Bethany and Trevor's Wedding-Point Breeze, Webster Massachusetts & Dayville Connecticut

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Bethany and Trevors wedding started at Bethany's parents home in Dayville Connecticut followed by a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony at St. Joseph's Church in Dayville Connecticut.  We were blessed with sun and warmth for this September wedding,  Bethany and Trevor were so much fun to work with and photograph and spend the day with.  Their wedding continued with a drive over the Connecticut border to a beautiful reception venue called Point Breeze in Webster Massachussets.  Point Breeze is located on the shores of lake Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg which is a beautiful lake surrounded by rolling hills and pines.  It was the perfect venue for their wedding reception which was filled with the most touching parent dances as well as great toasts, the most amazing batman cake and great dancing and celebration. 


Meunier 55.jpgMeunier 55.jpg

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Meunier 322.jpgMeunier 322.jpgChoir loft view of Bethany and Trevor's Catholic wedding ceremony at St. Joseph's Church in Dayville Connecticut.

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Meunier 1366.jpgMeunier 1366.jpg 3 Meunier 1377.jpgMeunier 1377.jpg

Meunier 1384.jpgMeunier 1384.jpgDancing and celebration at Bethany and Trevor's wedding reception at Point Breeze in Webster massachusetts







































































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