Marilyn and Benjamin's Wedding-Vyne Restaurant, Middlebury, Connecticut

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Vyne Restaurant, Middlebury Connecticut


"Good things come in small packages"

"Micro Weddings" downsizing your weddings in 2020 due to the Coronavirus


It is May, 2020 and with the Covid-19 situation affecting the wedding industry greatly many clients with wedding scheduled in the spring or early summer of 2020 are searching for ways to keep their wedding date and at the same time comply with state reopening guidelines for group size limitations. Some couples are taking the route of having a smaller wedding ceremony elopement with a limited number of family and friends on their original wedding date and moving their larger wedding to a time later in 2020 or 2021. 

Marilyn and Benjamin's wedding is a perfect example for the current situation so I thought I'd post it to give couples a feel for what a "micro" or downsized smaller wedding, wedding ceremony, elopement would look like. Their wedding was small by many wedding standards.  It was made up of a first look, portraits of the bride and groom, wedding ceremony attended by a small group of family followed by family portraits.  Their wedding was 2.5 hours in length. They received over  500 photos in color and a dual collection in black and white with 1000 photos in total.  Although their wedding was only 2.5 hours long,  from their photos you can see  a lot happened in that time and I was able to document their wedding day and its many joyful and beautiful moments which can be looked back on for years and remembered through their photos, prints and album.   From their expressions and photos you can see their was no shorting of Love and Magic shared by all. 

To help couples navigate through this difficult time, I put together a Coronavirus elopement/downsized wedding package below.  If you have had to change/cancel or postpone your wedding feel free to contact me to see if this package is a good fit for you.  This special is for a limited time only. 


2020 Coronavirus Wedding Ceremony Elopement Package Special

With the uncertainties of larger weddings in the early spring months of 2020, many couples have had to postpone or downsize their 2020 weddings.  Some couples are choosing to have an elopement ceremony in 2020 and moving their larger wedding to 2021.

To accommodate those couples looking for a smaller wedding/elopement format for 2020,  I put together a wedding ceremony/ elopement package including the following:  *Photography coverage of your elopement ceremony  *Family portraits of those in attendance  *Portraits of the bride and groom

Includes up to 2.5 hours coverage of your event, high resolution edited photos with printing rights delivered via digital download.   A dual collection of color and black and white photos. Online gallery of your photos with no cut off date.

$400 plus tax


Wey 3.jpgWey 3.jpg Wey 8.jpgWey 8.jpg Wey 13.jpgWey 13.jpg Wey 43.jpgWey 43.jpg Wey 46.jpgWey 46.jpgFirst look photo shoot during the wedding of Marilyn and Benjamin at Vyne restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 56.jpgWey 56.jpg Wey 70.jpgWey 70.jpg Wey 78.jpgWey 78.jpg Wey 86.jpgWey 86.jpg Wey 94.jpgWey 94.jpg Wey 149.jpgWey 149.jpg Wey 159.jpgWey 159.jpg Wey 35.jpgWey 35.jpg Wey 172.jpgWey 172.jpg Wey 176.jpgWey 176.jpg Wey 192.jpgWey 192.jpg Wey 297.jpgWey 297.jpg Wey 319.jpgWey 319.jpg Wey 330.jpgWey 330.jpg Wey 343.jpgWey 343.jpg Wey 344.jpgWey 344.jpg Wey 359.jpgWey 359.jpg Wey 366.jpgWey 366.jpg Wey 370.jpgWey 370.jpg Wey 371.jpgWey 371.jpg Wey 374.jpgWey 374.jpgConnecticut summer wedding ceremony on the beautiful grounds and gardens of the Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 376.jpgWey 376.jpg Wey 382.jpgWey 382.jpg Wey 387.jpgWey 387.jpg Wey 394.jpgWey 394.jpg Wey 397.jpgWey 397.jpg Wey 403.jpgWey 403.jpg Wey 412.jpgWey 412.jpg Wey 430.jpgWey 430.jpg Wey 438.jpgWey 438.jpgReading of vows of Marilyn and Benjamin at their Vyne Wedding Ceremony in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 450.jpgWey 450.jpg Wey 456.jpgWey 456.jpg Wey 460.jpgWey 460.jpg Wey 464.jpgWey 464.jpg Wey 469.jpgWey 469.jpg Wey 481.jpgWey 481.jpg Wey 483.jpgWey 483.jpg Wey 485.jpgWey 485.jpg Wey 491.jpgWey 491.jpg Wey 494.jpgWey 494.jpg Wey 503.jpgWey 503.jpg Wey 519.jpgWey 519.jpg Wey 527.jpgWey 527.jpg Wey 214.jpgWey 214.jpg Wey 226.jpgWey 226.jpg Wey 233.jpgWey 233.jpg Wey 237.jpgWey 237.jpg Wey 249.jpgWey 249.jpg Wey 250.jpgWey 250.jpg Wey 255.jpgWey 255.jpg Wey 269.jpgWey 269.jpg Wey 283.jpgWey 283.jpg Wey 287.jpgWey 287.jpg Wey 548.jpgWey 548.jpg Wey 560.jpgWey 560.jpg Wey 572.jpgWey 572.jpg Wey 580.jpgWey 580.jpgWedding Portraits of Marilyn and Benjamin at the Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut Wey 597.jpgWey 597.jpg


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