Maria and Bob's Wedding-The Log Cabin, Holyoke Massachusetts

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The Log Cabin, Holyoke Massachussetts


Everyone wants the perfect wedding.  But to achieve the perfect wedding can be most difficult with so many variables especially the weather. It is a hard goal to reach but for this wedding, the stars were all aligned in every way making for a perfect wedding day.  Bob and Maria chose to have their wedding in the large tent on the upper terrace of The Log Cabin in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  This property sits on the side of Mt. Tom with stunning views overlooking Western Massachusetts all the way to the Berkshire Mountains.  Too many clouds and no view, too much wind and no fun.  But for this day the air was calm, the temperature perfect and the sunset glorious.   

I love watching couples interact on their wedding day.  This can express itself in many ways.  With Maria and Bob, moment after moment from the getting ready shots to their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, portraits, sunset photos and reception was met with humor, playfulness and fun.  It was a relaxed, have a great time atmosphere that was infectious. We all relished in this out of time moment on a long delightful summer's day.


Zabowski 8.jpgZabowski 8.jpg Zabowski 18.jpgZabowski 18.jpg Zabowski 34.jpgZabowski 34.jpg Zabowski 78.jpgZabowski 78.jpg Zabowski 80.jpgZabowski 80.jpg Zabowski 87.jpgZabowski 87.jpg Zabowski 89.jpgZabowski 89.jpgBride getting her hair and make up done for ther wedding at The Log Cabin in Holyoke massachusetts Zabowski 106.jpgZabowski 106.jpg Zabowski 120.jpgZabowski 120.jpg Zabowski 125.jpgZabowski 125.jpg Zabowski 142.jpgZabowski 142.jpg Zabowski 210.jpgZabowski 210.jpg Zabowski 186.jpgZabowski 186.jpg Zabowski 190.jpgZabowski 190.jpg Zabowski 220.jpgZabowski 220.jpg Zabowski 232.jpgZabowski 232.jpg Zabowski 250.jpgZabowski 250.jpg Zabowski 315.jpgZabowski 315.jpg Zabowski 340.jpgZabowski 340.jpg Zabowski 353.jpgZabowski 353.jpg Zabowski 354.jpgZabowski 354.jpg Zabowski 357.jpgZabowski 357.jpg Zabowski 361.jpgZabowski 361.jpg Zabowski 412.jpgZabowski 412.jpgon the top of the world. Wedding ceremony on Mt. Tom at The Log Cabin Inn in Holyoke, Massachusetts Zabowski 416.jpgZabowski 416.jpg Zabowski 437.jpgZabowski 437.jpg Zabowski 443.jpgZabowski 443.jpg Zabowski 448.jpgZabowski 448.jpg Zabowski 457.jpgZabowski 457.jpg Zabowski 471.jpgZabowski 471.jpg Zabowski 514.jpgZabowski 514.jpg Zabowski 533.jpgZabowski 533.jpg Zabowski 539.jpgZabowski 539.jpgBride and groom enjoying the warm summer day for their portraits at The Log Cabin Inn in Holyoke, Massachusetts Zabowski 548.jpgZabowski 548.jpg Zabowski 556.jpgZabowski 556.jpg Zabowski 611.jpgZabowski 611.jpg Zabowski 623.jpgZabowski 623.jpg Zabowski 679.jpgZabowski 679.jpg Zabowski 702.jpgZabowski 702.jpg Zabowski 721.jpgZabowski 721.jpg Zabowski 728.jpgZabowski 728.jpg Zabowski 794.jpgZabowski 794.jpgSometimes the cake isn't always sweet! Bride and groom having fun during the cake cutting at their reception at The Log Cabin in Holyoke Massachusetts Zabowski 750.jpgZabowski 750.jpg Zabowski 801.jpgZabowski 801.jpg Zabowski 808.jpgZabowski 808.jpg Zabowski 856.jpgZabowski 856.jpg Zabowski 901.jpgZabowski 901.jpg Zabowski 950.jpgZabowski 950.jpg Zabowski 977.jpgZabowski 977.jpg Zabowski 1000.jpgZabowski 1000.jpg Zabowski 1003.jpgZabowski 1003.jpg Zabowski 1031.jpgZabowski 1031.jpg


Zabowski 1094.jpgZabowski 1094.jpg




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