Ricky and Jessica's Wedding-Aria-Prospect, Connecticut

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Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility

Prospect, Connecticut


An Autumn wedding at Aria with its awesome panoramic outdoor views  as well as the familiar grand views inside is always an amazing combination for a wedding. Combine that with a couple that has an enthusiasm to have their wedding photographed and you have a recipe for an amazing wedding day.  Their wedding day started off with portraits of the guys on the grounds around Aria.  The guys showed up early before the girls arrived so I could get a lot of great shots of Ricky and his groomsmen while we had good daylight.  Taking portraits before the ceremony also allows a lot of portraits to be taken in a relaxed situation without having all the portraits squeezed into the cocktail hour.  It also allows for the wedding party to better participate in the cocktail hour.  After shooting the portraits with the guys next Jess and her bridesmaids arrived and made their way to the bridal suite for their getting ready shots.  Their outdoor ceremony followed.  It was a cool October day but everyone toughed it out for what made a beautiful ceremony with the reading of personal vows and a sand ceremony as well.  In October, daylight fades early so I worked fast to get the remaining portraits of the bridesmaids, family portraits and portraits of Jess and Ricky outside with the setting sun and autumn colors before finishing up their portraits inside where it was warmer.   Next came their beautiful wedding reception with 4 wonderful toasts, parent dances a bouquet toss and lots of fun on the dance floor.  It was a wonderful wedding celebration at Aria.  

