Sheeree and Enzenio's Wedding-Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, Connecticut

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Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk Connecticut

Ripka's Beach Cafe


Laid back, lively and fun are three words to describe Sheeree and Enzennio's wedding under the tent on the beach at Calf Pasture Beach at Ripka's Beach Cafe.  Weddings can take all manner of shapes sizes and forms.  Sheeree and Enzennio wanted their wedding to be kid friendly, different and fun for everybody.  The location on the beach park, nearby playground and a variety of table games, and a photo booth made for lots of things to do for the young and young of heart.  Food and drinks were available all during their wedding reception as well as music and dancing with activities  commencing with a gathering around the outdoor fire pits for smores, and skewers of  barbeque shrimp and meats.

Their outdoor ceremony on the water's edge under the trees was just beautiful as was the time with Sheeree and Enzennio for portraits on the pier and beach.  Sheeree's heritage is from Trinadad and Enzennio's from Italy so there was a beautiful merging of families, traditions, cultures and languages.  Family members came all the way from Italy and Trinidad for their wedding so the atmosphere was permeated with a feeling of joy, celebration and love. 

Renwick 1.jpgRenwick 1.jpg Renwick 2.jpgRenwick 2.jpg Renwick 201.jpgRenwick 201.jpg Renwick 226.jpgRenwick 226.jpg Renwick 238.jpgRenwick 238.jpgMaid of Honor gives a reading at Calf Pasture Beach wedding ceremony in Norwalk Connecticut Renwick 259.jpgRenwick 259.jpg D75O Renwick 272.jpgRenwick 272.jpg Renwick 278.jpgRenwick 278.jpg Renwick 281.jpgRenwick 281.jpg Renwick 287.jpgRenwick 287.jpg Renwick 325.jpgRenwick 325.jpg Renwick 326.jpgRenwick 326.jpg Renwick 327.jpgRenwick 327.jpg Renwick 341.jpgRenwick 341.jpg Renwick 346.jpgRenwick 346.jpg Renwick 349.jpgRenwick 349.jpg Renwick 368.jpgRenwick 368.jpgHappy bride and groom cheer it up at their beach wedding ceremony recessional at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk Connecticut Renwick 384.jpgRenwick 384.jpg Renwick 391.jpgRenwick 391.jpg Renwick 395.jpgRenwick 395.jpg Renwick 416.jpgRenwick 416.jpg Renwick 426.jpgRenwick 426.jpg Renwick 436.jpgRenwick 436.jpg Renwick 441.jpgRenwick 441.jpg Renwick 457.jpgRenwick 457.jpg Renwick 474.jpgRenwick 474.jpg Renwick 478.jpgRenwick 478.jpg Renwick 517.jpgRenwick 517.jpg Renwick 519.jpgRenwick 519.jpg Renwick 526.jpgRenwick 526.jpgBride and groom walking on the ocean pier at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk Connecticut Renwick 528.jpgRenwick 528.jpgBride and groom walking on the ocean pier at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk Connecticut Renwick 537.jpgRenwick 537.jpg Renwick 566.jpgRenwick 566.jpg Renwick 568.jpgRenwick 568.jpg Renwick 606.jpgRenwick 606.jpg Renwick 621.jpgRenwick 621.jpg Renwick 650.jpgRenwick 650.jpg Renwick 658.jpgRenwick 658.jpg Renwick 668.jpgRenwick 668.jpg Renwick 697.jpgRenwick 697.jpg Renwick 748.jpgRenwick 748.jpg Renwick 762.jpgRenwick 762.jpg Renwick 763.jpgRenwick 763.jpg Renwick 776.jpgRenwick 776.jpg Renwick 771.jpgRenwick 771.jpg Renwick 773.jpgRenwick 773.jpg Renwick 783.jpgRenwick 783.jpg Renwick 786.jpgRenwick 786.jpg Renwick 789.jpgRenwick 789.jpg Renwick 800.jpgRenwick 800.jpg Renwick 824.jpgRenwick 824.jpg Renwick 850.jpgRenwick 850.jpg Renwick 857.jpgRenwick 857.jpg Renwick 919.jpgRenwick 919.jpg Renwick 967.jpgRenwick 967.jpg Renwick 975.jpgRenwick 975.jpg Renwick 1023.jpgRenwick 1023.jpg Renwick 1024.jpgRenwick 1024.jpg Renwick 1028.jpgRenwick 1028.jpg Renwick 1052.jpgRenwick 1052.jpg Renwick 1070.jpgRenwick 1070.jpg Renwick 1083.jpgRenwick 1083.jpg Renwick 1092.jpgRenwick 1092.jpg

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