My wedding photography style is very unique as compared to what is commonly seen in the wedding photography photographic world.   With many photographers tending to overexpose and desaturate colors in their images, or applying heavy filters and presents to render colors more brown or aged, my style in contrasts renders scenes true and natural to life with their colors, textures, depth, and tones.  I would describe my photography style as rich, alive, clear, colorful, modern, natural and true to life. 

Coming from a landscape photography background my desire is to capture the scene in its true aspects, especially when it comes to outdoor scenes.  Skies are blue as their true color, grass, trees and forests are green, whites are white and skin tones are rendered natural to their color. Backgrounds are not overexposed or washed out in detail and color but instead are shot and lit to preserve their color, depth, dimension and exposure when possible.  Interior receptions are lit in a way to bring out the ambiance and color when it comes to reception décor and lighting.  I use a balance of natural light and flash when needed to compliment portraits removing unwanted shadows under eyes, and balancing out exposures of subjects in relation to their background.    

Bringing all these skills together, you will have a balanced and beautiful collection of candids, portraits, detail shots and artistic expressions preserving the beauty and characteristics of your wedding venue be it a church, elegant hall, beach, castle or park.