Allison and Derek-Burr Mansion Wedding, Fairfield, Connecticut

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Burr Mansion, Fairfield, Connecticut


The Burr Mansion is a Connecticut Wedding Venue deep in History.  The stately trees and gardens make it a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony.  Such was the setting for Allison and Derek's wedding.  Their is bridal suite upstairs where getting ready shots of both Allison and Derek were done followed by their wedding ceremony in the backyard gardens.  The cocktail hour took place in the back sunroom and front large porch.  Their reception was held in the large tent and all the food was catered in and table decorations and settings were all brought in and done for the wedding.   They also hired a live band to play music for the reception.  We were blessed with beautiful weather, a hint of summer in the air and the flowers and gardens and trees entering their summer bloom.  

Guinta 4.jpgGuinta 4.jpg Guinta 20.jpgGuinta 20.jpg Guinta 24.jpgGuinta 24.jpg Guinta 41.jpgGuinta 41.jpg Guinta 44.jpgGuinta 44.jpg Guinta 53.jpgGuinta 53.jpg Guinta 67.jpgGuinta 67.jpg Guinta 90.jpgGuinta 90.jpg Guinta 108.jpgGuinta 108.jpg Guinta 133.jpgGuinta 133.jpg Guinta 143.jpgGuinta 143.jpg Guinta 150.jpgGuinta 150.jpg Guinta 151.jpgGuinta 151.jpg Guinta 164.jpgGuinta 164.jpg Guinta 165.jpgGuinta 165.jpg Guinta 170.jpgGuinta 170.jpg Guinta 229.jpgGuinta 229.jpg Guinta 236.jpgGuinta 236.jpg Guinta 239.jpgGuinta 239.jpg Guinta 246.jpgGuinta 246.jpg Guinta 302.jpgGuinta 302.jpg Guinta 310.jpgGuinta 310.jpg Guinta 328.jpgGuinta 328.jpg Guinta 345.jpgGuinta 345.jpg Guinta 352.jpgGuinta 352.jpg Guinta 360.jpgGuinta 360.jpg Guinta 367.jpgGuinta 367.jpg Guinta 370.jpgGuinta 370.jpg Guinta 377.jpgGuinta 377.jpg Guinta 387.jpgGuinta 387.jpg Guinta 391.jpgGuinta 391.jpg Guinta 394.jpgGuinta 394.jpg Guinta 396.jpgGuinta 396.jpg Guinta 401.jpgGuinta 401.jpg Guinta 405.jpgGuinta 405.jpg Guinta 417.jpgGuinta 417.jpg Guinta 483.jpgGuinta 483.jpg Guinta 499.jpgGuinta 499.jpg Guinta 507.jpgGuinta 507.jpg Guinta 510.jpgGuinta 510.jpg Guinta 518.jpgGuinta 518.jpg Guinta 535.jpgGuinta 535.jpgDerek and Allison having a little down time and enjoying of each other's company for their wedding portraits in the gardens at the Burr Mansion in Fairfield, Connecticut Guinta 558.jpgGuinta 558.jpg Guinta 569.jpgGuinta 569.jpg Guinta 577.jpgGuinta 577.jpg Guinta 605.jpgGuinta 605.jpg Guinta 618.jpgGuinta 618.jpg Guinta 619.jpgGuinta 619.jpg Guinta 620.jpgGuinta 620.jpg Guinta 641.jpgGuinta 641.jpg Guinta 651.jpgGuinta 651.jpg Guinta 658.jpgGuinta 658.jpg Guinta 671.jpgGuinta 671.jpg Guinta 682.jpgGuinta 682.jpg Guinta 729.jpgGuinta 729.jpg Guinta 748.jpgGuinta 748.jpg Guinta 757.jpgGuinta 757.jpg Guinta 780.jpgGuinta 780.jpg Guinta 796.jpgGuinta 796.jpg Guinta 797.jpgGuinta 797.jpg Guinta 855.jpgGuinta 855.jpg Guinta 858.jpgGuinta 858.jpg Guinta 893.jpgGuinta 893.jpg Guinta 911.jpgGuinta 911.jpg Guinta 920.jpgGuinta 920.jpg Guinta 931.jpgGuinta 931.jpg Guinta 941.jpgGuinta 941.jpg Guinta 969.jpgGuinta 969.jpg Guinta 970.jpgGuinta 970.jpg Guinta 1012.jpgGuinta 1012.jpg Guinta 1015.jpgGuinta 1015.jpg Guinta 1022.jpgGuinta 1022.jpg Guinta 1034.jpgGuinta 1034.jpg Guinta 1036.jpgGuinta 1036.jpg Guinta 1044.jpgGuinta 1044.jpg Guinta 1050.jpgGuinta 1050.jpg Guinta 887.jpgGuinta 887.jpg




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