Kari and Nelson's Wedding-The Waterview, Monroe, Connecticut

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The Waterview, Monroe, Connecticut


April starts off the wedding season in Connecticut.  The snows of winter have melted and the warm er days of spring bring the blooming of flowers, the return of green grass and the blossoming of tree buds.  April weddings offer more choices for vendors and venues then peak wedding season and can be a good time for couples to book their wedding.  The weather can be a bit unpredictable but you can get some really nice days too.    

Kari and Nelson chose April as their wedding month and chose a really great wedding venue, The Waterview in Monroe, Connecticut.  The Waterview is right on Lake Zoar in Monroe.  The venue offers two ceremony locations both overlooking the lake as well as beautiful reception rooms overlooking the water.  Kari and Nelson's wedding started out with Kari getting ready in the bridal suite followed by first look photos with Nelson.  We had a good amount of time so took the majority of their portraits before the ceremony so they could enjoy the cocktail hour. Special thanks to Bethany Florist and Gift Shop for the beautiful sunflower bouquets.

The day before it rained all day and into the early morning but the rain stopped and though the wind was blowing quite strong we got through the portraits smoothly and tried to keep blowing hair to a minimum which can be a trick.  Their ceremony was outside with flowering trees all around and a beautiful backdrop overlooking the lake.  Betty Allard, Justice of The Peace officiated a heart warming and touching ceremony with Kari and Nelson sharing their love for each other and including a sand ceremony.  After the ceremony they had a wonderful cocktail hour with fantastic food prepared by The Waterview followed by a great wedding reception with CNT entertainment as the DJs.  Their reception was very kid friendly and included a table centerpiece giveaway, shoe game and lots of great times on the dance floor. Thanks Kari and Nelson for a fun, relaxed and warm heartfelt wedding celebration.

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