Kristin and Mike's Winter Wedding-Heritage Hotel, Southbury, Connecticut

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Heritage Hotel, Southbury, Connecticut


December brings Christmas lights, decorations and that wintery, Christmas spirit that fills us with a light, hope and magic.  The perfect time for the wedding of Kristin and Mike who share those same attributes.  And thus begins their wedding day with getting ready photos of Kristin and her bridesmaids at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury, Connecticut. Part of the getting ready shots included opening a card from Mike her fiance' and opening of gifts from him.

Nauheimer 50.jpgNauheimer 50.jpg Nauheimer 67.jpgNauheimer 67.jpg Nauheimer 80.jpgNauheimer 80.jpg Nauheimer 85.jpgNauheimer 85.jpg Nauheimer 96.jpgNauheimer 96.jpg Nauheimer 132.jpgNauheimer 132.jpg Nauheimer 163.jpgNauheimer 163.jpg Nauheimer 164.jpgNauheimer 164.jpg Nauheimer 175.jpgNauheimer 175.jpg Nauheimer 182.jpgNauheimer 182.jpg Nauheimer 199.jpgNauheimer 199.jpg

After the getting ready shots we went went to St. Francis Xavier Church in New Milford for their wedding ceremony, sparkler exit and photos of them in their blue Cadillac Convertable.  What a great time!!
Nauheimer 291.jpgNauheimer 291.jpg Nauheimer 296.jpgNauheimer 296.jpg

Nauheimer 315.jpgNauheimer 315.jpg Nauheimer 351.jpgNauheimer 351.jpg Nauheimer 378.jpgNauheimer 378.jpg Nauheimer 409.jpgNauheimer 409.jpg Nauheimer 441.jpgNauheimer 441.jpg Nauheimer 453.jpgNauheimer 453.jpg Nauheimer 486.jpgNauheimer 486.jpg Nauheimer 497.jpgNauheimer 497.jpg Nauheimer 499.jpgNauheimer 499.jpg Nauheimer 510.jpgNauheimer 510.jpg

Nauheimer 579.jpgNauheimer 579.jpg Nauheimer 585.jpgNauheimer 585.jpg Nauheimer 615.jpgNauheimer 615.jpg Nauheimer 621.jpgNauheimer 621.jpg Nauheimer 632.jpgNauheimer 632.jpg Nauheimer 654.jpgNauheimer 654.jpg

The fun continued with Kristin and Mike driving with the top down to Lover's Leap State Park for more portraits.   

Nauheimer 661.jpgNauheimer 661.jpg

Nauheimer 665.jpgNauheimer 665.jpg Nauheimer 677.jpgNauheimer 677.jpg Nauheimer 690.jpgNauheimer 690.jpg Nauheimer 698.jpgNauheimer 698.jpg Nauheimer 710.jpgNauheimer 710.jpg

After all that fun, it was time to get warm and cozy for their family portraits during the cocktail hour followed by their winter wedding reception including falling snow on the dance floor for their first dance.

Nauheimer 727.jpgNauheimer 727.jpg Nauheimer 732.jpgNauheimer 732.jpg Nauheimer 734.jpgNauheimer 734.jpg Nauheimer 735.jpgNauheimer 735.jpg Nauheimer 740.jpgNauheimer 740.jpg Nauheimer 750.jpgNauheimer 750.jpg Nauheimer 817.jpgNauheimer 817.jpg Nauheimer 849.jpgNauheimer 849.jpg Nauheimer 936.jpgNauheimer 936.jpg Nauheimer 939.jpgNauheimer 939.jpg Nauheimer 957.jpgNauheimer 957.jpg Nauheimer 966.jpgNauheimer 966.jpg Nauheimer 980.jpgNauheimer 980.jpg Nauheimer 1019.jpgNauheimer 1019.jpg Nauheimer 1078.jpgNauheimer 1078.jpg Nauheimer 1104.jpgNauheimer 1104.jpg

Nauheimer 1108.jpgNauheimer 1108.jpg Nauheimer 1123.jpgNauheimer 1123.jpg Nauheimer 1171.jpgNauheimer 1171.jpg Nauheimer 1187.jpgNauheimer 1187.jpg Nauheimer 1197.jpgNauheimer 1197.jpg Nauheimer 1229.jpgNauheimer 1229.jpg

Nauheimer 1233.jpgNauheimer 1233.jpg Nauheimer 1248.jpgNauheimer 1248.jpg Nauheimer 1304.jpgNauheimer 1304.jpg Nauheimer 1348.jpgNauheimer 1348.jpg Nauheimer 1352.jpgNauheimer 1352.jpg Nauheimer 1354.jpgNauheimer 1354.jpg Nauheimer 1366.jpgNauheimer 1366.jpg Nauheimer 1375.jpgNauheimer 1375.jpg Nauheimer 1187.jpgNauheimer 1187.jpg Nauheimer 1411.jpgNauheimer 1411.jpg Nauheimer 1395.jpgNauheimer 1395.jpgLast dance with falling snow at Kristin and Mike's winter Christmas time wedding ceremony at The Heritage Hotel in Southbury, Connecticut
We ended the night with more falling snow and the last song of the night "All I Want From Christmas Is You".  What an amazing festive celebration by two amazing people and their family and friends. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!!  


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