Kara and Justin's Wedding- St. Thomas Apostle Church and Bloomfield Connecticut Farm

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St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church, West Hartford

Family Farm, Bloomsfield Connecticut


Kara and Justin's upscale rustic wedding could have been right out of the pages of Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine.  The time attention to details and touches of love over eveything was amazing.  Their wedding started at St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church in West Hartford for a traditional Catholic Wedding with full mass, 4 readers and a pianist, vocalists and violin.  The church was glorious and the priest had many words of wisdom to share with Kara and Justin and the congregation.  From the church we went to Kara's mom and dad's family farm for an amazing cocktail hour and reception under the big top huge tent.  Every detail from the home made jams, to table settings, rustic decorations were everywhere.  The cocktail hour took place by the pool with the best spread of appetizers and refreshing drinks for this hot summer day. Portraits were taken at the horse stable,s riding areas and a pond at the edge of their property.  Their reception took place under the most incredible tent with beautiful rustic table decorations.  After the first dance and parent dances, heart warming toasts were given and a blessing before dinner was served from the many food stations that were set adjacent to the large tent.  It was a timeless summer day in Connecticut and a wedding to remember.  


Loveland 73.jpgLoveland 73.jpg Loveland 93.jpgLoveland 93.jpg Loveland 118.jpgLoveland 118.jpg Loveland 133.jpgLoveland 133.jpgAnd the bridal procession continues with the bridesmaids in blue walking down the aisle at St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church in West Hartford, Connecticut Loveland 152.jpgLoveland 152.jpg Loveland 173.jpgLoveland 173.jpg Loveland 200.jpgLoveland 200.jpg Loveland 204.jpgLoveland 204.jpg Loveland 207.jpgLoveland 207.jpg Loveland 208.jpgLoveland 208.jpg Loveland 213.jpgLoveland 213.jpg Loveland 216.jpgLoveland 216.jpg Loveland 225.jpgLoveland 225.jpg Loveland 232.jpgLoveland 232.jpg Loveland 266.jpgLoveland 266.jpg Loveland 295.jpgLoveland 295.jpg Loveland 330.jpgLoveland 330.jpg Loveland 334.jpgLoveland 334.jpgBride and Groom kneeling during their Catholic Mass Wedding Ceremony at St. Thomas Apostle Church in West Hartford Connecticut Loveland 369.jpgLoveland 369.jpg Loveland 425.jpgLoveland 425.jpg Loveland 443.jpgLoveland 443.jpg Loveland 498.jpgLoveland 498.jpg Loveland 504.jpgLoveland 504.jpgGroomsmen hamming it up for their wedding portraits by the barn of their rustic wedding in Bloomfield Connecticut Loveland 508.jpgLoveland 508.jpg Loveland 512.jpgLoveland 512.jpg Loveland 532.jpgLoveland 532.jpgNoting like a rustic wedding with barn and outdoor tent. Rustic Wedding Portraits on the family farm, Bloomfield Connecticut Loveland 533.jpgLoveland 533.jpg Loveland 559.jpgLoveland 559.jpg Loveland 573.jpgLoveland 573.jpg Loveland 591-Edit.jpgLoveland 591-Edit.jpg Loveland 616.jpgLoveland 616.jpg Loveland 605.jpgLoveland 605.jpg Loveland 607.jpgLoveland 607.jpg Loveland 494.jpgLoveland 494.jpg Loveland 608.jpgLoveland 608.jpg Loveland 670.jpgLoveland 670.jpgGetting set up for theis rustic tent wedding reception in Bloomfield, Connecticut Loveland 625.jpgLoveland 625.jpg Loveland 629.jpgLoveland 629.jpg Loveland 636.jpgLoveland 636.jpg Loveland 645.jpgLoveland 645.jpg Loveland 712.jpgLoveland 712.jpg Loveland 729.jpgLoveland 729.jpg Loveland 758.jpgLoveland 758.jpg Loveland 767.jpgLoveland 767.jpg Loveland 776.jpgLoveland 776.jpg Loveland 782.jpgLoveland 782.jpg Loveland 787.jpgLoveland 787.jpg Loveland 796.jpgLoveland 796.jpg Loveland 799.jpgLoveland 799.jpg Loveland 817.jpgLoveland 817.jpg Loveland 821.jpgLoveland 821.jpg Loveland 825.jpgLoveland 825.jpg Loveland 833.jpgLoveland 833.jpg Loveland 845.jpgLoveland 845.jpg Loveland 873.jpgLoveland 873.jpg Loveland 892.jpgLoveland 892.jpg Loveland 896.jpgLoveland 896.jpg Loveland 898.jpgLoveland 898.jpg Loveland 906.jpgLoveland 906.jpg Loveland 908.jpgLoveland 908.jpg Loveland 916.jpgLoveland 916.jpg Loveland 918.jpgLoveland 918.jpg Loveland 947.jpgLoveland 947.jpg Loveland 952.jpgLoveland 952.jpg Loveland 967.jpgLoveland 967.jpg Loveland 978.jpgLoveland 978.jpg Loveland 983.jpgLoveland 983.jpg Loveland 990.jpgLoveland 990.jpg Loveland 995.jpgLoveland 995.jpg Loveland 999.jpgLoveland 999.jpg Loveland 1005.jpgLoveland 1005.jpg




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