Michelle and Matt's Rustic Backyard Tent Wedding-Oxford, Connecticut

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Rustic, backyard tent wedding, Oxford, Connecticut


Nothing says loving like a rustic, backyard, down home tent wedding in Oxford, Connecticut. Such was the location for Michelle and Matt's wedding.  Michelle and Matt did an amazing job making every table centerpiece, hanging doors for their wedding ceremony, signs and every hinge, box, sign and decoration.  The hours they put into making their wedding reception feel down home was incredible. This one-of-a-kind wedding was made unique by the addition of some great food trucks and vendors including the "Big Green Truck Pizza" featuring New Haven Pizza in every imaginable variety.  catering by "Smokin with Chris Barbeque" and "Baked and Sauced" Airstream dessert truck. 

Michelle even secretly arranged a classic pick up truck to take her to the wedding ceremony.  It was a great sunny summer day on their beautiful property in Oxford.  The showering of love by family and friends was palpable and everyone had a great time!


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