Alexandra and Spencer's Beach Micro Wedding Minimony-Old Saybrook, Connecticut

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Old Saybrook, Connecticut


So many couples have been devastated by having to change their wedding plans after spending 1 to 2 years of planning and working to bring everything together. I try to comfort them and let them know that love never dies and all will work out if not now then in the future. Weddings like this where clients had to down size, change locations, and pivot are great testimonies for couples going through this rough time, letting them know that things can work out for your wedding in 2020 and that love is alive and well in 2020. Couples are coming up with great locations and creative ways to still have their wedding in 2020 in a safe, and Covid friendly way.  I am seeing so many things work out and be positive with couples at their new event that I wanted to share a little behind the scene history regarding Alexandra and Spencer's wedding.  

Originally when Alexandra and Spencer started to think of a wedding location, Spencer's family's beach bungalow in Old Saybrook came to mind as it was a place so dear to them. Unfortunately the space is very limited and they could not handle a large gathering of people.  They decided instead to have their wedding on their family farm in East Haddam.  In comes 2020 and Covid-19 and they are not able to have their large gathering on July 4th for their wedding.  They postponed their large wedding to July 4, 2021 next year but wanted to get married this year.  So with their wedding dropped in size they decided to keep their 2020 wedding date and have a micro-wedding/minimony wedding at their beach bungalow in Old Saybrook with their immediate family.  

The weather couldn’t have been more amazing for their micro-wedding.  It was beautiful July 4th summer day.  Spencer and his dad set up a ceremony area made of driftwood and starfish and waited for low tide to have their ceremony on the sandbar.  Before their ceremony, they had a first look on the beach.  Following the first look I spent time taking their portraits then we had their wedding ceremony.  After the ceremony I took more portraits of them on the beach near their home as well as driving down the road to a nearby lighthouse that made for some great shots.    Their photos on the beach with the blue sky, white sands, driftwood and at the local lighthouse came out so awesome.  It was such a magical wedding celebration and I am so glad to be able to capture the moments of this magical day!  Their micro wedding was about 3 hours total shooting.  After their portraits were done, they had food catered and had a backyard barbeque with family and enjoyed the rest of their day and evening.  

They were so happy the way everything turned out as this was where they originally wanted to have their wedding celebration.  Their is a saying "Every cloud has a silver lining".  Alexandra and Spencer's micro-wedding shows us that this is so. And even though their original wedding plans changed they adapted to the circumstances, pivoted and ended up having the wedding that they had always wanted. I hope this story inspires you to continue your wedding plans this year with a micro-wedding or minimony.  I am happy to help you come up with locations and plan for a wonderful intimate celebration to hold you over till your big wedding party in 2021.


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