Getting to know me-The man behind the camera


My name is John Munno and I am the photographer and owner of John Munno Weddings. 

On your wedding day you will spend more time with your wedding photographer than any other vendor so  I thought you might want to know a little about me and take a look into the person behind the camera.

My interest in photography started in my high school years when my father gifted me with a family heirloom camera. That camera went with everywhere I went.  Thus was born my love for capturing beautiful scenes, precious moments and telling stories through photography.

As this interest continued to grow in my life, I went on to study photography at the New York Institute of Photography after which I started my career as a Nature and Landscape Photographer with a focus on creating beauty with healing photo art for medical buildings in Connecticut.   My photography has been featured in numerous galleries across the state as well as permanent installations in hospitals and medical facilities such as UCONN and Yale Hospital. 



Still with much love doing landscape and nature photography, over time, my direction shifted to full time wedding photography.   My wedding photography career started off as a photographer and studio manager for a large well established wedding photography company in Connecticut.  There I gained a ton of experience in all aspects of the business including shootings and editing of weddings, design of wedding albums, printing and of course working with a variety and multitude of clients.

At the same time I wanted to provide a more personalized individualized approach to couple's wedding day.  I didn’t want a cookie cutter, high volume approach but wanted to provide something different, a unique, personalized wedding photography experience where I was able to  take care of each client from start to finish, ensuring they had nothing short of an amazing wedding experience with me as their photographer and the photo experience I would create for them that would exceed their expectations.

Thus was born my wedding photography company “John Munno Weddings” with the mission and vision to provide a unique personalized wedding experience delivering individualized care and attention with honesty, integrity and excellent customer service.   I am committed to every detail of your wedding from start to finish, and at the same time delivering creative, artistic, quality work with quick turn-around times and reasonable pricing.

I know there are a lot of choices of wedding photographers.    Believe me they are not all alike, so I encourage you to do your homework and research and ask questions to find the right photographer for you. Please see my “working with John” page on my website as I encapsulate what it is like to work with me and what sets my work and John Munno Weddings apart from many other wedding photography companies out there. 

I also provided a bit more personal information about my life story below for you to enjoy reading and get to know me a little better.

Know that I am always a phone call, email or text away and I love to talk weddings!  Feel free to contact me with your questions and so I can get to know you and hear about your wedding day plans and ideas.

In Light,

John Munno


Personal Information- A little more about me 


I am a nature guy at heart.  I have always loved nature and enjoying the outdoors.  Nature has always been a good friend and provided solace, peace and inspiration.  I am probably one the most "down to earth" person you'll ever meet.  I long for simplicity, integrity and truth.   




I have always been an adventurous spirit with a love for travel. Before working as full time photographer, I was a ski instructor in Colorado and white water river guide in Utah.  I spent 9 months backpacking through New Zealand and Australia as well as one year traveling through South East Asia by bicycle.  I traveled from village to village living with the local people in bamboo huts, learning of their lives and cultures and sharing stories of our divergent worlds. 

Through these experiences I gained a deep respect, understanding love and appreciation of different people and cultures which has extended to my wedding photography business where I welcome couples of mixed race, cultures and religious beliefs as evidenced in my portfolio.

After returning to the USA and acclimating back to living in my culture, I started my second career as a natural healing practitioner, homeopathy and herbalist. I was always a sensitive person and wanted everyone to be happy and healthy.  My heart went out to people that were hurting, or suffering so it came natural for me to enter this field.  Being empathetic, understanding and caring are qualities that lend themselves well to the stress and emotions of a wedding day.  I have helped comfort many a bride, groom and parents on their wedding day. 

When I am not shooting or editing weddings, I like to go on hikes, kayaking and creating beautiful works of hart through my landscape photography.

I have a love of music and sing as a second tenor in two local choirs. I also love country and swing dancing, cooking and gardening as well as building and fixing things around my home.    

I am a romantic at heart and believe in the power of Love to do great things. One of the things I like most about wedding photography is seeing that love in action between couples and how it has transformed their lives together.  Watching two people in Love and being able to photograph the beauty of their special day is such an honor and fulfilling purpose.  I feel so blessed to do what I do. 

Whether it is has been guiding people along a mountain trail or down a river, helping ease their pain and suffering or assisting them plan and shoot the wedding of their dream, being of services has been the thread woven through every career path and business I have pursued.

Making a difference for people by offering excellent service and care at an affordable price has always been important to me.                   

No matter what I have done in life, I strive to be the best at what I do.  I am continually studying, improving, perfecting my art and craft ensuring you will have the best of images telling the story and capturing the precious moments of your wedding day. 



Working in my studio making your photos look awesome


Weddings are a great celebration in your life.  I like to take the stresses off you so you can relax, and enjoy your wedding day.  I make taking photos fun, light and easy!   You may even find me on the dance floor cutting some moves and getting some great camera shots!! 

These days with so many people calling themselves wedding photographers it can be hard to choose. For me wedding photography is an art, craft and passion.  Providing beautiful photography, amazing service and creating a masterpiece of wedding memories is

I encourage you to view my home page slide show and portfolio to see more examples of my work through the getting ready shots, ceremony, portraits and reception.

See my “working with John” page to see what it is like to work with me and the services I provide.   I am always ready to get to know you, hear of your wedding day plans and make your wedding day dreams come true.

I serve all of Connecticut as well as neighboring New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and available for destination weddings too.


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