LoBosco 61.jpgLoBosco 61.jpg LoBosco 58.jpgLoBosco 58.jpg LoBosco 64.jpgLoBosco 64.jpg LoBosco 72.jpgLoBosco 72.jpg LoBosco 75.jpgLoBosco 75.jpg LoBosco 83.jpgLoBosco 83.jpg LoBosco 89.jpgLoBosco 89.jpg LoBosco 91.jpgLoBosco 91.jpg LoBosco 101.jpgLoBosco 101.jpg LoBosco 110.jpgLoBosco 110.jpg LoBosco 112.jpgLoBosco 112.jpg LoBosco 113.jpgLoBosco 113.jpg LoBosco 116.jpgLoBosco 116.jpg LoBosco 122.jpgLoBosco 122.jpg LoBosco 123.jpgLoBosco 123.jpg LoBosco 132.jpgLoBosco 132.jpg LoBosco 138.jpgLoBosco 138.jpg LoBosco 140.jpgLoBosco 140.jpg LoBosco 154.jpgLoBosco 154.jpg LoBosco 173.jpgLoBosco 173.jpg LoBosco 177.jpgLoBosco 177.jpg LoBosco 178.jpgLoBosco 178.jpg LoBosco 180.jpgLoBosco 180.jpg LoBosco 185.jpgLoBosco 185.jpg LoBosco 190.jpgLoBosco 190.jpg LoBosco 197.jpgLoBosco 197.jpg LoBosco 203.jpgLoBosco 203.jpg LoBosco 205.jpgLoBosco 205.jpg LoBosco 208.jpgLoBosco 208.jpg LoBosco 212.jpgLoBosco 212.jpgJess in her beautiful wedding dress getting ready at the bridal suite at Aria Banquets in Prospect Connecticut LoBosco 213.jpgLoBosco 213.jpg LoBosco 218.jpgLoBosco 218.jpg LoBosco 248.jpgLoBosco 248.jpg LoBosco 276.jpgLoBosco 276.jpg LoBosco 283.jpgLoBosco 283.jpg LoBosco 297.jpgLoBosco 297.jpg LoBosco 303.jpgLoBosco 303.jpg LoBosco 343.jpgLoBosco 343.jpg LoBosco 345.jpgLoBosco 345.jpg LoBosco 348.jpgLoBosco 348.jpg LoBosco 353.jpgLoBosco 353.jpg LoBosco 356.jpgLoBosco 356.jpg LoBosco 357.jpgLoBosco 357.jpg LoBosco 360.jpgLoBosco 360.jpg LoBosco 362.jpgLoBosco 362.jpg LoBosco 370.jpgLoBosco 370.jpg LoBosco 373.jpgLoBosco 373.jpg LoBosco 374.jpgLoBosco 374.jpg LoBosco 375.jpgLoBosco 375.jpg LoBosco 385.jpgLoBosco 385.jpgJess and Ricky reading their personal vows at their Aria Wedding Ceremony in Prospect Connecticut LoBosco 388.jpgLoBosco 388.jpg LoBosco 396.jpgLoBosco 396.jpg LoBosco 397.jpgLoBosco 397.jpg LoBosco 401.jpgLoBosco 401.jpg LoBosco 407.jpgLoBosco 407.jpg LoBosco 416.jpgLoBosco 416.jpg LoBosco 423.jpgLoBosco 423.jpg LoBosco 432.jpgLoBosco 432.jpg LoBosco 436.jpgLoBosco 436.jpg LoBosco 449.jpgLoBosco 449.jpg LoBosco 462.jpgLoBosco 462.jpg LoBosco 470.jpgLoBosco 470.jpg LoBosco 485.jpgLoBosco 485.jpg LoBosco 487.jpgLoBosco 487.jpg LoBosco 489.jpgLoBosco 489.jpg LoBosco 492.jpgLoBosco 492.jpg LoBosco 495.jpgLoBosco 495.jpg LoBosco 497.jpgLoBosco 497.jpg LoBosco 504.jpgLoBosco 504.jpg LoBosco 507.jpgLoBosco 507.jpg LoBosco 508.jpgLoBosco 508.jpgRicky dips his bride Jess for their wedding portraits at Aria Wedding Banquets. LoBosco 510.jpgLoBosco 510.jpg LoBosco 512.jpgLoBosco 512.jpg LoBosco 522.jpgLoBosco 522.jpg LoBosco 527.jpgLoBosco 527.jpg LoBosco 535.jpgLoBosco 535.jpg LoBosco 539.jpgLoBosco 539.jpg LoBosco 543.jpgLoBosco 543.jpg LoBosco 547.jpgLoBosco 547.jpg LoBosco 578.jpgLoBosco 578.jpg LoBosco 585.jpgLoBosco 585.jpg LoBosco 602.jpgLoBosco 602.jpg LoBosco 606.jpgLoBosco 606.jpg LoBosco 656.jpgLoBosco 656.jpg LoBosco 659.jpgLoBosco 659.jpg LoBosco 660.jpgLoBosco 660.jpg LoBosco 697.jpgLoBosco 697.jpg LoBosco 703.jpgLoBosco 703.jpg LoBosco 722.jpgLoBosco 722.jpg LoBosco 728-Edit.jpgLoBosco 728-Edit.jpgBest Man giving a wedding toast to the bride and groom sweetheart table at Aria Wedding Banquet Facility in Prospect Connecticut




LoBosco 766.jpgLoBosco 766.jpg LoBosco 814.jpgLoBosco 814.jpg LoBosco 855.jpgLoBosco 855.jpg LoBosco 858.jpgLoBosco 858.jpg LoBosco 885.jpgLoBosco 885.jpg LoBosco 913.jpgLoBosco 913.jpg LoBosco 918.jpgLoBosco 918.jpg LoBosco 930.jpgLoBosco 930.jpg LoBosco 934.jpgLoBosco 934.jpg LoBosco 938.jpgLoBosco 938.jpg LoBosco 960.jpgLoBosco 960.jpg LoBosco 965.jpgLoBosco 965.jpg LoBosco 980.jpgLoBosco 980.jpg LoBosco 995.jpgLoBosco 995.jpg LoBosco 997.jpgLoBosco 997.jpg LoBosco 1020.jpgLoBosco 1020.jpg LoBosco 1027.jpgLoBosco 1027.jpg LoBosco 1029.jpgLoBosco 1029.jpg LoBosco 1033.jpgLoBosco 1033.jpg

LoBosco 1040.jpgLoBosco 1040.jpg


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