 edited high resolution photos per session with printing rights as well as an online gallery.  Let's take a journey with Erin and Mike on their engagement session.


Saporetti Engagement 2.jpgSaporetti Engagement 2.jpg Saporetti Engagement 8.jpgSaporetti Engagement 8.jpg Saporetti Engagement 15.jpgSaporetti Engagement 15.jpg Saporetti Engagement 18.jpgSaporetti Engagement 18.jpg Saporetti Engagement 22.jpgSaporetti Engagement 22.jpg Saporetti Engagement 27-Edit.jpgSaporetti Engagement 27-Edit.jpg Saporetti Engagement 34.jpgSaporetti Engagement 34.jpg Saporetti Engagement 37.jpgSaporetti Engagement 37.jpg Saporetti Engagement 39.jpgSaporetti Engagement 39.jpg Saporetti Engagement 42.jpgSaporetti Engagement 42.jpg Saporetti Engagement 52.jpgSaporetti Engagement 52.jpg Saporetti Engagement 53.jpgSaporetti Engagement 53.jpg Saporetti Engagement 60.jpgSaporetti Engagement 60.jpg Saporetti Engagement 62.jpgSaporetti Engagement 62.jpg Saporetti Engagement 70.jpgSaporetti Engagement 70.jpg Saporetti Engagement 75.jpgSaporetti Engagement 75.jpg Saporetti Engagement 77.jpgSaporetti Engagement 77.jpg