Hanh and Michael's Wedding-Hartford City Hall, Maneeleys, South Windsor, Connecticut

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The Goodwin Hotel, Hartford Connecticut

Hartford City Hall, Hartford Connecticut

Maneeleys, South Windsor, Connecticut, 


A warm February day greeted us for Hanh and Michael's Vietnamese Wedding.  We had made all the plans in advance to be inside for this winter wedding including portraits at Hartford City Hall.  Instead we were blessed with spring like weather that made for a wonderful wedding day. Their wedding included a Vietnamese tea ceremony and a 2 hour portrait session at Hartford City Hall. All in all their wedding covered 5 locations and was over 14 hours in length.  Their wedding started out with getting ready photos of Hanh and her bridesmaids followed by getting ready photos Michael and his groomsmen at the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford, Connecticut.


Nguyen 7.jpgNguyen 7.jpg Nguyen 9.jpgNguyen 9.jpg Nguyen 13.jpgNguyen 13.jpg Nguyen 31.jpgNguyen 31.jpg Nguyen 78.jpgNguyen 78.jpg Nguyen 81.jpgNguyen 81.jpg Nguyen 87.jpgNguyen 87.jpg Nguyen 92.jpgNguyen 92.jpg Nguyen 104.jpgNguyen 104.jpg Nguyen 109.jpgNguyen 109.jpg Nguyen 118.jpgNguyen 118.jpg Nguyen 123.jpgNguyen 123.jpg Nguyen 137.jpgNguyen 137.jpg Nguyen 146.jpgNguyen 146.jpg Nguyen 150.jpgNguyen 150.jpg Nguyen 152.jpgNguyen 152.jpg Nguyen 161.jpgNguyen 161.jpg Nguyen 165.jpgNguyen 165.jpg Nguyen 167.jpgNguyen 167.jpg Nguyen 176.jpgNguyen 176.jpg Nguyen 190.jpgNguyen 190.jpg Nguyen 197.jpgNguyen 197.jpg Nguyen 202.jpgNguyen 202.jpg After the getting ready photos we went to Michael's Parents house with the groomsmen to pick up the gifts for the tea ceremony. Tea ceremonies are quite common in Asian weddings and incorporate the cultural aspects of their family heritage and religious traditions into the modern American wedding.  They are usually conducted before the official ceremony and often incorporate traditional dress and rituals.

With the gifts ready, the groomsmen process toward the house of Hanh's parents for the tea ceremony which starts with the gifts being given to the bridesmaids. 

Nguyen 285.jpgNguyen 285.jpg Nguyen 288.jpgNguyen 288.jpg Nguyen 295.jpgNguyen 295.jpg Nguyen 299.jpgNguyen 299.jpg Nguyen 304.jpgNguyen 304.jpg Nguyen 308.jpgNguyen 308.jpg Nguyen 312.jpgNguyen 312.jpg Nguyen 351.jpgNguyen 351.jpg Nguyen 370.jpgNguyen 370.jpg Nguyen 379.jpgNguyen 379.jpg Hanh and her mom process into the living room where gifts of earrings are given to Hanh and a necklace to Michael

Nguyen 384.jpgNguyen 384.jpg Nguyen 394.jpgNguyen 394.jpg Nguyen 397.jpgNguyen 397.jpg Nguyen 401.jpgNguyen 401.jpg Prayers and Blessings are made to Buddah and then tea is offered and drank by the parents and family as well as blessings given

Nguyen 419.jpgNguyen 419.jpg Nguyen 438.jpgNguyen 438.jpg With the tea ceremony complete I head to Hartford City Hall for portraits of the groom and groomsmen as we wait for the arrival of Hanh for a first look, portraits of the bride and groom and bridal party.

