John Munno Weddings | Dayle and Luke's Wedding-The Traditions Golf Course, Wallingford Connecticut

Dayle and Luke's Wedding-The Traditions Golf Course, Wallingford Connecticut

December 01, 2017  •  1 Comment


The Tradition Golf Course, Wallingford, Connecticut

Dayle and Luke's wedding started with getting ready shots at the Tradition Golf Course in Wallingford Connecticut.  The getting ready shots were followed by a first look with Dayle and her dad and then a "first look" with Luke followed by gift opening.  The ceremony location had to be moved last minute under the covered back patio due to a passing storm but everyone made the best of it.  The ceremony was filled with lots of laughs in the Dayle and Luke style of things.  The storm luckily stayed away so that could enjoy the outdoors for all the beautiful portraits of Dayle and Luke and their bridal party and family.  After finishing up the portraits on the green we moved into the reception room for a wonderful wedding reception filled with dancing and laughs and fun! It was a joyous and wonderful celebration of the joy and fun for life that these two have. 

Massloni 57.jpgMassloni 57.jpgThe cutest wedding shoes in the whole world. Massloni 58.jpgMassloni 58.jpg Massloni 42.jpgMassloni 42.jpg Massloni 87.jpgMassloni 87.jpg Massloni 150.jpgMassloni 150.jpg Massloni 161.jpgMassloni 161.jpg Massloni 92.jpgMassloni 92.jpg Massloni 97.jpgMassloni 97.jpg Massloni 117.jpgMassloni 117.jpgBridesmaids dresses and brides dress hanging in the window at The Traditions Golf Course in Wallingford Connecticut Massloni 131.jpgMassloni 131.jpg Massloni 173.jpgMassloni 173.jpg Massloni 142.jpgMassloni 142.jpg Massloni 293.jpgMassloni 293.jpg Massloni 451.jpgMassloni 451.jpg Massloni 465.jpgMassloni 465.jpg Massloni 480.jpgMassloni 480.jpg Massloni 486.jpgMassloni 486.jpg Massloni 526.jpgMassloni 526.jpg Massloni 536.jpgMassloni 536.jpg Massloni 539.jpgMassloni 539.jpg Massloni 647.jpgMassloni 647.jpg Massloni 658.jpgMassloni 658.jpg Massloni 662.jpgMassloni 662.jpg Massloni 665.jpgMassloni 665.jpg Massloni 687.jpgMassloni 687.jpg Massloni 694.jpgMassloni 694.jpg Massloni 712.jpgMassloni 712.jpg Massloni 717.jpgMassloni 717.jpgBride and her bridesmaids fixing her wedding train and dress Massloni 733.jpgMassloni 733.jpg Massloni 738.jpgMassloni 738.jpgBridal portraits on the golf course at the Traditions Golf Course in Wallingford Connecticut Massloni 751.jpgMassloni 751.jpg

Massloni 783.jpgMassloni 783.jpgBridal portraits on the golf course at the Traditions Golf Course in Wallingford Connecticut Massloni 840.jpgMassloni 840.jpg Massloni 845.jpgMassloni 845.jpg Massloni 843.jpgMassloni 843.jpg Massloni 844.jpgMassloni 844.jpg Massloni 876.jpgMassloni 876.jpg Massloni 847.jpgMassloni 847.jpg Massloni 1015.jpgMassloni 1015.jpg Massloni 1042.jpgMassloni 1042.jpgFather and Daugther having some laughs and joy for their parent dance at The Traditions Golf Course in Wallingford Connecticut Massloni 1054.jpgMassloni 1054.jpg

Massloni 920.jpgMassloni 920.jpg Massloni 937.jpgMassloni 937.jpg Massloni 941.jpgMassloni 941.jpg Massloni 977.jpgMassloni 977.jpg Massloni 981.jpgMassloni 981.jpg Massloni 997.jpgMassloni 997.jpg Massloni 1101.jpgMassloni 1101.jpg

Massloni 1169.jpgMassloni 1169.jpg Massloni 1175.jpgMassloni 1175.jpg Massloni 1243.jpgMassloni 1243.jpg Massloni 1219.jpgMassloni 1219.jpg Massloni 1228.jpgMassloni 1228.jpg Massloni 1315.jpgMassloni 1315.jpg Masslon-1365.jpgMasslon-1365.jpg



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