Stephanie and Andrew's Wedding-Yale Campus Wedding, Graduate Club, New Haven Connecticut

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Stephanie and Andrew are graduates of Yale College.  Stephanie came from England and met Andrew at Yale College so it was only natural to have their wedding at Yale in New Haven, the place that had become a new home for them.  Their wedding started with getting ready shots at Stephanie"s home with her family and friends that made up her bridal party many of them came all the way from England for her wedding.  We then went to Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven for a packed wedding ceremony with friends and classmates.  Stephanie's dad, was the minister for the mass and came all way from England to officiate the mass.  After the ceremony their followed a reception in the church hall with many of their classmates.  After that we went to two different areas of Yale College for the portrait session.  The first session was with Stephanie and Andrew at the Pauli Murray Center which was the new addition to Yale College.  We were fortunate to have special access to this newly constructed part of Yale College that is meant to model the architectural style of the Old Yale Campus.  We next went to the Johnathan Edwards building for family portraits and portraits of the bridal party.  The Yale campus is such a stunning place to take photos with the old stone, slate roofs and arches.  I am still blown away with the beauty of the Yale Campus. We then headed to a second reception this time at the Graduate Club.  A historical landmark dating back to the 1800's which was a social club for Yale College.  We were once again immersed in the history of Yale as everybody, danced, enjoyed dinner, the beautiful toasts to Stephanie and Andrew and the relaxed atmosphere if the Graduate Club.  It was an amazing wedding day and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to be part of their special wedding!


Addenbrooke 15.jpgAddenbrooke 15.jpg Addenbrooke 18.jpgAddenbrooke 18.jpg Addenbrooke 21.jpgAddenbrooke 21.jpg Addenbrooke 26.jpgAddenbrooke 26.jpgBeautiful bride getting ready for her wedding day Addenbrooke 30.jpgAddenbrooke 30.jpg Addenbrooke 51.jpgAddenbrooke 51.jpg Addenbrooke 52.jpgAddenbrooke 52.jpg Addenbrooke 116.jpgAddenbrooke 116.jpg Addenbrooke 130.jpgAddenbrooke 130.jpg Addenbrooke 265.jpgAddenbrooke 265.jpg Addenbrooke 311.jpgAddenbrooke 311.jpg Addenbrooke 315.jpgAddenbrooke 315.jpg Addenbrooke 342.jpgAddenbrooke 342.jpg Addenbrooke 396.jpgAddenbrooke 396.jpg Addenbrooke 400.jpgAddenbrooke 400.jpg Addenbrooke 404.jpgAddenbrooke 404.jpg Addenbrooke 414.jpgAddenbrooke 414.jpg Addenbrooke 459.jpgAddenbrooke 459.jpg Addenbrooke 473.jpgAddenbrooke 473.jpg Addenbrooke 517.jpgAddenbrooke 517.jpg Addenbrooke 678.jpgAddenbrooke 678.jpg Addenbrooke 680.jpgAddenbrooke 680.jpg Addenbrooke 714.jpgAddenbrooke 714.jpg Addenbrooke 722.jpgAddenbrooke 722.jpg Addenbrooke 742.jpgAddenbrooke 742.jpgBridal portaits at Yale College, New Haven, Connecticut Addenbrooke 773.jpgAddenbrooke 773.jpg Addenbrooke 774.jpgAddenbrooke 774.jpg Addenbrooke 871.jpgAddenbrooke 871.jpg Addenbrooke 895.jpgAddenbrooke 895.jpgBride and groom kissing under bride's wedding veil at Yale College Wedding Addenbrooke 919.jpgAddenbrooke 919.jpg Addenbrooke 920.jpgAddenbrooke 920.jpg Addenbrooke 935.jpgAddenbrooke 935.jpg Addenbrooke 931.jpgAddenbrooke 931.jpg Addenbrooke 991.jpgAddenbrooke 991.jpg Addenbrooke 992.jpgAddenbrooke 992.jpg Addenbrooke 1116.jpgAddenbrooke 1116.jpg Addenbrooke 1127.jpgAddenbrooke 1127.jpg Addenbrooke 1131.jpgAddenbrooke 1131.jpg Addenbrooke 1134.jpgAddenbrooke 1134.jpg Addenbrooke 1136.jpgAddenbrooke 1136.jpg Addenbrooke 1139.jpgAddenbrooke 1139.jpg Addenbrooke 1141.jpgAddenbrooke 1141.jpg Addenbrooke 1150.jpgAddenbrooke 1150.jpg Addenbrooke 1164.jpgAddenbrooke 1164.jpg Addenbrooke 1177.jpgAddenbrooke 1177.jpg Addenbrooke 1189.jpgAddenbrooke 1189.jpg Addenbrooke 1196.jpgAddenbrooke 1196.jpg





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