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"*****John Munno has my sincerest and highest recommendation!
*****Yes, John is worth every dollar of his very reasonable rates.
*****Yes, John’s expertise will have him providing you with answers to questions you didn’t even know you had (before, during, and after the wedding.)
*****Yes, John is a dynamo getting those pictures back to you edited and exceptionally quick. Ours came back in less than two weeks, and it’s prime wedding season!
*****Yes, the photos were beyond our expectations. Everything from timing, to lighting, to composition, to originality, to the expressiveness of the moment was met with perfection of detail.
For those reasons alone, John would be the only photographer I would recommend, but John was exceptional in so many more ways.

John is an amazing artist with an uncanny ability to perpetuate an air of calmness and serenity in what could potentially be a frantic day. I didn’t know how to finish lacing up the back of my daughter’s wedding gown. John did! He jumped right in a knew exactly how to tie off and hide the sashes.
I had no plan B for a picture taking location in the event of rain or soggy fields. John did! Knowing that the weather was predicted to be poor, John scouted out the neighborhood days before the wedding and found a perfect alternative. Not only did he find the best setting for the photos, but he asked for permission to use the property in advance so that it was all carefree the day of.
I was worried that not having a videographer would mean not being able to “relive” the wedding. That is absolutely not the case. John captured beautiful candid moments throughout the entire day and night; from the teardrops streaming down the father of the bride’s cheeks as he walked her down the aisle, to the crazy antics of a slightly inebriated dance floor crowd attempting their best live rendition of Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” John caught it all. He caught it all, but he never got in the way! He was constantly on the move getting so many different angles and perspectives. This was great not only for us because of the many fabulous pictures taken, but for the guests as well. John’s mobility never left anyone with a blocked view. There was never any bulky photo equipment parked in front of anyone’s table or causing any unsightly ceremonial visuals. So even our guests’ personal cell phone pictures have unobstructed views of the events. I wish I could write a better review, because John deserves the greatest praise for his artistry and kindheartedness. John was so much more than a photographer at my daughter’s wedding. He was a caring friend and now, as everyone who attended that wedding agrees, John is a member of the family."  Frances H


"John was an amazing photographer who really helped us plan our day from start to finish, and we absolutely loved his photos! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer, and his prices were incredibly reasonable for the amazing service and number of photos we received. His attention to detail really came through in our first look photos. We got married in a field surrounded by mountains, and John immediately saw the best places to frame our portraits with the mountains behind us. He also captured amazing action shots on the dance floor without getting in anyone's way. He was only one photographer, but all of the views that we got during our ceremony and reception made it look like we had hired an additional photographer. In addition, we did a lot of our wedding DIY, and it was so helpful to talk to John on the phone before the wedding date to help solidify many details that we hadn't considered, like the benefits of a first look and what details were most important to us that day. He wasn't pushy in the least, but he presented the pros and cons of each choice to help us make an informed decision, and he was flexible and accommodating. I would recommend John to anyone in the greater CT area for their wedding!"  Erin D


Tom and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our wedding!! We knew from the very first meeting with John that he was special, and that he was going to capture the most precious memories for us to look back on for years to come. And I must say, did he ever!! This was my first, and hopefully only, wedding, and there was so much that I was absolutely clueless about!! Not only did John walk us thru the process, what to expect from the event and offer some much needed guidance, but he was also my rock when I was indecisive and just plain overwhelmed. So really, he was so much more for me than just our photographer. In addition to having a keen eye for beauty and the professionalism of all his experience, John is just an overall great guy!! He takes the time to get to know you, and he values just how important your special day is to you. It's not just "another job" to him. He actually gets excited with and for you, and puts his all into making beautiful memories for you. And for that, Tom and I are truly grateful, and would absolutely recommend John Munno Weddings to anyone and everyone who is looking for that amazing experience!!  "Demetra M"

Markiewicz 316.jpgMarkiewicz 316.jpg
“John was a truly wonderful addition to our wedding day and we are absolutely thrilled with our wedding photos. John was attentive to our personal needs and made sure everyone was comfortable at every point during the day. He went above and beyond what he promised to us, and produced a beautiful collection of photographs (over 1000 of them!) He was incredibly respectful of our wishes and was not intrusive or even noticeable during the ceremony. I didn't fully appreciate it at the time, but one of the great things about John was that he checked in at various points in the planning process. We knew that the person we were speaking to on the phone was the person who would be photographing our wedding, which was also an added bonus. And the communication over time meant that we didn't have to stress out about directing John on the day - we'd planned the wedding alongside him and he knew the details. Most importantly though, John is a lovely person to spend the day with and clearly cares so much about his work and the people that he photographs. All our family and friends not just raved about the photographs, but also how nice he was! We'd recommend him with no hesitation and were delighted with our experience.” Stephanie A Addenbrooke 742.jpgAddenbrooke 742.jpgBridal portaits at Yale College, New Haven, Connecticut

Beyond Excellence

"What first impressed me about John Munno was his reply to our request for a photographer.

