John Munno Weddings | Lauren and Conor's Wedding-Topsmead State Forest Park and Litchfield Inn, Litchfield Connecticut

Lauren and Conor's Wedding-Topsmead State Forest Park and Litchfield Inn, Litchfield Connecticut

July 25, 2017  •  3 Comments

Lauren and Conor's wedding started with a short hike at Topsmead State Park in Litchfield Connecticut for their pre-ceremony portraits.  We were blessed with clearing light clouds from the previous night's ran that slowly parted as the day went on.  The lighting was fantastic for the portraits at Topsmead with the beautiful structures there as well as the natural rolling hills, forests, fields and spacious landscapes.  From Topsmead we made our way to the Litchfield Inn for their wedding ceremony under the tent on the grounds of the Litchfield Inn followed by a cocktail hour on the outdoor partio gardens and reception that followed at the beautiful reception hall.  Having a wedding at the Litchfield Inn is like stepping back in time to the elegant days of yesteryear with the sweeping staircase, windows, gardens and interior furnishings.  Lauren and Conor are such a  beautiful couple and love nature so much and I can't but feel that the elemental nature spirits were with us every step of the way on their wedding day.


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Ray Bucknam(non-registered)
I don't currently have access to the gallery. How is that granted? Thanks again John
John Munno Weddings
You are most welcome Ray. This is just a tiny fraction of the photos. I delivered over 1,000 photos to Lauren and Conor of their wedding day. Do you have access to their gallery of photos?
Ray Bucknam(non-registered)
Thank you, John for your wonderful album. You've done a great job capturing all of the best moments and emotions from Lauren and Conor's big day.
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