Brianna and Billy's Wedding-Mill On the River, South Windsor Connecticut

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The Mill On the River, South Windsor Connecticut

Brianna and Billy's wedding took place on a beautiful mid-October day at The Mill On the River in South Windsor.  Brianna brought her country flair to the wedding with her bridesmaids wearing cowboy boots and dresses and Billy brought his military influence with the groomsmen in military uniform.  I have photographed weddings with the groom in military uniform but this was rare to have all the groomsmen be in military uniform.  Their wedding ceremony was so beautiful by the gazebo with their burgundy and black colors and the portraits by the lake were kissed with the beginning of Autumn colors.  Their reception was cozy in the upper floor of the Mill On the River and decorated so beautifully with a rustic theme by Brianna.  The toasts and dances were touching and beautiful.  The reception continued with the bridal party doing a group line dance and fun and spirited dancing throughout the afternoon.  


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