Wes and Kristen's Wedding-Madison Beach Hotel

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Madison Beach Hotel

Madison, Connecticut


Connecticut has its share of wedding beach venues both old and historic and posh and modern.  Wes and Kristen's wedding at the Madison falls into the category of the latter-A posh modern Connecticut wedding hotel and venue.  The Madison Hotel is smaller in comparison to it's cousin the Water's Edge on the coast in Westbook but makes up for it in it's quaint and intimate size and beautiful shoreline rock outcroppings that make the perfect backdrop for wedding portraits.

Thus the backdrop is set for this January wedding.  When I met with Wes and Kristen and helped them plan out their wedding day, the weather was going to be a determining factor to fulfill Wes and Kristen's wishes for both a first look on the beach and also portraits on the rocks with the setting sun.  The week before temperatures were -3 degrees but bounced back up to right around freezing.  The sun was shining and the wind not too bad.  This allowed us to pull off both the "First Look" photos outside as well as for me to capture some stunning portraits on the rocks with the beautiful late afternoon clouds and sunset.

Their ceremony was inside in the upstairs ceremony/banquet room kissed with the South facing sun pouring in.  The ceremony was followed by a wonderful cocktail hour.  Their reception included a first dance, father daughter dance, and a groom/sister dance, three toasts and fun, fun fun from their introductions to their last dance.  It was a wonderful celebration of Wes and Kristen surrounded by the company of family and friends. Here to wishing you you both all the best in your new lives together as husband and wife.

Trank 3.jpgTrank 3.jpg Trank 10.jpgTrank 10.jpg Trank 21.jpgTrank 21.jpg Trank 24.jpgTrank 24.jpg Trank 33.jpgTrank 33.jpg Trank 34.jpgTrank 34.jpg Trank 53.jpgTrank 53.jpg Trank 96.jpgTrank 96.jpg Trank 102.jpgTrank 102.jpg Trank 132.jpgTrank 132.jpg
Trank 116.jpgTrank 116.jpg Trank 149.jpgTrank 149.jpg Trank 150.jpgTrank 150.jpg Trank 158.jpgTrank 158.jpg Trank 161.jpgTrank 161.jpg Trank 172.jpgTrank 172.jpgJanuary 26th and the 2019 wedding season has officially begun. What a great way to start off the 2019 wedding season with the wedding of Kristen and Wes this Saturday on the beach at the Madison Beach Hotel. Photo below of their first look on the beach. Way to go Kristen and Wes!! Such a beautiful couple and fantastic wedding day. Haven't booked your photographer yet. I am taking bookings for the 2019 season. www.johnmunnoweddings.com I would love to hear of your wedding plans and put together an awesome wedding photography package. Trank 180.jpgTrank 180.jpg Trank 188.jpgTrank 188.jpg Trank 199.jpgTrank 199.jpg Trank 207.jpgTrank 207.jpg Trank 210.jpgTrank 210.jpg Trank 254.jpgTrank 254.jpg Trank 257.jpgTrank 257.jpgBridal portraits of Kristen just before the wedding ceremony begins at the Madison Beach Hotel in Madison Connecticut Trank 264.jpgTrank 264.jpg Trank 267.jpgTrank 267.jpg Trank 269.jpgTrank 269.jpg Trank 280.jpgTrank 280.jpg Trank 281.jpgTrank 281.jpg Trank 282.jpgTrank 282.jpg Trank 283.jpgTrank 283.jpg Trank 326.jpgTrank 326.jpg Trank 336.jpgTrank 336.jpg Trank 342.jpgTrank 342.jpg Trank 367.jpgTrank 367.jpg Trank 383.jpgTrank 383.jpg Trank 387.jpgTrank 387.jpg Trank 399.jpgTrank 399.jpg Trank 402.jpgTrank 402.jpg Trank 406.jpgTrank 406.jpg Trank 410.jpgTrank 410.jpg Trank 422.jpgTrank 422.jpg Trank 429.jpgTrank 429.jpg Trank 430.jpgTrank 430.jpg Trank 432.jpgTrank 432.jpg Trank 443.jpgTrank 443.jpg Trank 445.jpgTrank 445.jpg Trank 451.jpgTrank 451.jpg Trank 453.jpgTrank 453.jpg Trank 460.jpgTrank 460.jpg Trank 462.jpgTrank 462.jpg Trank 491.jpgTrank 491.jpg Trank 500.jpgTrank 500.jpg Trank 502.jpgTrank 502.jpg Trank 507.jpgTrank 507.jpg Trank 507-2.jpgTrank 507-2.jpg Trank 512.jpgTrank 512.jpg Trank 534.jpgTrank 534.jpg Trank 540.jpgTrank 540.jpg Trank 594.jpgTrank 594.jpg Trank 608.jpgTrank 608.jpg Trank 609.jpgTrank 609.jpg Trank 619.jpgTrank 619.jpg Trank 645.jpgTrank 645.jpg Trank 646.jpgTrank 646.jpg Trank 653.jpgTrank 653.jpg Trank 675.jpgTrank 675.jpg Trank 688.jpgTrank 688.jpg Trank 693.jpgTrank 693.jpg Trank 697.jpgTrank 697.jpg Trank 718.jpgTrank 718.jpg Trank 732.jpgTrank 732.jpg Trank 749.jpgTrank 749.jpg Trank 770.jpgTrank 770.jpg Trank 796.jpgTrank 796.jpg Trank 813.jpgTrank 813.jpg Trank 834.jpgTrank 834.jpgLooks tell it all. Tears of joy and expressions of guests watching Kristen and her dad's father daughter dance. Trank 840.jpgTrank 840.jpg Trank 891.jpgTrank 891.jpg Trank 956.jpgTrank 956.jpg Trank 965.jpgTrank 965.jpg Trank 1006.jpgTrank 1006.jpg Trank 1011.jpgTrank 1011.jpg Trank 1057.jpgTrank 1057.jpg Trank 1073.jpgTrank 1073.jpg Trank 1084.jpgTrank 1084.jpg Trank 1090.jpgTrank 1090.jpg Trank 1096.jpgTrank 1096.jpg Trank 1106.jpgTrank 1106.jpg Trank 1118.jpgTrank 1118.jpg Trank 1141.jpgTrank 1141.jpg
Trank 1122.jpgTrank 1122.jpg


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