Demetra and Tom's Wedding-La Mirage, North Haven Connecticut

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La Mirage, North Haven, Connecticut


Tom and Demetra's wedding at La Mirage in North Have was a great way to kick off the beginning of the wedding season in April.  One always wants the best of weather on their wedding day and we had that for this April wedding.  Warm weather and blue skies greeted us for their beautiful outdoor ceremony in the gardens.  Demetra's brother played the guitar and their minister put her heart and soul into the beautiful ceremony.  Tom and Demetra wrote their own vows which were so touching and showed the deep love the two have for each other.   The bridal party was so colorful with the colors of lavender and turquoise. Their reception was decorated in a beach theme with seashells, and fishing net, starfish and candles as centerpieces that decorated the reception room.  Their friends were so much fun and took the photo booth props to the dance floor for some great fun and good times.  

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