Alana and Cameron's Micro Wedding-Saint Clements Castle, Portland, Connecticut

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Saint Clement's Castle, Portland, Connecticut


As you know Covid-19 has shaped the look of weddings for 2020 in Connecticut.  Many couples are downsizing their weddings to make them Covid-19 friendly as well as having them outdoors following state guidelines.  Such was the case of Alana that originally had a wedding date set for May 2020 but had to cancel her large reception and opt for a new wedding plan.  Her new plan started out with Sarah getting ready at the Bevin House Bed and Breakfast in East Hampton Connecticut.  The Bevin House is an amazing totally restored historic bed and breakfast that takes you back in time.  After the getting ready shots, her bridal party showed up for some portraits on the Bevin House Grounds. 

Mullin 11.jpgMullin 11.jpg Mullin 13.jpgMullin 13.jpg Mullin 18.jpgMullin 18.jpg Mullin 23.jpgMullin 23.jpg Mullin 25.jpgMullin 25.jpg Mullin 39.jpgMullin 39.jpg Mullin 44.jpgMullin 44.jpg Mullin 47.jpgMullin 47.jpg Mullin 50.jpgMullin 50.jpg Mullin 56.jpgMullin 56.jpg Mullin 58.jpgMullin 58.jpg Mullin 63.jpgMullin 63.jpg Mullin 67.jpgMullin 67.jpg Mullin 68.jpgMullin 68.jpg Mullin 77.jpgMullin 77.jpg Mullin 88.jpgMullin 88.jpg Mullin 91.jpgMullin 91.jpg

We headed next to Saint Clements Castle, one of my favorite venues for a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Connecticut River.  Their wedding included live music by a guitarist and friend who sang such a beautiful song during their ceremony.  Touching vows were exchanged as well during their beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Mullin 95.jpgMullin 95.jpg Mullin 102.jpgMullin 102.jpg Mullin 116.jpgMullin 116.jpg Mullin 128.jpgMullin 128.jpg Mullin 146.jpgMullin 146.jpg Mullin 148.jpgMullin 148.jpg Mullin 201.jpgMullin 201.jpg Mullin 204.jpgMullin 204.jpg Mullin 211.jpgMullin 211.jpg Mullin 228.jpgMullin 228.jpg Mullin 231.jpgMullin 231.jpg Mullin 246.jpgMullin 246.jpg Mullin 249.jpgMullin 249.jpg Mullin 250.jpgMullin 250.jpg Mullin 257.jpgMullin 257.jpg Mullin 265.jpgMullin 265.jpg Mullin 271.jpgMullin 271.jpg Mullin 277.jpgMullin 277.jpg Mullin 280.jpgMullin 280.jpg Mullin 284.jpgMullin 284.jpg Mullin 286.jpgMullin 286.jpg Mullin 287.jpgMullin 287.jpg Mullin 298.jpgMullin 298.jpg Mullin 305.jpgMullin 305.jpg Mullin 306.jpgMullin 306.jpg Mullin 309.jpgMullin 309.jpg Mullin 315.jpgMullin 315.jpg Mullin 318.jpgMullin 318.jpg Mullin 324.jpgMullin 324.jpg Mullin 327.jpgMullin 327.jpg Mullin 329.jpgMullin 329.jpg Mullin 332.jpgMullin 332.jpg Mullin 333.jpgMullin 333.jpg Mullin 354.jpgMullin 354.jpg Mullin 359.jpgMullin 359.jpg Mullin 364.jpgMullin 364.jpg Mullin 366.jpgMullin 366.jpg Mullin 368.jpgMullin 368.jpg Mullin 371.jpgMullin 371.jpg Mullin 384.jpgMullin 384.jpg Mullin 403.jpgMullin 403.jpg Mullin 408.jpgMullin 408.jpg Mullin 410.jpgMullin 410.jpg Mullin 419.jpgMullin 419.jpg Mullin 422.jpgMullin 422.jpg Mullin 426.jpgMullin 426.jpg Mullin 436.jpgMullin 436.jpg Mullin 444.jpgMullin 444.jpg After their ceremony portraits were taken with all guests, their family, and wedding party, followed by portaits of the bride and groom.  It was wonderful to have the relaxed time with Alana and Cameron with no reception to run off to we could take the time to relax and enjoy and get creative with their photos.

Mullin 480.jpgMullin 480.jpg Mullin 500.jpgMullin 500.jpg Mullin 518.jpgMullin 518.jpg Mullin 520.jpgMullin 520.jpg Mullin 525.jpgMullin 525.jpg Mullin 529.jpgMullin 529.jpg Mullin 532.jpgMullin 532.jpg Mullin 535.jpgMullin 535.jpg Mullin 540.jpgMullin 540.jpg Mullin 546.jpgMullin 546.jpg Mullin 551.jpgMullin 551.jpg Mullin 556.jpgMullin 556.jpg Mullin 560.jpgMullin 560.jpg Mullin 565.jpgMullin 565.jpg Mullin 568.jpgMullin 568.jpg Mullin 570.jpgMullin 570.jpg Mullin 574.jpgMullin 574.jpg Mullin 580.jpgMullin 580.jpg Mullin 583.jpgMullin 583.jpg Mullin 586.jpgMullin 586.jpg Mullin 593.jpgMullin 593.jpg Mullin 597.jpgMullin 597.jpg Mullin 598.jpgMullin 598.jpg Mullin 612.jpgMullin 612.jpg

Mullin 619.jpgMullin 619.jpg
Mullin 641.jpgMullin 641.jpg Mullin 660.jpgMullin 660.jpg Mullin 666.jpgMullin 666.jpg It turned out to be a wonderful wedding celebration.  On the day her wedding was scheduled it had rained so it was great to have a new date with the most glorious weather to enjoy their wedding day.  It is strange how things work out some times for the better.  All the best to you Alana and Cameron and such a pleasure working with you.  


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