Erin and Ryan's Wedding-Saint Clements Castle, Portland, Connecticut

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Saint Clements Castle

Portland, Connecticut


Erin and Ryan's wedding was a storybook wedding held one of my favorite venues in Connecticut Saint Clements Castle overlooking the Connecticut River in Portland Connecticut.  Theirs was a perfect wedding day from the weather to the timing and unfolding of each magic moment.  Their wedding started with the guys arriving early to get ready in the bridal suite followed by portraits in and around the courtyard gardens and grounds of the Castle.  Then the girls arrived for their portraits in the bridal suite.  Erin looked so beautiful in her stylish pink wedding dress so perfect for her and the location.  She opened a gift from Ryan and read his letter which was such a touching moment Their outdoor ceremony was so precious overlooking the Connecticut River on a timeless Sunday afternoon in late summer. They processed from the castle to the sound of string quartet and read their personal vows which brought us all to tears.  We had a nice period of time for family, and wedding party photos at the castle as well as some alone time with Erin and Ryan for shots in the courtyard garden and overlooking the river.  The celebration continued with their wedding reception as well as time for portraits to capture the setting sun and night shots to end up their beautiful wedding day. 

Lafratta 12.jpgLafratta 12.jpg Lafratta 16.jpgLafratta 16.jpg Lafratta 54.jpgLafratta 54.jpg Lafratta 62.jpgLafratta 62.jpg Lafratta 79.jpgLafratta 79.jpg Lafratta 85.jpgLafratta 85.jpg Lafratta 87.jpgLafratta 87.jpg Lafratta 89.jpgLafratta 89.jpg Lafratta 96.jpgLafratta 96.jpg Lafratta 171.jpgLafratta 171.jpg Lafratta 187.jpgLafratta 187.jpg Lafratta 190.jpgLafratta 190.jpg Lafratta 198.jpgLafratta 198.jpg Lafratta 212.jpgLafratta 212.jpg Lafratta 225.jpgLafratta 225.jpg Lafratta 227.jpgLafratta 227.jpg Lafratta 229.jpgLafratta 229.jpg Lafratta 230.jpgLafratta 230.jpg Lafratta 231.jpgLafratta 231.jpg Lafratta 252.jpgLafratta 252.jpg Lafratta 254.jpgLafratta 254.jpg Lafratta 260.jpgLafratta 260.jpg Lafratta 278.jpgLafratta 278.jpg Lafratta 282.jpgLafratta 282.jpgBride opening her gift for her getting ready shots at St. Clements Castle in Portland Connecticut Lafratta 288.jpgLafratta 288.jpg Lafratta 295.jpgLafratta 295.jpg Lafratta 303.jpgLafratta 303.jpg Lafratta 311.jpgLafratta 311.jpg Lafratta 315.jpgLafratta 315.jpg Lafratta 337.jpgLafratta 337.jpg Lafratta 339.jpgLafratta 339.jpg Lafratta 397.jpgLafratta 397.jpg Lafratta 406.jpgLafratta 406.jpg Lafratta 436.jpgLafratta 436.jpg Lafratta 444.jpgLafratta 444.jpg Lafratta 458.jpgLafratta 458.jpg Lafratta 487.jpgLafratta 487.jpg Lafratta 490.jpgLafratta 490.jpg Lafratta 491.jpgLafratta 491.jpg Lafratta 492.jpgLafratta 492.jpg Lafratta 493.jpgLafratta 493.jpg Lafratta 500.jpgLafratta 500.jpg Lafratta 508.jpgLafratta 508.jpg Lafratta 537.jpgLafratta 537.jpg Lafratta 559.jpgLafratta 559.jpg Lafratta 562.jpgLafratta 562.jpg Lafratta 571.jpgLafratta 571.jpg Lafratta 578.jpgLafratta 578.jpg Lafratta 603.jpgLafratta 603.jpg Lafratta 615.jpgLafratta 615.jpg Lafratta 618.jpgLafratta 618.jpg Lafratta 626.jpgLafratta 626.jpg Lafratta 636.jpgLafratta 636.jpg Lafratta 653.jpgLafratta 653.jpg Lafratta 686.jpgLafratta 686.jpg Lafratta 695.jpgLafratta 695.jpg Lafratta 702.jpgLafratta 702.jpg Lafratta 721.jpgLafratta 721.jpg Lafratta 728.jpgLafratta 728.jpg Lafratta 735.jpgLafratta 735.jpg Lafratta 737.jpgLafratta 737.jpg Lafratta 745.jpgLafratta 745.jpg Lafratta 761.jpgLafratta 761.jpg Lafratta 762.jpgLafratta 762.jpg Lafratta 782.jpgLafratta 782.jpg Lafratta 783.jpgLafratta 783.jpg Lafratta 797.jpgLafratta 797.jpg Lafratta 800.jpgLafratta 800.jpg Lafratta 807.jpgLafratta 807.jpg Lafratta 825.jpgLafratta 825.jpg Lafratta 836.jpgLafratta 836.jpg Lafratta 846.jpgLafratta 846.jpg Lafratta 864.jpgLafratta 864.jpg Lafratta 905.jpgLafratta 905.jpg Lafratta 916.jpgLafratta 916.jpg Lafratta 937.jpgLafratta 937.jpg Lafratta 950.jpgLafratta 950.jpg Lafratta 964.jpgLafratta 964.jpg Lafratta 969.jpgLafratta 969.jpg Lafratta 975.jpgLafratta 975.jpg Lafratta 1000.jpgLafratta 1000.jpg Lafratta 1021.jpgLafratta 1021.jpg Lafratta 1046.jpgLafratta 1046.jpg Lafratta 1063.jpgLafratta 1063.jpg Lafratta 1081.jpgLafratta 1081.jpg Lafratta 1085.jpgLafratta 1085.jpg Lafratta 1102.jpgLafratta 1102.jpg Lafratta 1129.jpgLafratta 1129.jpg Lafratta 1131.jpgLafratta 1131.jpg Lafratta 1133.jpgLafratta 1133.jpg Lafratta 1136.jpgLafratta 1136.jpg

Lafratta 1162.jpgLafratta 1162.jpg

Video can be a great compliment to your photography and this video and blog can give you the chance to see the photography and video aspect of your wedding day.

Below is a video of the wedding done by  Randy Escano.  Randy does a great job on his video work and I shoot with him regularly.  Here is his website.









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