Megan and Jason's Halloween Wedding-Hartford City Hall and Pond House Cafe West Hartford Connecticut

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Goodwin Hotel, Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford City Hall, Hartford, Connecticut

Pond House Cafe, West Hartford, Connecticut


Theme weddings are a big things these days, be it a rustic barn wedding, nautical theme wedding on the Connecticut coast or in this case, Megan and Jason's Halloween theme wedding.  When Megan and Jason approached me to be their photographer they talked about their plans for a Halloween Theme Wedding.  All guests and vendors were required to to wear costumes.  I embraced the idea and wore a prison suit costume which would allow me to be flexible and easy to move while photographing their wedding.   Their wedding started at the Goodwin Hotel in downtown Hartford, a upscale metropolitan hotel.  Groom, Jason had a barber come to the hotel to get Jason ready with a shave and haircut.  Next Megan had her hair and make up beautifully done with Halloween fingernails and a spider hair pin.  Her wedding veil was so perfect for her look with some pre-wedding Halloween portraits at the hotel.    

Fields 3.jpgFields 3.jpg Fields 5.jpgFields 5.jpg
Fields 20.jpgFields 20.jpg Fields 38.jpgFields 38.jpg Fields 48.jpgFields 48.jpg Fields 62.jpgFields 62.jpg Fields 88.jpgFields 88.jpg Fields 116.jpgFields 116.jpg
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With the getting ready shots complete we headed to Hartford City Hall for a first look and some portraits inside and outside City Hall before the ceremony started.

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Now the fun begins with their wedding ceremony inside Hartford City Hall with all guests, and vendors in Halloween Costumes and scary music too. Special hats off to CNT entertain and Tony DJ dresses as Uncle Festor.  Also to the awesome Katherine Vaas wedding officient.  Included in the wedding party was Jason's service dog Brad the Great Dane.   

Fields 533.jpgFields 533.jpg Fields 534.jpgFields 534.jpg Fields 535.jpgFields 535.jpg Fields 542.jpgFields 542.jpg Fields 549.jpgFields 549.jpg Fields 559.jpgFields 559.jpg Fields 569.jpgFields 569.jpg Fields 575.jpgFields 575.jpg Fields 577.jpgFields 577.jpg Fields 592.jpgFields 592.jpg Fields 598.jpgFields 598.jpg Fields 611.jpgFields 611.jpg Fields 620.jpgFields 620.jpg Fields 621.jpgFields 621.jpg Fields 633.jpgFields 633.jpg Fields 642.jpgFields 642.jpg Fields 644.jpgFields 644.jpg Fields 653.jpgFields 653.jpg Fields 657.jpgFields 657.jpg Fields 660.jpgFields 660.jpg Fields 666.jpgFields 666.jpg Fields 667.jpgFields 667.jpg Fields 670.jpgFields 670.jpg Fields 672.jpgFields 672.jpg Fields 677.jpgFields 677.jpg Fields 681.jpgFields 681.jpg Fields 688.jpgFields 688.jpg Fields 694.jpgFields 694.jpg Fields 708.jpgFields 708.jpg Fields 723.jpgFields 723.jpg Fields 727.jpgFields 727.jpg Next we went to the Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford for an out of this world Halloween Theme reception with the grounds both outside and the interior of the Pond House all decorated in Halloween Theme as well as the sweetheart table hand made by groom Jason.  It was an amazing wedding reception with all the guests in their costumes having a great time.  My hats off to Megan for putting together such a fantastic and unique wedding celebration.  Fields 828.jpgFields 828.jpg Fields 831.jpgFields 831.jpg Fields 850.jpgFields 850.jpg Fields 863.jpgFields 863.jpg Fields 865.jpgFields 865.jpg Fields 869.jpgFields 869.jpg Fields 870.jpgFields 870.jpg Fields 872.jpgFields 872.jpg Fields 878.jpgFields 878.jpg Fields 880.jpgFields 880.jpg Fields 881.jpgFields 881.jpg Fields 903.jpgFields 903.jpg Fields 912.jpgFields 912.jpg Fields 915.jpgFields 915.jpg Fields 920.jpgFields 920.jpg Fields 924.jpgFields 924.jpg Fields 980.jpgFields 980.jpg Fields 995.jpgFields 995.jpg Fields 1002.jpgFields 1002.jpg Fields 1021.jpgFields 1021.jpg Fields 1049.jpgFields 1049.jpg Fields 1056.jpgFields 1056.jpg Fields 1057.jpgFields 1057.jpg Fields 1092.jpgFields 1092.jpg Fields 1102.jpgFields 1102.jpg Fields 1108.jpgFields 1108.jpg Fields 1115.jpgFields 1115.jpg Fields 1120.jpgFields 1120.jpg Fields 1123.jpgFields 1123.jpg Fields 1132.jpgFields 1132.jpg Fields 1154.jpgFields 1154.jpg Fields 1156.jpgFields 1156.jpg Fields 1158.jpgFields 1158.jpg Fields 1168.jpgFields 1168.jpg Fields 1170.jpgFields 1170.jpg Fields 1176.jpgFields 1176.jpg Fields 1227.jpgFields 1227.jpg Fields 1231.jpgFields 1231.jpg Fields 1236.jpgFields 1236.jpg

Fields 1252.jpgFields 1252.jpg



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