He outline, very clearly, what he would deliver and the steps and process for how he works. He took the time to have a conference call prior to our wedding to discuss how he would work with us that day and was very receptive to us asking questions. On the day of the event he wrangled all the family members and communicated with the venue to get the best photos.  When you want a genuine professional, John Munno is it. He goes beyond being just a photographer; he is liaison between the dreams of your wedding day and the reality of beautifully captured moments." Darlene S

Outstanding Photographer!

"John is an outstanding photographer.  If I was to say all the positive things I would never finish. Professional, skillful, competent, proficient and super friendly person.  I truly recommend John 100%. He as become my personal photographer for events to come.  Thank you Jon for making it look so easy. You were everywhere in that wedding and on top of your game. Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast, that's  how I describe his process!"  Angel R

"John is a phenomenal photographer! My husband and I got married 2 weeks ago and just received our photos! We are so pleased with how they turned out and couldn't ask for more. He listened to exactly what we wanted and more than delivered. Our guests, and family/friends who couldn't make it, are so thrilled to see our photos and we have had so many compliments! John was very unobtrusive, just did his job so wonderfully and we had no doubt that our photos wouldn't be less than perfect. We highly recommend John, he's not only a great photographer, but such a kind, sweet person who is just so genuine! We'll definitely hire him for any family photos we need in the future and I have 3 friends getting married next year, RECOMMENDED" Stephanie S

"John was amazing from the first day we contacted him! We saw his beautiful portfolio online and decided to contact him, he answered promptly and with wonderful customer service. John helped us find the perfect outdoorsy location for our engagement shoot and with less than 48 hours notice of good weather we were able to all meet to make that shoot happen very quickly. Throughout our entire wedding planning process, John made sure to check in with us regularly. He also was open to any photo ideas we had and figured out a way to make them all beautiful! We created a shared Pinterest board of photos I found online that I liked, so he could see the style we liked, as well. We had some challenges with our venue for portrait locations due to the lighting angles and John visited the site multiples times before the wedding and came early on our wedding day to find the perfect spot for us! Our ceremony also ran a little late, due to some weather changes and John was able to organize people and get all the shots we really wanted within the time we had. He was laid back, energetic, and so encouraging throughout our entire planning process and the actual shoots (for two people that aren't usually great at modeling)! John is a wonderful photographer and we highly recommend him to anyone searching for someone to capture their perfect day!"  Dayle M

"My wife and I hired John for our wedding and received "beyond expectation" services from planning to our wedding date. John strategically and proactively planned the job by researching the venue and collaborating with us on suggested areas for memorable shots. On the day of the wedding, he executed his proactive plan successfully which allowed him to focus more on the quality of shots. We are very happy with his work and recommend John as a preferred photographer for Tarrywile Park and Mansion or any intimate venue."  Scott H
"Our experience working with John directly had been one of the best decisions we made from the get-go. From the very beginning (Oct 2017) to receiving the 1100+ photos of our wedding (July 2018) we felt fortunate to have found John. There were no "sorry's or surprises" at any point, which is hard to find nowadays. John's professionalism and experience took away any worries or concerns that can hamper a beautiful moment."  Maria M Zabowski 412.jpgZabowski 412.jpgon the top of the world. Wedding ceremony on Mt. Tom at The Log Cabin Inn in Holyoke, Massachusetts
"John was the perfect photographer for our wedding! We met him at his studio a couple of weeks before the wedding, he helped us put together the schedule and he had some great ideas based on our preferences. By the time we started taking pictures, he was already familiar with the venue and where to go to take the best outdoor pictures. We had a great time and we're happy that John was part of the whole day. John sent us 15 pictures already the next day! And they were perfect. He sent us the remaining pictures (+800) within two weeks of the wedding. We loved all of them. Thank you, John!"  Maria G
“John was great! He was in constant contact with us in the months leading up to our wedding. I had no worries the day of, as he had already walked us through each part of our day and listed out pictures to take at each location. We received sneak peaks of the pictures within days, as well as a USB of all the photos within a couple of weeks. Johns price is very reasonable, especially for the amount and quality of his photos. He clearly puts a lot of time into getting to know you as a couple and what you are looking for on your wedding day. He was very accommodating as we changed our plan a couple weeks before the wedding. Thanks for capturing our day so beautifully!” Taylor J Johnson 228.jpgJohnson 228.jpg

“John was incredibly passionate about making sure that every moment of our special day was captured. He checked in every few months during the planning process to make sure that the timeline he had was still accurate. He made sure that he had a list of every photo that we wanted taken during getting ready photos, the ceremony, portraits and the reception. John took amazing pictures and has a fantastic turn around time. We had our entire album edited and sent to us in less than two weeks. I would highly recommend John!" Breanna P


