Otis and Makeda's Wedding-Heritage Hotel, Southbury, Connecticut

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Heritage Hotel

Southbury, Connecticut


Their is no "right way" or "only way" to do your wedding.  Weddings are a very personal thing.  I want all the couples I work with to put together and have the wedding of their dreams be it a small intimate wedding or a grand affair.  When it comes to doing it in a big way on your wedding day, Otis and Makeda's wedding is a great example.  One of the ways they did it big was to have a 24 person wedding party. Another way they did it big was was to have not only a D.J. but a band for their reception which was made up of family and friends.  Musical talent was abounding in a big way for their wedding.  Two songs were sung at their outdoor wedding ceremony in the courtyard gardens as the Heritage Hotel.  One song was sung during the procession by one of the groomsmen and another song was sung by Makeda's mother during the wedding ceremony.  The reception as well had numerous singers including Makeda singing a song dedicated to her husband.  Everyone bundled up for the outdoor ceremony which featured songs, a reading of personal vows and bread and wine ceremony.  The wedding party looked so color coordinated with the girls in their burgundy dresses and white Calla Lilies and white shawls and the groomsmen in blue and burgundy accents. The reception was filled with lots of music, toasts, and dancing.  Way to go Makeda and Otis for such a classy wedding.  Loved your wedding day and wishing you all the best!


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