Choosing the best wedding photograpaher      




Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life.  The memories of your wedding day will be with you a life time.  Over time the taste of your cake will fade, and the music but your photos will remain with you to tell the story of your day.

You have only one shot at your wedding and there are no redos. It is important to choose a photogapher with the experience to handle the complexities of your wedding.  (weddings are one of the most challenging forms of photographer due to the fast time, changeable lighting conditions and variables.  At the same time weddings are a very personal thing and you want your photographer to be someone you can trust, get along with and have a good repore with as they will be with you longer on your wedding day then any other vendor.


The success of your wedding photography experience is a chain of three links.  The pre wedding planning is link number 1,  The shooting of your wedding by the photographer is Link number 2 and the delivery of your photos/prints/ and albums is link number 3. 

If one of these links is weak, not complete or missing there will be an impact on the outcome of your wedding images and wedding experience.


Now I have heard a lot of wedding photographer horror stories.  One of the worst was they photographer never delivered the images to them.  I also worked for a weddign photography company that clients had to wait a year for an album.  Also have seen stories of clients waiting months to get their images.  And there have been stories of photographers loosing images etc.


So when choosing a wedding photographer it is important to find out what is their delivery time for the editing of their photos, delivery time for pints albums etc.  Back ups and storage of client images etc. 


Your photographer will be spending more time with you then any other vendor you work with.  Often starting with getting ready shots early in the morning, then moving through the ceremony, taking portraits and reception.  You will be on close contact with your photographer all day in very intimate moments.  You want to make sure your photogapher has a good personality, is easy to approach and talk with.  Is kind helpful courtious etc.  If I had a dollar for every person who said their photographer was "prickly" or not nice, or had an attitue etc.


What yoiu see is not what you get.  Many of the larger wedding photography companies offer cheaper packages and associate photographers to shooot your wedding.  At first this sounds like a small matter.  But often they have a high turnover rate as photographers go to learn from these companies and go on their own.  Many of these people are starting off or do not have a lot of experience or do this as a side job etc.  You may like the work the company offers but it could not be represented by the photographer who shoots your wedding.  Also you never get to meet the photographer and they just show up  "hopefully on time" at your wedding.  



What's it like working with you.

Before I started my own wedding company I worked for other large companies with many photographers and worked for some companies that were not so ethical.  


For a wedding to be successful there are 4 parts that must all come together.  If one part is missing or broken the end result w


Wedding 4 stages


1 Pre wedding planning and organization

time line

familiraization of places

running through time line

wedding happen fast


2)  Day of wedding  shooting of your wedding


3) Editing of your wedding


4) delivery of your images.


Any breakdown in any part of this process is an issue.  I have had horror stories.

photos not taken

minimum photos delivers

photographer late


people waiiting  1 year for albums




You have only one shot (no pun intended) to 


take care of 


Equiptment ful freme 



chose a friend exeprience

wedding photography is one of the most difficult forms of photogrpher out there

speed, varied condtiions.

use of specialized equimptment



Taking your photos is just one part of the process. Editing them is even a bigger process. It takes an easy 2 to 3 hours to edit photos for every hour of shooting.  So for a 8 hour wedding, you could be looking at an easy 3 days of editing.


Your collection of photos are carefully gone through every photo and color corrected, straigtened, exposure corrected, cropped to look their best as well as gradients, applied to balance exposure.  Also distracting objects are removed. Photo are time stamped, ordered to tell the story of your wedding day from beging to end.  photos renamed.


Do you use a second shooter.  






In this day, everyone is out there putting a shingle out saying they will photograph your wedding.  Weddings are one of the most difficult forms of photography due to their inherent time constraints, speed, complexity of group dynamics and variable lighting conditions.

Weddings require the best of equipment (which is expensive) and the knowledge skills to use it which requires time, experience and training. 

I use the highest of quality full frame digital cameras specific for shooting in low lighting and wedding conditions.  All my lenses are pro lenses with the best of sharpness and clarity. 

I bring a minimum of three cameras to a wedding and shoot many parts of your wedding with two cameras to provide different lens views and perspectives.  I also shoot from a variety of positions and angles.  I bring a wide variety of lenses to a wedding including close up macro lenses, wide angle lenses and zoom lensess to provide for the best and varied perspectives.

Backs ups of all equipment are brought to a wedding including, cameras, lenses, flashes, flash triggers etc. etc.  

I use a balance of natural light where best appropriate and flash where needed to compliment natural light  for portraits and to improve the lighting of receptions and other dark areas.  I am skilled in using off camera lighting techniques which I use to create a more natural looking and  balanced lighting as well as allowing for the color, mood and ambiance of your reception lighting to come through in all your photos.

My goal  is to have the best of equipment and safety backups in place  ensuring you will have a beautiful collection of images and get all the shots of your wedding day.