Amy and Paul-Wedding at the Water's Edge Wedding, Westbrook, Connecticut

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The Water's Edge, Westbrook, Connecticut


If a a "Beach Wedding" is your theme.  The Water's Edge is one of the best venues in Connecticut providing an upscale beach location with accommodations and boasts one of the best beach ceremony locations in Connecticut right on the "water's edge" of the Long Island Sound. I always love shooting here and was thrilled when I heard Amy and Paul were having their wedding here.  Their wedding started with getting ready shots of Paul and his brothers.  From there next were the getting ready shots of Amy and her bridesmaids two of whom were her sisters. 

Rametta 37.jpgRametta 37.jpg Rametta 42.jpgRametta 42.jpg Rametta 54.jpgRametta 54.jpg Rametta 61.jpgRametta 61.jpg Rametta 63.jpgRametta 63.jpg Rametta 67.jpgRametta 67.jpg Rametta 71.jpgRametta 71.jpg Rametta 77.jpgRametta 77.jpg Rametta 83.jpgRametta 83.jpg Rametta 85.jpgRametta 85.jpg Rametta 88.jpgRametta 88.jpg Rametta 91.jpgRametta 91.jpg Rametta 96.jpgRametta 96.jpg Rametta 100.jpgRametta 100.jpg Rametta 106.jpgRametta 106.jpg Rametta 109.jpgRametta 109.jpg Rametta 118.jpgRametta 118.jpg Rametta 126.jpgRametta 126.jpg Rametta 137.jpgRametta 137.jpg Rametta 142.jpgRametta 142.jpg Rametta 146.jpgRametta 146.jpg Rametta 154.jpgRametta 154.jpg Rametta 159.jpgRametta 159.jpg Rametta 160.jpgRametta 160.jpg Rametta 161.jpgRametta 161.jpg Rametta 169.jpgRametta 169.jpg

Amy and Paul wanted "first look" photos and portraits before the ceremony so they could enjoy as much as the cocktail hour.  This is a very popular way to lay out your wedding day timeline so I was happy to arrange that.  Amy was so excited for her first look as you can tell from the expressions on her face.  We had the first look on the large green and that led into some nice intimate portraits with both Amy an Paul as well as bridal party portraits down by the water.

Rametta 171.jpgRametta 171.jpg Rametta 180.jpgRametta 180.jpg Rametta 186.jpgRametta 186.jpg Rametta 188.jpgRametta 188.jpg Rametta 194.jpgRametta 194.jpg Rametta 201.jpgRametta 201.jpg Rametta 206.jpgRametta 206.jpg Rametta 214.jpgRametta 214.jpg Rametta 231.jpgRametta 231.jpg Rametta 237.jpgRametta 237.jpg Rametta 273.jpgRametta 273.jpg Rametta 284.jpgRametta 284.jpg Rametta 302.jpgRametta 302.jpg Rametta 305.jpgRametta 305.jpg Rametta 316.jpgRametta 316.jpg

Following their first look at portraits they had their wedding ceremony on the green right at the "water's edge"  It was a beautiful day and the temperature was perfect. It made for an colorful and timeless ceremony  with Betty Daigle Allard as the justice of the peace and a sand ceremony which is always a wonderful symbol to include.   

Rametta 434.jpgRametta 434.jpg Rametta 467.jpgRametta 467.jpg Rametta 472.jpgRametta 472.jpg Rametta 484.jpgRametta 484.jpg Rametta 498.jpgRametta 498.jpg Rametta 499.jpgRametta 499.jpg Rametta 502.jpgRametta 502.jpg Rametta 506.jpgRametta 506.jpg Rametta 507.jpgRametta 507.jpg Rametta 513.jpgRametta 513.jpg Rametta 517.jpgRametta 517.jpg Rametta 524.jpgRametta 524.jpg Rametta 526.jpgRametta 526.jpg Rametta 530.jpgRametta 530.jpg Rametta 532.jpgRametta 532.jpg Rametta 550.jpgRametta 550.jpg Rametta 551.jpgRametta 551.jpg Rametta 552.jpgRametta 552.jpg Rametta 554.jpgRametta 554.jpg Rametta 558.jpgRametta 558.jpg Rametta 569.jpgRametta 569.jpg Rametta 573.jpgRametta 573.jpg Rametta 579.jpgRametta 579.jpg Rametta 588.jpgRametta 588.jpg Rametta 598.jpgRametta 598.jpg Rametta 600.jpgRametta 600.jpg Rametta 608.jpgRametta 608.jpg Rametta 622.jpgRametta 622.jpg Rametta 640.jpgRametta 640.jpg

Their reception included the standard first dance, and parent dances as well as toasts of the best man, maid of honor, the grooms' daughter and mother.  Great music  and good times was to be expected by our DJ  extraordinaire John Saville Entertainment.  He kept the music playing the fun happening all night.  Cake cutting and great dancing made for a fantastic wedding reception and celebration.

Rametta 688.jpgRametta 688.jpg Rametta 699.jpgRametta 699.jpg Rametta 710.jpgRametta 710.jpg Rametta 720.jpgRametta 720.jpg Rametta 737.jpgRametta 737.jpg Rametta 766.jpgRametta 766.jpg Rametta 767.jpgRametta 767.jpg Rametta 778.jpgRametta 778.jpg Rametta 779.jpgRametta 779.jpg Rametta 792.jpgRametta 792.jpg Rametta 806.jpgRametta 806.jpg Rametta 829.jpgRametta 829.jpg Rametta 834.jpgRametta 834.jpg Rametta 870.jpgRametta 870.jpg Rametta 874.jpgRametta 874.jpg Rametta 875.jpgRametta 875.jpg Rametta 892.jpgRametta 892.jpg Rametta 911.jpgRametta 911.jpg Rametta 940.jpgRametta 940.jpg Rametta 989.jpgRametta 989.jpg Rametta 1001.jpgRametta 1001.jpg Rametta 1006.jpgRametta 1006.jpg Rametta 1029.jpgRametta 1029.jpg Rametta 1038.jpgRametta 1038.jpg Rametta 1060.jpgRametta 1060.jpg Rametta 1071.jpgRametta 1071.jpg Rametta 1078.jpgRametta 1078.jpg Rametta 937.jpgRametta 937.jpg


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