Bethany and Jason's Wedding-Jacky Durrell Pavillion, Fairfield, Connecticut

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Holy Family Church, Fairfield, Connecticut

Jacky Durrell Pavillion, Fairfield Beach Connecticut


Summer is a great time to be on the beach and Connecticut has lots of great venues on the Connecticut Coast, Long Island Sound.  Thus the stage is set for Bethany and Jason's nautical theme wedding which began with getting ready shots at the Circle Hotel.  The hotel is filled with nautical theme decor and was the perfect hotel to begin.  During the getting ready shots, both Bethany and Jason exchanged gifts which is always a great thing to include in the getting ready shots.  The wedding party traveled by a White Trolley from the hotel to Holy Family Church for their Catholic Wedding Ceremony.  After the ceremony we traveled by the White Trolley to Fairfield Beach and the Jacky Durrell Pavilion for portraits on the beach. The wind was blowing very strong on the beach not only for the portraits but their reception a well.  We started the reception inside the pavilion but ended up moving out on the deck where there was more room for dancing.  A fabulous buffet was served and as you can see from the photos everyone danced the night away on the deck under the stars with the warm summer wind blowing across the beach.  It was a fabulous and great wedding celebration every step of the way.  

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LaRoche 1055.jpgLaRoche 1055.jpg LaRoche 987.jpgLaRoche 987.jpgD75O
LaRoche 1091.jpgLaRoche 1091.jpgD75O LaRoche 1104.jpgLaRoche 1104.jpgReception dancing in the wind at Jacky Durrell Banquet Facility on Penfield Beach, Fairfield, Connecticut. LaRoche 1117.jpgLaRoche 1117.jpgD75O LaRoche 1162.jpgLaRoche 1162.jpgD75O
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