The John Munno Wedding Experience


The cornerstone of my wedding photography business is to provide the best service, care and attention to your needs through every step of your wedding planning process and wedding day.

At John Munno Weddings I will take you by the hand every step of the way.  This begins with the careful planning leading up to your wedding day.  Next comes your wedding day where I'll be helping you through the day ensuring all goes well and capturing the moments of your special day.  After your wedding comes the meticulous editing of your photos and design of your wedding albums. 

My goal through every part of the process is to create a beautiful collection of images telling the story and capturing the memories of your wedding that you will cherish for a lifetime.



Wedding styles 

Every wedding is unique, reflecting each couple's personality and style.  I work with you to create the wedding that is right for you whether it is a vintage or rustic wedding, beach wedding, traditional wedding, or gala event, from the smallest casual and intimate of weddings to the largest and most extravagant. 

My goal is to capture the moments and tell the story of your wedding in all its beauty in a way that is unique and personal to you.



Leading up to your wedding day

Planning can make all the difference in creating a beautiful collection of wedding images.  I work with you to create a shoot and portrait list so that no shots are missed.  Part of this process includes crafting a timeline that will provide the best lighting conditions and proper allocation of time for all the shots you require and smooth unfolding of your wedding day.  I use sun apps as well as aerial views and scouting of locations to choose the best times and places for your photos.     

I usually meet with you up to 3 times before your wedding, checking in with you throughout the year as your wedding plans come together and solidify.  I go over your timeline, looking for any red flags and helping make any necessary changes so that everything  will turn out great on your special day.  These meetings can be done in person, on the phone or via skype.  I also provide referrals for other vendors such as DJs, Justice of the Peace, florists etc., to help make your wedding process easier.  I am always a phone call or email away if you need advice or help with anything.

My goal is to offer you individualized attention and a personalized wedding planning experience.


Beautiful bridal portraits at the Webb Barn in Wethersfield, Connecticut

On your wedding day

Your big day has finally arrived!  You have been planning this for a long time and have invested so much time, effort and money.  You want everything to turn out great.  As your wedding photographer, this is where I come in.

I will be spending more time with you than any vendor--sometimes starting off in the morning with getting ready shots and continuing through your ceremony, portraits and reception.  All through the day I'm looking out for you, making sure you get all the photos you need and everything goes smoothly.  I know when to step in and take charge to provide direction and when to step back into the background to document candid moments and capture the natural unfolding of your wedding.  

I go the extra mile including making sure everything is running on time; organizing and gathering all the groups and making sure your portraits are complete.  I work in conjunction with your make-up artists, florists, priests/officiants, DJs, and venue coordinators throughout the day to make sure all goes well.  Need a shoulder to cry on, a calming and reassuring voice or a good laugh and a smile?  I do that too.

Weddings are one of the most challenging forms of photography due to their inherent time constraints, speed, group dynamics and variable lighting conditions. Weddings require the best equipment and the knowledge and skills to use it.  I use professional full frame digital cameras specific for shooting in low light and varied wedding conditions.  I bring a wide variety of lenses and shoot from many different positions and angles to provide the best and varied perspectives. I often shoot many parts of your wedding with two cameras for this same reason.  Backs ups of all equipment are brought to a wedding including extra cameras, lenses, flashes, flash triggers etc.  

I use a balance of natural light and flash when needed to improve the lighting of receptions and other dark areas and to compliment portraits when needed.  I am skilled in using off camera lighting techniques to create more natural looking light with dimension which also allows for the color and ambiance of your reception to come through. Bringing all these skills together, you will have a balanced and beautiful collection of candids, portraits, detail shots and artistic expressions. 

My goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day knowing that I will be helping you through the day, capturing the precious moments and telling the story of your wedding day.

Bride and groom cutting the cake at The Woodwinds Wedding Venue

Editing and designing your images and albums

Care, love and attention go into the editing and processing of every image I shoot,  whether its for your collection of photos, prints or wedding album. Being the owner of a small wedding company, I am part of every step of the processing of your images.  I don’t overbook myself so that every wedding will have the attention, care and time needed. I complete the editing of your photos and delivery of your prints by three weeks after your wedding, even during the busy season. 

All your images are carefully and meticulously edited.  I don’t outsource my editing as there is more control, quality and consistency this way.  I do more in the editing process then many other companies including color correction, exposure correction and cropping of your photos to make their composition be the best.  I also remove distracting objects when necessary.  I don’t limit the number of photos I deliver to you which averages over 100 photos per hour.  I provide you with high resolution images on a USB drive with the printing rights and I also provide you with a password protected online-gallery with print purchasing options. 

Every wedding album is personally designed for you and no two are alike.  I offer beautiful wedding albums in a wide variety of price ranges and options.

My goal is to tell the story of your wedding day through a beautiful, artistically created collection of photos, prints, and a wedding album you will cherish for a lifetime.  

Wedding dress at the Water's Edge in Westbrook, Connecticut. Masslon-92.jpgMasslon-92.jpg
Bridal portraits with fall foliage over the hills of Prospect Connecticut at Aria Wedding and Banquet Venue

Packages and pricing

I help you choose and create the perfect wedding package tailored to your unique needs and budget.  I provide a wide variety of options from simple hourly packages to all-inclusive packages including wedding albums, engagement sessions and customized wall art.  My pricing is very affordable for the quality of work and products I provide.  All my packages include unlimited shooting on your wedding day, USB of high resolutions images at least 100/hour, online gallery viewing, and 8 x 10 enlargements with packages starting at $1299.

My goal is to put together the perfect wedding package with you that fits your needs at the best prices.

D75O Bride and groom on waterfrontBride and groom on waterfrontMill On The River, S. Windsor, CT  


One of my clients so eloquently stated, "When you want a true professional, John Munno is it.  He goes beyond being just a photographer; he is a liason between the dreams of your wedding day and the reality of beautifully captured moments!"  


John Munno Weddings Mission statement

To provide a refreshing and unique personalized wedding photography experience providing the best of care, quality, attention and service.