Nyab and Conor's intimate micro wedding ceremony elopement, New Milford, Connecticut

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Private residence, New Milford, Connecticut


"Good things come in small packages"

"Micro Weddings" downsizing your weddings in 2020 due to the Coronavirus


I wanted to continue the wedding theme of "good things come in small packages", micro weddings downsizing in 2020. Many couples have had to or are in the process of downsizing their wedding reception or changing the wedding plans to honor their wedding date to follow state guidelines to remain covid compliant by having a smaller sized intimate wedding/elopement ceremony to be attended by immediate family. 

Couples going through this uncertain time aren't sure what their wedding would look like in this new form or how to go about planning it.  I thought I would share some smaller sized intimate weddings to give couples some ideas.  Don't get me wrong, I really love photographing large gala weddings and shoot many of them in a year.  They have their place, and their merits, however intimate weddings can be overlooked and have their merits as well. The intimacy that smaller size weddings allow is really very special.  The only people in attendance are usually the immediate family members.  The small group size allows for more intimacy and people to share and be themselves.  The pace is often slower at these types of weddings, without all the distractions that can accompany larger weddings.  Their is less anxiety about everything being perfect with fewer people, places and things to throw into the mix.  Instead, everyone can focus more on just "being" and "sharing" and let their guards down to be more of themselves.  This creates a more relaxed and laid back feel to your wedding which honestly can be a really nice thing.  

Nyab and Conor's  wedding elopement/ceremony took place at their private residence.  Their parents and siblings were in attendance.  The total guest count was 6 with the bride and groom 8 and with the addition of me as the photographer and their officiant we were 10 in total.  2.5 hours of coverage consisted of getting ready photos, photos of the bride and groom and inside family photos, ceremony photos and detail shots followed by a cake and champagne celebration followed by outdoor portraits of the family and bride and groom.   I provided over 500 color photos and another 500 in black and white.  All curated and beautifully edited to capture the candid moments of laughs, tears and joy celebrating their love for each other on their wedding day in the company of their parents and siblings. 

Khan 14.jpgKhan 14.jpg Khan 28.jpgKhan 28.jpg Khan 36.jpgKhan 36.jpg Khan 59.jpgKhan 59.jpg Khan 81.jpgKhan 81.jpg Khan 84.jpgKhan 84.jpg Khan 101.jpgKhan 101.jpg Khan 146.jpgKhan 146.jpg Khan 147.jpgKhan 147.jpg Khan 153.jpgKhan 153.jpg Khan 158.jpgKhan 158.jpg Khan 170.jpgKhan 170.jpg Khan 173.jpgKhan 173.jpg Khan 179.jpgKhan 179.jpg Khan 191.jpgKhan 191.jpg Khan 206.jpgKhan 206.jpg Khan 213.jpgKhan 213.jpg Khan 217.jpgKhan 217.jpg Khan 224.jpgKhan 224.jpg Khan 225.jpgKhan 225.jpg Khan 240.jpgKhan 240.jpg Khan 258.jpgKhan 258.jpg Khan 274.jpgKhan 274.jpg Khan 277.jpgKhan 277.jpg Khan 281.jpgKhan 281.jpg Khan 294.jpgKhan 294.jpg Khan 301.jpgKhan 301.jpg Khan 305.jpgKhan 305.jpg Khan 310.jpgKhan 310.jpg Khan 312.jpgKhan 312.jpg Khan 313.jpgKhan 313.jpg Khan 325.jpgKhan 325.jpg Khan 346.jpgKhan 346.jpg Khan 352.jpgKhan 352.jpg Khan 356.jpgKhan 356.jpg Khan 385.jpgKhan 385.jpg Khan 395.jpgKhan 395.jpg Khan 409.jpgKhan 409.jpg Khan 425.jpgKhan 425.jpg
Khan 410.jpgKhan 410.jpg Khan 411.jpgKhan 411.jpg Khan 430.jpgKhan 430.jpg Khan 432.jpgKhan 432.jpg Khan 442.jpgKhan 442.jpg Khan 445.jpgKhan 445.jpg Khan 452.jpgKhan 452.jpg Khan 453.jpgKhan 453.jpg Khan 457.jpgKhan 457.jpg Khan 474.jpgKhan 474.jpg Khan 484.jpgKhan 484.jpg Khan 510.jpgKhan 510.jpg Khan 516.jpgKhan 516.jpg Khan 524.jpgKhan 524.jpg Khan 533.jpgKhan 533.jpg Khan 542.jpgKhan 542.jpg Khan 563.jpgKhan 563.jpg Khan 578.jpgKhan 578.jpg Khan 601.jpgKhan 601.jpg Khan 602.jpgKhan 602.jpg Khan 603.jpgKhan 603.jpg Khan 606.jpgKhan 606.jpg Khan 610.jpgKhan 610.jpg Khan 616.jpgKhan 616.jpg Khan 624.jpgKhan 624.jpg Khan 627.jpgKhan 627.jpg Khan 634.jpgKhan 634.jpg Khan 629.jpgKhan 629.jpg








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