Jennifer and Emmanuel's Engagement Session-Southford Falls State Park, Southbury, Connecticut

May 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Spring blessed us with lots of rain and green grass, flowing waterfalls and new spring foliage bursting forth new colors and life.  Such was the setting for Jennifer and Emmanuel's engagement session at Southford Falls State Park.  Jennifer and Emmanuel's love for each other came through with all their smiles, kisses and tender moments in each photo.


Rivera Engagement-1.jpgRivera Engagement-1.jpg

Rivera Engagement-15.jpgRivera Engagement-15.jpg

Rivera Engagement-32.jpgRivera Engagement-32.jpg

Rivera Engagement-43.jpgRivera Engagement-43.jpg

Rivera Engagement-49.jpgRivera Engagement-49.jpg

Rivera Engagement-57.jpgRivera Engagement-57.jpg

Rivera Engagement-59.jpgRivera Engagement-59.jpgEngagement ring and sweet embrace at their Connecticut engagement session

Rivera Engagement-61.jpgRivera Engagement-61.jpg

Rivera Engagement-78.jpgRivera Engagement-78.jpg

Rivera Engagement-83.jpgRivera Engagement-83.jpg

Rivera Engagement-92.jpgRivera Engagement-92.jpg

Rivera Engagement-126.jpgRivera Engagement-126.jpg

Rivera Engagement-150.jpgRivera Engagement-150.jpg

Rivera Engagement-152.jpgRivera Engagement-152.jpg

Rivera Engagement-168.jpgRivera Engagement-168.jpg

Rivera Engagement-178.jpgRivera Engagement-178.jpg

Rivera Engagement-179.jpgRivera Engagement-179.jpg



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