"When I first met John, I asked him his price. We all know it’s all about price. If you were like my fiancé and I (at the time, now my wife) you also understand that it’s about quality. Every single time John propose a time and date and a place, he was there. Carrying all that equipment doing all that he can to make sure that you’re happy for that special time! What mattered to me? That day! That special day! JOHN came early! He met with the bride while they were dressing! He met with me while I was dressing! And he proceeded to take so many pictures and I can tell you today, if you have a contract-with him today lock it in because it’s only a matter of time before his prices go up. If you are still unsure. Call John give him your number and I will personally call you back to answer all of your questions. It’s been 15 days since I have been married as of this post, just got my photos from John, and guess what? I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING. #GRABHIMWHILEYOUCAN. JOHN I wish you all the best!!"  Pierre D

Bynoe 524.jpgBynoe 524.jpgBride and groom kissing under veil at Ethan Allen Hotel in Danbury, Connecticut
"John was extremely professional leading up the day by reaching out multiple times to discuss our needs, the timeline, any changes and the aesthetic we were looking for. As someone who wanted more candid and less cheesy/posed pictures, John let me take the lead and provided the photos we were asking for. The pictures turned out great and John delivered them to us within a week after the wedding. He went above and beyond on our wedding. His communication and level of service was superb and he was great to work with!"  Justin B Loveland 532.jpgLoveland 532.jpgNoting like a rustic wedding with barn and outdoor tent. Rustic Wedding Portraits on the family farm, Bloomfield Connecticut
“John did a beautiful job taking pictures for our wedding. They all came out great! He was prompt and professional and I can't thank him enough. He kept us informed right from the beginning and the whole day went perfect. Thank you John for your hard work and the gorgeous pictures!!”  Bridget H

"John Munno recently photographed a very special event for us....that being our daughter’s wedding in mid-July. As the event began, it was evident that John was determined to honor the pictorial requests of the bride and groom. He eloquently captured their personalities in his pictures as well as their love of the outdoors. His layouts and candid shots, with all the spectacular background settings, were stunning. During the hustle and bustle of a family wedding, it is often difficult to witness every special moment first hand; however, due to John’s fluidity throughout the event, he captured numerous special moments that we would otherwise have missed. We are grateful that he has provided us with a variety of beautiful pictures of the bride and groom, as well as many heartwarming moments of our loved ones for years to come. Thank you, John!"  Cheryl B



Bucknam 184.jpgBucknam 184.jpg
"John Munno photographed my wedding day and he was extremely reliable and easy to work with. In the months leading up to my wedding he checked in periodically and was very responsive to any questions I had. On my wedding day he was willing to take photographs at two separate locations, arriving early at each site to scout out the best photo opportunities. He captured all of the key moments of the day discreetly and had our photos edited and ready to go within days to weeks after the wedding. I would highly recommend working with John for your wedding!"  Lauren B

"John was determined to make sure that every moment of our wedding was captured. We had a short planning period but he still checked in every few weeks to make sure that the timeline was accurate. He made sure to maintain a list of every photo that we wanted for the ceremony, portraits, and reception. Family members mentioned how much of a pleasure he was to work as they pulled him here and there. John also had an incredible turn around time for getting us the edited photos." Sheeree R

Renwick 459.jpgRenwick 459.jpg
“John did an amazing job working within our budget, and providing such extraordinary customer service. He clearly loves doing what he does. He exceeded our expectations and gave us so many beautiful photos. His package deal with the engagement session and wedding album is an absolute must! I'd highly recommend him for your next wedding!”  Emmanuel C
"John has been amazing to work with.  He has done more than the average wedding photographer. Endless comments with our pictures.  You will not be disappointed!!  Cecelia B
"John did an amazing job. He was energetic, helpful, and thorough throughout the process. Our pictures came out beautiful and were done within 2 weeks!" Ashley C Romance on the beach. Bridal portraits on The Water's Edge Resport and Spa on the Long Island Sound, Connecticut Coast, Wesbrook Connecticut
"John kept great communication with us throughout the process. He had great packages. He was very professional, easy going and personable. He aimed to please. The pictures came out fabulous and he got them to us very quick after the wedding date (less than 2 weeks)."  Tracy P D75O
"John was a great choice for our engagement and wedding photographer. He was helpful from the beginning and quick to respond to any of our questions.  He took beautiful photographs on our wedding day and sent us the online gallery in less than two weeks! We would recommend John for any occasion." Sylvia E Egana-370.jpgEgana-370.jpg
"I don't even know where to begin.  The second when I saw some photos from his profile page I decided to interview John Munno by phone.  I knew he was the one.  I booked John without seeing another photographer and it was the #1 best decision I made planning my daughter Diana's wedding shower and wedding this February.  Just when I thought he could not surpass our expectations and hopes and dreams for a wedding photographer any further he continued to surprise and delight with his professionalism, creativity, thoughtfulness, and knowledge.  I talked to John more then any other wedding vendor throughout the process and he really knows how to make you feel comfortable about the process and the day.  After the wedding shower shoot with John the wedding was a breeze-he really makes you feel so at home and it truly makes a difference in your photos.  I have to say John actually makes taking photos fun!  I'd consider myself, bride, groom and my whole family not photogenic until we started working with John he really works his magic and can give just the right direction to make all the difference.  I highly recommend hiring John and his partner for any engagement and can guarantee he will impress.  You must take a look at his site-his work speaks for itself!!"  Shakil R

