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Wedding photography is one of the most challenging types of photography because it takes place under a wide varity of lighting conditions from hotel room getting ready photos to dark churches, mid day outdoor ceremony and portraits in harsh lighting, dark reception venues, and even night shots.  Photos range from candid and documentary moments capturing fast paced scenes to formal family photos.  Your photogapher needs to have a knowlege of off camera ligting and the equipment to render beautiful sharp, clear images through all these conditions. Any photographer can post a few outdoor photos of a couple and call themselves a wedding photographer but your wedding day is more than that.  Contained within the photo thumbnails below are galleries containing hundreds of photos from all different parts of the wedding day.  They are intended to give you more of feeling of the high quality beautiful work I deliver  to my clients through the wedding day with my unique signature style of shooting and editing that is unique and refreshing in today's wedding photography.  


One of  The Best 15 Wedding Photographers in Connecticut

"After completing photography school and honing his photography skill by working for many years as a nature photographer, John Munno moved on to photographing weddings and people.

With a focus on the richness of tones and color that carried over from his days as a landscape photographer Munno developed a signature style that is unique in wedding photography.

John Munno’s wedding scapes are gorgeous. His photos are crisp and clear, rich with color and the vibrant lives of his subjects. He’s received numerous awards from WeddingWire and The Knot and is deservedly popular in the Connecticut area."--Wedding Pioneers 


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Bride Groom Photos


Bridal Party Photos

Bride and groom kissing in flower garden Goshen Connecticut rustic farm weddingBride and Groom Photos-Click to open gallery of photos   Bridal Pary Photos-Click to enter gallery of phtos

Getting Ready Bride Photos 


Getting Ready Groom Photos

Getting Ready Bride Photos-Click to open gallery of photos   Groom prep photos in classic black and whiteGroom Getting Ready Photos-Click to open gallery of photos

First Look Photos


Ceremony Photos

First look photos at the Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury, ConnecticutFirst look photos-Click to open gallery of photos   Wedding ceremony in the courtyard at Heritage Hotel in Southbury, ConnecticutCeremony Photos-Click to open gallery of photos

Reception Photos


Reception Detail Photos

Reception Photos-Click to enter gallery of photos   Wedding cake at Saint Clements Castle in Portland ConnecticutReception Detail Photos-Click photo to enter gallery of photos

Night Photos


Family Photos

Night Photos-Click photo to enter gallery of photos   Family Photos-Click photo to access gallery photos