Zara and David's Wedding-Oronoque Country Club Stratford, Connecticut

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Stratford Baptist Church, Stratford, Connecticut

Oronque Country Club, Stratford, Connecticut

David and Zara's Wedding Ceremony was a one of a kind featuring 3 officiants presiding over the ceremony as well as a Reiki blessing with Reiki Stone, blessing of the rings, a sand ceremony, unity candle and drinking of the wine and eating of the bread. Their ceremony was held at the Stratford Baptist Church in Stratford, Connecticut. Zara came from Venezuela so there was a melding of cultures and families. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony.

Contreras 25.jpgContreras 25.jpg Contreras 27.jpgContreras 27.jpg Contreras 43.jpgContreras 43.jpg Contreras 74.jpgContreras 74.jpg Contreras 111.jpgContreras 111.jpg Contreras 129.jpgContreras 129.jpg Contreras 145.jpgContreras 145.jpg Contreras 154.jpgContreras 154.jpg Contreras 157.jpgContreras 157.jpg Contreras 170.jpgContreras 170.jpg Contreras 180.jpgContreras 180.jpg Contreras 190.jpgContreras 190.jpg Contreras 200.jpgContreras 200.jpg Contreras 240.jpgContreras 240.jpg Contreras 269.jpgContreras 269.jpg Contreras 282.jpgContreras 282.jpg Contreras 290.jpgContreras 290.jpg Contreras 357.jpgContreras 357.jpg Contreras 368.jpgContreras 368.jpg Contreras 371.jpgContreras 371.jpg Contreras 421.jpgContreras 421.jpg Contreras 438.jpgContreras 438.jpg Contreras 448.jpgContreras 448.jpg Contreras 456.jpgContreras 456.jpg

Their wedding moved to the Oronoque Country Club in Stratford for a most unique wedding reception including 3 "first dance songs" toasts and a Venezulean "Hora Loco" or crazy hour with photos to follow.

Contreras 588.jpgContreras 588.jpg Contreras 591.jpgContreras 591.jpg Contreras 600.jpgContreras 600.jpg Contreras 610.jpgContreras 610.jpg Contreras 617.jpgContreras 617.jpgBride and groom's first dance at the Oronoque Country Club in Stratford, Connecticut Contreras 630.jpgContreras 630.jpg Contreras 637.jpgContreras 637.jpg Contreras 638.jpgContreras 638.jpg Contreras 654.jpgContreras 654.jpg Contreras 667.jpgContreras 667.jpg Contreras 719.jpgContreras 719.jpg Contreras 734.jpgContreras 734.jpg Contreras 784.jpgContreras 784.jpg Contreras 789.jpgContreras 789.jpg Contreras 835.jpgContreras 835.jpg Contreras 849.jpgContreras 849.jpgWedding cake at the Oronoque Country Club in Stratford, Connecticut Contreras 855.jpgContreras 855.jpg

Contreras 953.jpgContreras 953.jpg The Hora Loca or "Crazy Hour" is a 1 hour part of the Wedding Reception that is becoming very popular in the wedding scene in the United States and in Latin America. Its roots come from Spain and have grown in Latin America and such countries as Venezuela. It resembles Brazil's Carnival where wedding guests dress up in colorful masks, hats, head dresses and costumes and dance to Latin music with costumes, whistles, noisemakers, conga lines etc. for one hour of the wedding reception. The tradition is meant to bring both sides of the wedding families together and encourage fun, sharing, friendship and joy.

Contreras 991.jpgContreras 991.jpg Contreras 997.jpgContreras 997.jpg Contreras 1002.jpgContreras 1002.jpg Contreras 1007.jpgContreras 1007.jpg Contreras 1026.jpgContreras 1026.jpg Contreras 1028.jpgContreras 1028.jpg Contreras 1029.jpgContreras 1029.jpg Contreras 1036.jpgContreras 1036.jpg Contreras 1037.jpgContreras 1037.jpg Contreras 1054.jpgContreras 1054.jpg Contreras 1087.jpgContreras 1087.jpg






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