Best Connecticut Engagement shoot session

 and Wedding Portrait location calendar and planner


Connecticut is home to so many incredible engagement session and wedding portrait locations from beautiful beaches, to wild and scenic waterfalls and rivers, beautiful fall foliage, seasonal flower farms, castles, farms, historic mansion and farm and so much more. 


There are so many great spots it In fact hard to decide which one to choose.  One of the most common questions I hear from couples is where should I do my engagement session. A lot of that depends on the style, or theme session you want, the locations that you have a love for and the season of course when you want your session to take place.  Being a landscape and nature photographer and having traveled the state from north to south east and west give me a familiarity with many of Connecticut’s great state parks and other locations that create stunning photos. 


This guide below will layout out some of my favorite portrait photography locations and help guide you when to book your session.  I am always happy to assist my clients in the location of their portrait session to bring out the best in your personality and style


Sit back as we travel through the calendar from January to December for the best engagement and wedding portait shoot locations in Connecticut.


Anytime of the year. 


Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, Connecticut


Southford Falls State Park in Southbury, Connecticut


Hartford City Hall, Hartford, Connecticut. 



January through March.


January through March is pretty much winter as far as the scenery is concerned.  The leaves are off the trees and the ground is either brown or covered in snow.  If you are interested in a snow theme engagement session February is one of the best months but snow can happen anytime during the winter.


Hartford City Hall


If winter is not your thing but photos is Hartford City  Hall provides warm escape from the Connecticut winter with stunning artichecture and naturally all light by a huge class roof.  Hartford City Hall is a Connecticut Treasure when it comes to engagement sessions and wedding portrait location.  The hall can be rented on a per hour basis.


Some other favorite winter places for a variety of backgrounds in relatively close area is

Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, Connecticut


Southford Falls State Park




April brings the blooming of Flowers and colors to the land.  Various Gardens make for photo opportunites.  Flower blooming is very precise thing.  Flowers bloom for very short periods of time so timing is everything.


Some favorite Connecticut Portrait locations (check the calendar and facebook for bloom times)


Cherry Blosssoms at Wooster Square in New Haven Connecticut

Hubbard Park in Meridin for Daffodills



Summer.   June through September,

  For most of the summer except for particular flower farms and gardens the weather is warm and foliage is on the trees.  This is a great time to have your session on one of Connecticut’s amazing beach parks.  Of at some of the forest, lakes and waterfalls and farms.






Harkness State Park

Southford Falls State Park

Castle Craig Park in Meridin

Topsmead State Park


Urban settins

Yale College Campus

Downtown New Milford

Downtown Mystic Connecticut

Downtown New London

Downtown Chester




Connecticut Beach Park

Harkness State Park

Hammonanset State Park

Sherwood Island State Park

Silver Sands State Park

Lighthouse Point Park-New Haven

Hollister House Gardens, Washington, Connecticut

Gillette Castle

Wadsworth Mansion

Wickham Park, Manchester Connecticut

Essex Train Station. Essex Connecticut.



Goeveau vineyard



Farm engagement session and tree house overnight air b and B

Bluebird Farm in Willington, Connecticut.


June-Elizabeth Park Rose Garden


July  Lavendar Farm Pond in Killingworth, Connecticut


November -December

Christmas Tree Farms

Dzen Christmas Tree Farm


December-Christmas Tree Lights.




This is a very short list.  There are so many great state park and forests throughout Connecticut to have an awesome engagement session. 


Theme engagement sessions are in so there are many historic downtows, coffeshops, breweries, etc. to have your engagement session.