April and John's Wedding-Powder Mill Barn Enfield Connecticut

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Powder Mill Barn, Enfield Connecticut

Nothing says fun like a rustic barn wedding and Connecticut is blessed to have a number of rustic barn wedding options.  Rustic barn weddings are a hot trend in the wedding industry now and The Powder Mill Barn in Enfield Connecticut is one option to have your rustic wedding barn dreams come true.

John and April's wedding day started with getting ready shots of the bride and her bridesmaids in Enfield town proper.  Numerous make up artists were at work and their was a bustle of activity.  After the girls were all ready we went to the Powder Mill grounds for an outdoor ceremony in a small field and wooded area behind the Powder Mill Barn.   The ceremony was followed by a time for portraits.  After the portraits it was on to the reception at the barn which included first dances, parent dances,  toasts, a catered barbecue buffet, cake cutting  and lots of great music by John Sayville entertainment and dancing and dancing and more dancing.  It was a beautiful summer night under the moon and stars in beautiful Enfield Connecticut.  


Doyle 53.jpgDoyle 53.jpg Doyle 80.jpgDoyle 80.jpg Doyle 87.jpgDoyle 87.jpg Doyle 102.jpgDoyle 102.jpg Doyle 117.jpgDoyle 117.jpgWho is up for a Rustic Barn Wedding? Nothing says fun like a barn wedding. Let the fun begin at the Powder Mill Barn in Enfield Connecticut Doyle 123.jpgDoyle 123.jpg Doyle 125.jpgDoyle 125.jpg Doyle 134.jpgDoyle 134.jpg Doyle 149.jpgDoyle 149.jpg Doyle 153.jpgDoyle 153.jpg Doyle 187.jpgDoyle 187.jpg Doyle 191.jpgDoyle 191.jpg Doyle 210-Edit.jpgDoyle 210-Edit.jpg Doyle 213-Edit.jpgDoyle 213-Edit.jpg Doyle 239-Edit-Edit.jpgDoyle 239-Edit-Edit.jpgBridal party procession for this rustic barn wedding and outdoor ceremony at the Powder Mill Barn in Enfield Connecticut Doyle 248-Edit.jpgDoyle 248-Edit.jpg Doyle 296.jpgDoyle 296.jpg Doyle 300.jpgDoyle 300.jpg Doyle 311.jpgDoyle 311.jpg Doyle 318.jpgDoyle 318.jpg Doyle 320.jpgDoyle 320.jpg Doyle 322.jpgDoyle 322.jpg Doyle 329.jpgDoyle 329.jpg Doyle 366.jpgDoyle 366.jpg Doyle 399.jpgDoyle 399.jpg Doyle 454.jpgDoyle 454.jpg Doyle 466.jpgDoyle 466.jpg Doyle 480.jpgDoyle 480.jpg Doyle 483.jpgDoyle 483.jpg Doyle 495.jpgDoyle 495.jpg Doyle 497.jpgDoyle 497.jpg Doyle 524.jpgDoyle 524.jpg Doyle 632.jpgDoyle 632.jpg Doyle 636.jpgDoyle 636.jpg Doyle 657.jpgDoyle 657.jpg Doyle 694.jpgDoyle 694.jpg Doyle 698.jpgDoyle 698.jpg Doyle 720.jpgDoyle 720.jpg Doyle 758-Edit.jpgDoyle 758-Edit.jpg Doyle 822.jpgDoyle 822.jpg Doyle 838.jpgDoyle 838.jpg Doyle 874.jpgDoyle 874.jpg Doyle 940.jpgDoyle 940.jpg Doyle 948.jpgDoyle 948.jpg Doyle 960.jpgDoyle 960.jpg Doyle 972.jpgDoyle 972.jpg Doyle 975.jpgDoyle 975.jpg Doyle 988.jpgDoyle 988.jpg Doyle 993.jpgDoyle 993.jpg Doyle 1011-Edit-Edit.jpgDoyle 1011-Edit-Edit.jpg




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