Erin and Mike's Wedding-The Red Barn at Hampshire College, Amherst Massachusetts

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The Red Barn at Hampshire College

Amherst, Masssachusetts


Erin and Mike's Wedding was a perfect summer wedding day in the most idyllic settings- an old New England Barn surrounded by the hills, fields and farms of Amherst Massachusetts.  After the getting ready shots we headed to the Red Barn for Erin and Mike's "First Look" photos in the beautiful fields surrounding the barn.  Next followed portraits of the bride and groom and their wedding party.  After that we had the most beautiful rustic outdoor ceremony under this huge Oak tree in the middle of the field.  From there I took their family portraits during the cocktail hour and a great reception in the beauty of the Red Barn.  It was another delightful timeless summer wedding.


Duffy 24.jpgDuffy 24.jpg Duffy 61.jpgDuffy 61.jpg Duffy 44.jpgDuffy 44.jpgMake up artist applying makeup to bridesmaid at the UMass Hotel in Amherst Massachussetts Duffy 62.jpgDuffy 62.jpg Duffy 64.jpgDuffy 64.jpg Duffy 72.jpgDuffy 72.jpg Duffy 78.jpgDuffy 78.jpg Duffy 100.jpgDuffy 100.jpg Duffy 115.jpgDuffy 115.jpg Duffy 132.jpgDuffy 132.jpg Duffy 164.jpgDuffy 164.jpg Duffy 148.jpgDuffy 148.jpg Duffy 151.jpgDuffy 151.jpg Duffy 175.jpgDuffy 175.jpg Duffy 227.jpgDuffy 227.jpg Duffy 243.jpgDuffy 243.jpg Duffy 254.jpgDuffy 254.jpg Duffy 258.jpgDuffy 258.jpgBridesmaids with blue dresses in the field at The Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachussetts Duffy 281.jpgDuffy 281.jpg Duffy 297.jpgDuffy 297.jpg Duffy 304.jpgDuffy 304.jpg Duffy 315.jpgDuffy 315.jpg Duffy 331.jpgDuffy 331.jpgBride and groom photos at the Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst massachusetts Duffy 346.jpgDuffy 346.jpg Duffy 352.jpgDuffy 352.jpg Duffy 355.jpgDuffy 355.jpg Duffy 366.jpgDuffy 366.jpg Duffy 373.jpgDuffy 373.jpg Duffy 378.jpgDuffy 378.jpg Duffy 395.jpgDuffy 395.jpg Duffy 420.jpgDuffy 420.jpg Duffy 422.jpgDuffy 422.jpg Duffy 453.jpgDuffy 453.jpg Duffy 468.jpgDuffy 468.jpg Duffy 470.jpgDuffy 470.jpg Duffy 474.jpgDuffy 474.jpg Duffy 477.jpgDuffy 477.jpg Duffy 488.jpgDuffy 488.jpg Duffy 500.jpgDuffy 500.jpg Duffy 505.jpgDuffy 505.jpg Duffy 524.jpgDuffy 524.jpg Duffy 529.jpgDuffy 529.jpg Duffy 539.jpgDuffy 539.jpg Duffy 548.jpgDuffy 548.jpg Duffy 551.jpgDuffy 551.jpg Duffy 562.jpgDuffy 562.jpg Duffy 564.jpgDuffy 564.jpg Duffy 569.jpgDuffy 569.jpg Duffy 584.jpgDuffy 584.jpg Duffy 600.jpgDuffy 600.jpg Duffy 608.jpgDuffy 608.jpg Duffy 626.jpgDuffy 626.jpg Duffy 643.jpgDuffy 643.jpg Duffy 670.jpgDuffy 670.jpg Duffy 678.jpgDuffy 678.jpg Duffy 691.jpgDuffy 691.jpg Duffy 776.jpgDuffy 776.jpg Duffy 792.jpgDuffy 792.jpg Duffy 828.jpgDuffy 828.jpg Duffy 870.jpgDuffy 870.jpg Duffy 881.jpgDuffy 881.jpg Duffy 988.jpgDuffy 988.jpg Duffy 1005.jpgDuffy 1005.jpg Duffy 1069.jpgDuffy 1069.jpg Duffy 1093.jpgDuffy 1093.jpg Duffy 1155.jpgDuffy 1155.jpg Duffy 1176.jpgDuffy 1176.jpg Duffy 1183.jpgDuffy 1183.jpg Duffy 1264.jpgDuffy 1264.jpgDancing and fun on the dance floor for this rustic barn wedding at The Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts

Duffy 1270.jpgDuffy 1270.jpg Duffy 1254.jpgDuffy 1254.jpg Duffy 1255.jpgDuffy 1255.jpg



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