John Munno Weddings | Ashley and Michael's Engagement-Branford, Connecticut

Ashley and Michael's Engagement-Branford, Connecticut

May 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ashley and Michael's Engagement was blessed with sudden warming summer temperatures and beautiful skies and sun.  They picked a great spot at the Indian Neck Yacht Club in Branford, Connecticut with the late afternoon sun low in the horizon making for perfect lighting conditions.  After we got so many beautiful shots at the Yacht Club we finished the engagement session at Branford Point on the Connecticut Coast which featured a beautiful rocky coast and breathtaking views across the Long Island Sound.  It was a fantastic engagement session!!

Cartelli-1.jpgCartelli-1.jpg Cartelli-4.jpgCartelli-4.jpg Cartelli-10.jpgCartelli-10.jpg Cartelli-12.jpgCartelli-12.jpg Cartelli-19.jpgCartelli-19.jpg Cartelli-24.jpgCartelli-24.jpg Cartelli-29.jpgCartelli-29.jpg Cartelli-41.jpgCartelli-41.jpg Cartelli-49.jpgCartelli-49.jpg Cartelli-60.jpgCartelli-60.jpg Cartelli-61.jpgCartelli-61.jpg Cartelli-74.jpgCartelli-74.jpg Cartelli-81.jpgCartelli-81.jpg Cartelli-89.jpgCartelli-89.jpg Cartelli-104.jpgCartelli-104.jpg Cartelli-114.jpgCartelli-114.jpg Cartelli-117.jpgCartelli-117.jpg Cartelli-121.jpgCartelli-121.jpg Cartelli-127.jpgCartelli-127.jpg Cartelli-131.jpgCartelli-131.jpg Cartelli-136.jpgCartelli-136.jpgEngagement shoot at the Indian Neck Yacht Club in Branford, Connecticut Cartelli-150.jpgCartelli-150.jpg Cartelli-166.jpgCartelli-166.jpg Cartelli-168.jpgCartelli-168.jpg Cartelli-171.jpgCartelli-171.jpg Cartelli-187.jpgCartelli-187.jpg Cartelli-197.jpgCartelli-197.jpg Cartelli-199.jpgCartelli-199.jpg Cartelli-207.jpgCartelli-207.jpg Cartelli-212.jpgCartelli-212.jpg Cartelli-213.jpgCartelli-213.jpg Cartelli-217.jpgCartelli-217.jpg Cartelli-220.jpgCartelli-220.jpg Cartelli-226.jpgCartelli-226.jpg Cartelli-230.jpgCartelli-230.jpg Cartelli-232.jpgCartelli-232.jpg


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