Nguyen 473.jpgNguyen 473.jpg Nguyen 484.jpgNguyen 484.jpg Nguyen 485.jpgNguyen 485.jpg Nguyen 490.jpgNguyen 490.jpg Nguyen 504.jpgNguyen 504.jpg Nguyen 507.jpgNguyen 507.jpg Nguyen 512.jpgNguyen 512.jpg Nguyen 515.jpgNguyen 515.jpg Nguyen 526.jpgNguyen 526.jpg Nguyen 533.jpgNguyen 533.jpg Nguyen 542.jpgNguyen 542.jpg Nguyen 552.jpgNguyen 552.jpg Nguyen 559.jpgNguyen 559.jpg Nguyen 564.jpgNguyen 564.jpg Nguyen 570.jpgNguyen 570.jpg Nguyen 573.jpgNguyen 573.jpg Nguyen 579.jpgNguyen 579.jpg Nguyen 589.jpgNguyen 589.jpg Nguyen 597.jpgNguyen 597.jpg Nguyen 604.jpgNguyen 604.jpg Nguyen 606.jpgNguyen 606.jpg Nguyen 612.jpgNguyen 612.jpg Nguyen 621.jpgNguyen 621.jpg Nguyen 622.jpgNguyen 622.jpg Nguyen 625.jpgNguyen 625.jpg Nguyen 626.jpgNguyen 626.jpg Nguyen 627.jpgNguyen 627.jpg Nguyen 642.jpgNguyen 642.jpg We headed now to Maneeley's in South Windsor, Connecticut for their wedding ceremony and reception.  There was a bit of hangup with the bride's mom getting lost en route to Maneeleys so we had to switch around the ceremony and cocktail hour times and location.  The new location for the ceremony was in the reception hall itself.   Nguyen 813.jpgNguyen 813.jpg Nguyen 816.jpgNguyen 816.jpg Nguyen 817.jpgNguyen 817.jpg Nguyen 821.jpgNguyen 821.jpg Nguyen 827.jpgNguyen 827.jpg Nguyen 829.jpgNguyen 829.jpg Nguyen 830.jpgNguyen 830.jpg Nguyen 831.jpgNguyen 831.jpg Nguyen 833.jpgNguyen 833.jpg Nguyen 835.jpgNguyen 835.jpg Nguyen 848.jpgNguyen 848.jpg Nguyen 853.jpgNguyen 853.jpg Nguyen 856.jpgNguyen 856.jpg Nguyen 858.jpgNguyen 858.jpg Nguyen 873.jpgNguyen 873.jpg Nguyen 883.jpgNguyen 883.jpg With the ceremony completed we went right into the introductions, first dance and reception schedule of toasts, dinner.  Their were over 200 guests in attendance most of them part of their large extended family.

Nguyen 957.jpgNguyen 957.jpg Nguyen 958.jpgNguyen 958.jpg Nguyen 965.jpgNguyen 965.jpg Nguyen 966.jpgNguyen 966.jpg Nguyen 967.jpgNguyen 967.jpg Nguyen 998.jpgNguyen 998.jpg Nguyen 1002.jpgNguyen 1002.jpg Nguyen 1005.jpgNguyen 1005.jpg Nguyen 1010.jpgNguyen 1010.jpg Nguyen 1022.jpgNguyen 1022.jpg Nguyen 1026.jpgNguyen 1026.jpg Nguyen 1034.jpgNguyen 1034.jpg Nguyen 1054.jpgNguyen 1054.jpg Part of Hahn and Michael's photo request was having their photos taken at every table where a chosen representative gave a toast to the bride and groom as well as offered gifts.  With over 200 guests this took quite a while but was a wonderful custom with many blessings, toasts and drinks as well.  I like personalize each wedding to my couples needs and desires and making a shoot list and taking special requests is part of that process.

Nguyen 1085.jpgNguyen 1085.jpg Nguyen 1087.jpgNguyen 1087.jpg Nguyen 1127.jpgNguyen 1127.jpg Nguyen 1176.jpgNguyen 1176.jpg With the table photos finished we had the cake cutting and moved right into the reception dance photos where everyone had a great time on the dance floor.

Nguyen 1211.jpgNguyen 1211.jpg Nguyen 1217.jpgNguyen 1217.jpg Nguyen 1278.jpgNguyen 1278.jpg Nguyen 1318.jpgNguyen 1318.jpg Nguyen 1319.jpgNguyen 1319.jpg Nguyen 1320.jpgNguyen 1320.jpg

It was an epic wedding day for sure. Michael and Hanh and their bridal party were the life of the party.  It was great to be part of their special day surrounded by the company of their large extended family and friends.    



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