Katelyn and Patrick's Wedding-The Riverview, Simsbury Connecticut

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First Congregational Church, Litchfield Connecticut

Topsmead State Forest, Litchfield Connecticut

The Riverview, Simsbury, Connecticut


When two people come together and can make beautiful music as the saying goes it is a wonder to behold.  In the case of Katelyn and Patrick both musicians their coming together has literally made for a blossom of music and creativity with their Pop music band Patrick and Kate Music.   

When Katelyn came to me with her wedding plans there were some large breaks in the middle of the day with uncertainty of how to use the time as well as a late fall reception time that left very little time of daylight for their portraits at The Riverview om Simsbury. So I worked with them and helped revise their timeline and suggested to add a portrait location at Topsmead State Park during the late afternoon gap to take advantage of the daylight and proximity to their church wedding ceremony in Litchfield.  

Their wedding was a multi location wedding starting in Torrington, Connecticut with getting ready shots of the guys and girls at different locations.  I started the day off with getting ready shots of Patrick and his groomsmen at their parent's home in Torrington, Connecticut. Part of the getting ready shots was gift giving to the groomsmen and Patrick opening a letter from Katelyn.

Gavagan 66.jpgGavagan 66.jpg
Gavagan 62.jpgGavagan 62.jpgDad helping his son Patrick get ready for his big wedding day!!
Gavagan 84.jpgGavagan 84.jpg

With the guys all dressed and ready, the text destination was Torringford Manor Bed and Breakfast-a historic old home that was the perfect venue for Katelyn's getting ready photos.  We started with photos of Katelyn getting ready, then shots of her bridesmaid in their robes followed by Katelyn reading a letter from Patrick.

Gavagan 122.jpgGavagan 122.jpg
Gavagan 148.jpgGavagan 148.jpg Gavagan 160.jpgGavagan 160.jpg
Gavagan 124.jpgGavagan 124.jpg
Gavagan 162.jpgGavagan 162.jpgBride Kaetlyn putting on her jewelry with her maid of honor's help for her wedding at the Torrington Bed and Breakfast in Torrington Connecticut Gavagan 181.jpgGavagan 181.jpg Gavagan 199.jpgGavagan 199.jpgKaetlyn reading a letter from her husband to be Patrick during her getting ready shots at the Torringford Bed and Breakfast in Torrington, Connecticut Gavagan 247.jpgGavagan 247.jpg Gavagan 252.jpgGavagan 252.jpg

The next location was The First Congregational Church in Litchfield for their wedding ceremony which included two pastors and a sand ceremony.  This was an old New England Church with no center aisle but aisles on both sides of the church.  It was very different, a bit of a challenge to photograph as their wasn't much space to move around in at the alter but all came out great and it made for some great shots  

Gavagan 334.jpgGavagan 334.jpg Gavagan 361.jpgGavagan 361.jpgKatelyn and her dad procession towards the alter for her wedding ceremony at First Congregational Church in Litchfield Connecticut Gavagan 389.jpgGavagan 389.jpg Gavagan 410.jpgGavagan 410.jpg Gavagan 431.jpgGavagan 431.jpg Gavagan 434.jpgGavagan 434.jpg Gavagan 445.jpgGavagan 445.jpg Gavagan 452.jpgGavagan 452.jpg Gavagan 456.jpgGavagan 456.jpg Gavagan 481.jpgGavagan 481.jpg

Gavagan 493.jpgGavagan 493.jpg Gavagan 496.jpgGavagan 496.jpg Gavagan 542.jpgGavagan 542.jpg Gavagan 550.jpgGavagan 550.jpg Gavagan 557.jpgGavagan 557.jpg

With their wedding ceremony completed we headed to Topsmead State Forest for photos of the wedding party, family portraits and photos of Katelyn and Patrick.  We had a beautiful day and great fall weather.   

Gavagan 563.jpgGavagan 563.jpg

Gavagan 590.jpgGavagan 590.jpg Gavagan 612.jpgGavagan 612.jpg Gavagan 616.jpgGavagan 616.jpg Gavagan 619.jpgGavagan 619.jpg

Gavagan 629.jpgGavagan 629.jpg Gavagan 634.jpgGavagan 634.jpg Gavagan 642.jpgGavagan 642.jpg

With the portraits complete we headed to The Riverview Wedding Venue for their reception in Simsbury, Connecticut.  We moved quickly as the sun was setting fast and we were loosing light. We went down to the Farmington River to take in some photos together with the setting sun.    

Gavagan 657.jpgGavagan 657.jpg
Gavagan 647.jpgGavagan 647.jpg Gavagan 651.jpgGavagan 651.jpg Gavagan 662.jpgGavagan 662.jpg

With all the portraits completed outside it was time to move into the beautiful reception hall overlooking the river and time for the festivities to begin.  Included in the evening were introductions a duet song sung by Patrick and Katelyn.  Gavagan 673.jpgGavagan 673.jpg Gavagan 708.jpgGavagan 708.jpgReception table and interior detail shots at the Riverview in Simsbury Connecticut Gavagan 737.jpgGavagan 737.jpg Gavagan 749.jpgGavagan 749.jpg Gavagan 770.jpgGavagan 770.jpg

Gavagan 1192.jpgGavagan 1192.jpg
Numerous toasts were made followed by dinner. 

Gavagan 806.jpgGavagan 806.jpg

Gavagan 914.jpgGavagan 914.jpg
Gavagan 916.jpgGavagan 916.jpg
Gavagan 793.jpgGavagan 793.jpg
Gavagan 802.jpgGavagan 802.jpg

Gavagan 862.jpgGavagan 862.jpg
Gavagan 870.jpgGavagan 870.jpg Gavagan 872.jpgGavagan 872.jpg Gavagan 884.jpgGavagan 884.jpg
Gavagan 885.jpgGavagan 885.jpg

Next Katelyn danced with both her father and step dad as well as Patrick dancing with his mother. 

Gavagan 1044.jpgGavagan 1044.jpg
Gavagan 1053.jpgGavagan 1053.jpg
Gavagan 1071.jpgGavagan 1071.jpg
Cake cutting and lot of great dancing followed.      

Gavagan 1017.jpgGavagan 1017.jpg

Gavagan 1008.jpgGavagan 1008.jpg
Gavagan 1091.jpgGavagan 1091.jpg Gavagan 1110.jpgGavagan 1110.jpg Gavagan 1168.jpgGavagan 1168.jpg
 We finished the evening off with portraits of Katelyn and Patrick in the beautiful entrance to the Riverview with the beautiful marble floor and large columns.  It was an amazing wedding day celebration with 5 locations and beautiful time spent on their wedding day.

Gavagan 1129-Edit.jpgGavagan 1129-Edit.jpgKaetlyn and Patrick's wedding reception photo at the grand entrance to the Riverview in Simsbury, Connecticut




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