Ben and Noverlee's Wedding-Woodwinds, Brandford Connecticut

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The Woodwinds, Branford, Connecticut


December was a very busy month for me this year with four Christmas theme weddings this year.  Many of the venues will decorate their space with Christmas trees, lights and wreaths to bring in the holiday season.  This can make for beautiful photos and add that sense of Christmas magic and wonder to your wedding day.  Ben and Noverlee had their wedding at the The Woodwinds in Branford which was so beautiful inside with Christmas decorations adorning the stairs in the entrance and fireplace room.  Noverlee's family came all the way from the Caribbean to attend so it was a multi-cultural wedding.  Noverlee's bridesmaids were dressed in red dresses and Ben's groomsmen were in black suits with red ties to match. 

Howell 11.jpgHowell 11.jpg Howell 49.jpgHowell 49.jpg Howell 54.jpgHowell 54.jpg Howell 56.jpgHowell 56.jpg

We began their wedding with getting ready shots in the bridal suite with Noverlee and here bridesmaids helping.   

Howell 69.jpgHowell 69.jpg Howell 118.jpgHowell 118.jpg Howell 127.jpgHowell 127.jpg Howell 132.jpgHowell 132.jpg Howell 157.jpgHowell 157.jpg Howell 223.jpgHowell 223.jpg
Howell 166.jpgHowell 166.jpg
Howell 179.jpgHowell 179.jpg Howell 194.jpgHowell 194.jpg Howell 200.jpgHowell 200.jpg Howell 204.jpgHowell 204.jpg
Howell 212.jpgHowell 212.jpg

Howell 229.jpgHowell 229.jpg

They had their ceremony inside the fireplace room and before the ceremony I took a few shots with Ben.   

Howell 257.jpgHowell 257.jpg

Howell 263.jpgHowell 263.jpg

With all the guests seated we began the wedding ceremony with the procession by Noverlee's bridesmaids, followed by Noverlee's procession with her mom and dad. 

Howell 303.jpgHowell 303.jpg Howell 311.jpgHowell 311.jpg Howell 312.jpgHowell 312.jpg Howell 321.jpgHowell 321.jpg Howell 325.jpgHowell 325.jpg Howell 332.jpgHowell 332.jpg Howell 344.jpgHowell 344.jpg Howell 346.jpgHowell 346.jpg Howell 348.jpgHowell 348.jpg Howell 349.jpgHowell 349.jpg Howell 350.jpgHowell 350.jpg Howell 352.jpgHowell 352.jpg

Howell 385.jpgHowell 385.jpg
Howell 389.jpgHowell 389.jpg Howell 391.jpgHowell 391.jpg
With the ceremony complete we took portraits during the cocktail hour on the staircase so beautifully decorated for the holidays. 
Howell 410.jpgHowell 410.jpg Howell 413.jpgHowell 413.jpg Howell 488.jpgHowell 488.jpg Howell 489.jpgHowell 489.jpg Howell 497.jpgHowell 497.jpg Howell 500.jpgHowell 500.jpg

We then began their reception first with detail and table shots of the reception hall, then introductions, their first dance and Noverlee's father daughter dance and toasts. 
Howell 460.jpgHowell 460.jpg
Howell 461.jpgHowell 461.jpg
Howell 470.jpgHowell 470.jpg
Howell 471.jpgHowell 471.jpg
Howell 473.jpgHowell 473.jpg

Howell 511.jpgHowell 511.jpg Howell 535.jpgHowell 535.jpg
Howell 521.jpgHowell 521.jpg
Howell 518.jpgHowell 518.jpg
Howell 515.jpgHowell 515.jpg
Howell 570.jpgHowell 570.jpg
Howell 573.jpgHowell 573.jpg
Howell 845.jpgHowell 845.jpg
Howell 606.jpgHowell 606.jpg

Howell 600.jpgHowell 600.jpg
Howell 627.jpgHowell 627.jpg
The toasts were followed by dinner and some great dancing, cake cutting and the amazing Venetian dessert bar at The Woodwinds which is one of the best in Connecticut. 
Howell 669.jpgHowell 669.jpg Howell 670.jpgHowell 670.jpg Howell 678.jpgHowell 678.jpg Howell 688.jpgHowell 688.jpg Howell 692.jpgHowell 692.jpg Howell 698.jpgHowell 698.jpg Howell 700.jpgHowell 700.jpg Howell 673.jpgHowell 673.jpg
Howell 703.jpgHowell 703.jpg Howell 884.jpgHowell 884.jpg
Howell 651.jpgHowell 651.jpg
Howell 816.jpgHowell 816.jpg

Howell 819.jpgHowell 819.jpg

Howell 873.jpgHowell 873.jpg
Howell 864.jpgHowell 864.jpg
Howell 871.jpgHowell 871.jpg
Howell 865.jpgHowell 865.jpg
Howell 875.jpgHowell 875.jpgVenetian dessert bar at the Woodwinds Wedding Venue in Branford, Connecticut. Howell 708.jpgHowell 708.jpg
Howell 796.jpgHowell 796.jpg
Howell 728.jpgHowell 728.jpg

It was a great reception with lost of fantastic dancing and music. As things started winding down I went outside with Noverlee and Ben for some night shots outside the venue.  It was raining outside but we were able to shoot under the large canopy in the front of the venue to stay dry but at the same time get some beautiful night shots with the Christmas lights.  

Howell 915.jpgHowell 915.jpg Howell 922.jpgHowell 922.jpg

What a beautiful way to end the 2019 wedding season.   Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. 



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