"John photographed our vow renewal and the pictures came out great! He was easy to work with and was nice and professional. Testas Banquet referred him to us. His response time is quick and he goes out of his way to help you make your special day the best day."  Cassandra S

Bride and groom toasting and a kiss at the sweetheart table at Testas Banquet Facility in Southington ConnecticutBride and groom toasting and a kiss at the sweetheart table at Testas Banquet Facility in Southington Connecticut
"We are so happy with the work John did in photographing our wedding. He was very unobtrusive, and yet he was able to get multiple shots of all of the important moments, and some incredible candids as well. He also did a number of different shots outside of the venue that came out wonderfully. He was so accommodating and pleasant. We recommend him highly!" Judy F D75O
"Wonderful person and wonderful photographer! Great to work with, very easy going, fairly priced, and outstanding work. Thank you to John!"  Elizabeth S
"John was an amazing addition to our wedding! He had awesome ideas for shots as well as letting us have our input. He captured the day perfectly. He is truly a photographer and his work is exceptional!" Kaitlin D Drajewicz-608.jpgDrajewicz-608.jpgBridal Portraits at The Pavilion On Crystal Lake, Middletown, Connecticut

Very Professional

"John was very accommodating and just a very enjoyable person to have by my side at our wedding. We were very pressed for time for the formal pics before the wedding, but John managed to catch it all. I can hardly wait to see the first proofs!"  Susan D.

"Friendly and flexible, considerate and consistently checked in to stay up to date with us. Beautiful quality and reasonable pricing. "  Lauren H
"John was excellent. Great to work with and took gorgeous photos and captured the moments of our wedding day do beautifully. Thank you again and I will be recommending John to anyone that needs a photographer."   Krystle R
"If you want to capture every moment that is important to you, hire John Munno. Every detail of every picture is on point. He did an excellent job and his prices are good. Most importantly, he is a pleasure to work with. If you hire John, you won’t be disappointed."  Annette A
Groom making a speech during their reception at Tashua Knolls in Trumbull Connecticut
"Amazing photographer, friendly, patient, creative, genuinely cares for his clients." Kelly F D75O
"John is an amazing person.  For me and my husband he is the best photographer ever.  I will recommend him to anyone. Thanks John."  Dayana C
"John is a great photographer. He was on time, took tons of picture, listen to our ideas/wishes. The communication was quick and easy. I'd highly recommend him for other people." Marie P
"He was great with everything. Anything I wanted he did it he went above and beyond to make sure everything was great. I would hire him again." Patricia E Wedding exchange of vows at La Mirage Wedding Ceremony in North Haven, Connecticut
"Excellent pictures, John was fun to work with, and we got our pictures super quickly! We are very glad we went with John Munno Photography."  Jennifer L LaMore-989.jpgLaMore-989.jpg
"He is very nice and did a great job of taking pictures of every one and every pose that me and my husband asked for. Would definitely recommend."  Lenemar N D75O
"John was the photographer for our wedding in February 2016.  He is so nice, friendly and talented! he gave us ideas for poses and what looks the best.  Our pictures turned out beautiful! He captured some amazing moments that I will forever cherish!  I highly recommend John, he is awesome!"   Diana R
"I loved John's energy from the first time I spoke with him regarding photography of my daughter's Sweet Sixteen. I really appreciated his patience and professionalism while working with us. He was certainly an asset for us and I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together."  Tamara J
"From the moment I got on the phone with John, I knew he would do a fabulous job and he did!  He listened to what I wanted and was very enthusiastic.  He is easy to work with and professional.  Anything I asked him to do he did and he didn't miss a moment! He kept me updated on his progress with the pictures.  I'm extremely pleased with John and his work." Rita R
"John Thank you so much.  You are actually the first photographer this year that has followed thru with a request and I can not tell you how much  I appreciate it.  I will definitely keep your information for the future.  Kind Regards  Carol S.  Justice of the Peace  D75O