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Congratluations on your engagement and wedding day.  The engagement has happened and now the huge undertaking of planning your wedding begings.  You often haven't done this before and this is not something you learned in school.  It is all new and how to begin and go about this process can be simply daunting to say the least.
Getting a "realistic" and not "idealistic" view of costs is important so that you make intellegent and wise choices regarding the venues and vendors to hire to make for the wedding of your style, personality, and dreams.    There are no returns and do overs. You have one chance to do this right.  
You may have heard this before and not to sound too cliche but it is very true.  Your wedding photographs are often one of the most lasting thing of your wedding.  The music will fade and the taste of your cake and your flowers will dim but your photographs will hold the memories and moments of every part of your wedding day from your dress and shoes, ceremony, venue details cake table settings even outliving guests etc   It makes it that more important to choose the right photographer for your wedding.  
Often couples will come to me with a set budget they have to work with and I totally get it believe me.  I know what honest work with and how hard it is to make ends meet.  I know how to stretch a dollar and to get the most for my dollar. 
A couple's wedding budget often gets split up equally between the other vendors as if the photographer is an equal piece in this pie and clients don't often see or understand why the cost of hiring a photographer may be higher then some of the other vendors.  As much as I try to accomodate all the couples that come to me regarding their bugets often a couple will come to me with what is an "idealistic" yet "unrealistic" budget of funds appropirated to hiring their photographer in relation to their other vendors.
This understandable when one is not informed about the costs and labor involved in shooting a wedding.  And how would one know?  Doesn't the photographer just show up and take photos. How much can that cost?
I decided to put this article together to give you a "behind the scenes" education from a photographer about the costs and labor involved in shooting your wedding day.
Your wedding photographer spends more time with you then any other vendor before, during and after your wedding day.  Almost a whole day is spents before a wedding charging batteries, cleaning lenses, formatting memory cards and preparing for your wedding day.  On your wedding day, your photographer spends more time with you then eny other vendor  often starting in the morning with getting ready shots a ceremony and reception averaging anywhere from 6 to 10 hours.  Your officent will show up for 30 minutes or a DJ will show up for 1/2 of your wedding but your photographer will often be there for it all.  Couples don't realize it but after the wedding in some ways my work just begins.  In the old days of film the photographer would drop off the film at the lab and pick it up in a few days and the work is done. But in this day of digital editing the editing process of a wedding  has turned into a laborious process involving days of work.  It is easy for me to spend 5 to 7 days work in the editing of  wedding.  Add the wedding day and prep time before your wedding and you can see an easy 7 days of work.  I often will ask a person how much do you get paid for a week of work?  Now this is just labor costs as compared to a lot of the other vendors.
Now lets look at equipment costs.  
Also the cost of professional photography gear and lighting is more then then any other vendor out there.  My photos look good because of the professional quality of gear that I use with my clients in lenses, cameras and lighting equipment.  Many photographers shoot with less quality gear.  I can't do that because I want the best for my clients and they deserve the best.  I also meet with my clients up to 3 times before their wedding day to make sure all goes well and smooth on the wedding day.  I don't know of many other companies that do that.  I invest a lot of time in my clients so that their weddings turn out great and they have a smooth and great wedding experience.  You can see that in every 5 star review left by them.  
Many other companies are quick to take your money and slow do deliver.  When starting my company I aimed to be different and to care for my clients and provide the best of service and products out there.  Can you find a company, newly starting or less reputable photographer who will shoot your wedding for less?   Probably so.  But if I have a dollar for every time I heard, "My photographer didn't show up", "or we never got our photos", "or we had to wait a year to get our album"," or my photographer was late",'or I didn't like the personality of my photographer etc.  Yes, then I hear the regrets.
Some of the larger companies may provide discounted rates.  They often supply you with a photographer with much less experience, and quality of gear.  The just show up on your wedding day and you have little contact with them.  They are not as vested in the work they do and often the companies not either.  It is all about high volume and numbers. I have worked for these companies so I know how they operate and what is out there in the industry!!
The equiptment costs of professional photogrphy equipmtnet is outrageous to say the least.  A good professional Camera can run an easy $2,000 to $5,000 with lenses running $1,000 to $2,000 on average.  Then flashes, and lightring equimptment, back up cameas and gear etc.  You may be starting to get the picture.  Yes, the equimptment costs to cover your wedding can be close to $10,000 easy.  And that doesn't cover the computer costs and programs to edit your photos.  And this equipment wears out and needs to be replaced constantly.  Shutters wear out.  Lenses wear out and need to be serviced at $600 a pop.  Compare that to a lot of your other vendors and you can see how the cost of keeping professional gear to deliver the images you need warrents a higher price.
And their is the current schooling to develop and hone ones skill and stay on top of the game.
Good photographers will carry liability insurance which adds costs as well.
As I mentioned I have shopped the market extensively to price myself better then anybody for the quality and services I deliver.  You have only once chance to capture the memories of your wedding and you want to look back on your day with joy, happiness as one of the best days of you life and you want to have the photos to tell the story of that day.
Your original budget was for $1500 and I provided you with a package of $1299 which is substantially much lower then that.  I am not sure what has changed in your plans but it is very hard to get the quality of work I deliver for that price with other companies.  Usually you have to pay often twice that much.
I hope this email and video link will provide some insights to choosing a wedding photographer.  I will do my best to work with you and hopefully we can work together to come up with a package that will work for the both of us.  I can also provide payment plans to make it easier and more affordable to get the wedding package you desire.
I haven't heard from you about the hours of coverage, or the services to offer so it makes it difficult for me to provide more options on pricing etc.
I am happy to talk with you about this if you would like. 

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